Titans Unveils First Look at Red Hood: Which Character Has a New Identity?

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Titans Season 3 will not be launching in 2020. 

That much has been obvious ever since the HBO Max drama was forced to postpone production due to COVID-19. 

But there are a lot of things to look forward to when the latest season of the superhero hit finally debuts. 

red hood 2

The official Titans Twitter account unveiled our first look at Red Hood on Monday, while also confirming that Jason Todd would be taking on the mantle. 

Titans Season 2 found Jason veering away from the team as they went to war with Deathstroke, with the season wrapping with Jason watching the rest of the gang as Donna's body was being taken to Themyscira. 

He then exited on his motorcyle, but there was no indication about what his next arc would be. 

Todd's aim in Season 3 is to take down his former team, which is somewhat concerning given the tremendous loss they have already endured. 

Red Hood 1

The team effectively imploded after Donna's death, with Rachel leaving with the body with the hope of finding a way to revive her. 

Titans Season 3 will also introduce Barbara Gordon (who is now commissioner of the Gotham City Police Department) and Dr. Jonathan Crane, also known as Scarecrow. 

Yep, there's a lot of drama on the way for the series. 

Titans Season 3 was initially ordered at DC Universe, but the service is transitioning to a comic book-only model. 

The Final Battle - Titans Season 2 Episode 13

Titans, along with Harley Quinn, Young Justice, and Doom Patrol will all be HBO Max exclusives from now on. 

Stargirl was recently snapped up by The CW to air as a CW original. 

Titans Season 3 is back in production and the series should return to the air in 2021. 

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