Supernatural Boss Reveals Who Won't Return for Series Finale

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With the end of Supernatural fast approaching, all eyes are on the final seven episodes to see who will return. 

Ending a 15 season series means that many characters fans would like to return during the final episodes. 

Unfortunately, series showrunner Andrew Dabb has dropped some heartbreaking news in a new interview with TV Line

Unlikely Allies - Supernatural

"Look, COVID was limiting, especially when it came to the last two [episodes]," said Dabb. 

"And there were certainly people we would have liked to have brought back like Samantha Smith, like Jeffrey Dean Morgan."

John Returns - Supernatural Season 14 Episode 13

"People who have been such core parts of the show for so long. But unfortunately, because of COVID and some other things, doing a big supersized guest cast family reunion was just off the table," he continued. 

"But in terms of our story that we’re telling, we didn’t have to make any compromises. Everyone who is coming back is coming back for a specific reason," he added.

"These are people we want. They’re important to us. They’re great characters, and we just thought it was an opportunity to revisit some of our and, hopefully, the fan favorites."

Smith and Dean Morgan played the roles of Mary and John Winchester since the hit drama's 2005 debut. 

Together Again - Supernatural Season 14 Episode 13

Still, despite both Mary and John being dead, it seems like a bit of a missed opportunity to not have them be a part of the series finale. 

Whole there's no confirmation they were set to return, it's hard to imagine the series ending without some sort of return for them. 

If Supernatural has taught us anything it's that death is not the end, and that deceased characters can pop up here and there. 

As you are probably aware, Supernatural should have concluded earlier this year, but the COVID-19 pandemic forced the show to end production with two episodes uncompleted. 

Enjoying the Moment - Supernatural Season 14 Episode 13

The series completed production last month, and is set to return to The CW tonight with its first episode in almost seven months. 

The final-ever episode is set to air in November. 

What are your thoughts on this bombshell announcement? 

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