We Can’t Get These Musical TV Moments From 2020 Out Our Head

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TV provided a lot of memorable musical moments this year.

Some were amazing, and some were very disturbing.

Plus a few classics were dusted off and found new life during these dark times.

Music of 2020 - Ted Lasso

1.  "Wonderwall"/"Bad Romance"/"Let It Go" - Ted Lasso

Rebecca at the Mic - Ted Lasso

Just when you thought AFC Richmond football couldn't score any higher in the adorable and endearing categories, they went to a karaoke bar on Ted Lasso Season 1 Episode 7. 

Sam's rendition of "Wonderwall" was heartfelt. Coach Beard's performance of "Bad Romance" would make Lady Gaga proud. Then Rebecca brought down the house with "Let It Go."

The only thing more entertaining than the singers were the reactions of the usually gruff Roy Kent and a shirtless Dani Rojas. 

2.  "I Want to be Evil"/"Someone to Watch Over Me - Lucifer

Lily Rose Performs - Lucifer Season 5 Episode 4

Compared to Lucifer Season 4, the first half of Lucifer Season 5 didn't feature the cast showing off their vocals as often. We weren't completely deprived though.

Lucifer Season 5 Episode 4 had not just one but two musical numbers. First, Lilith sang "I Want to be Evil." Then, she and a Lucifer duetted on "Someone to Watch Over Me."

That both songs were filmed in black and white were appropriate for the noir episode and showed off how good Tom Ellis and Lesley-Ann Brandt looked in 1940s fasions was the icing on the cake. 

3. "Always Be My Baby" - Schitt's Creek

David and Patrick's Vows - Schitt's Creek

Patrick serenading David with Tina Turner's "The Best" back on Schitt's Creek Season 4 Episode 6 deserves to go in the books as one of the most romantc TV moments of all time.  How could he possibly top that?

Unbelievably -- Patrick did! As part of his wedding vows, Patrick once again serenaded David -- this time with Mariah Carey's "Always Be My Baby."

Let's just say, David was not the only one who was misty-eyed at this loving tribute. 

4. "Blue Skies" - This Is Us

Dr. K is Back - This Is Us Season 4 Episode 18

When the Big Three turned one, Jack and Rebecca went back to Dr. K for advice on This Is Us Season 4 Episode 18

He partly sang and partly told them about how the song "Blue Skies" came to encompass the entire human experience for him, the sad and the happy times alike.  

The lemon speech was a tough act to follow, but with "Blue Skies," Dr. K knocked it out of the park of the again. 

5. "You Are So Beautiful To Me" - The Boys

The Deep's Gills - The Boys

The Boys Season Season 2 Episode 2 featured a breakthrough moment for The Deep as he finally confronted his self-loathing. Of course, this is The Boys, so it didn't play out in a typical fashion.   

The Deep got high and hallucinated his gills speaking, then singing, "You Are So Beautiful To Me." 

Watching The Deep duet with his gills was disturbing, but it was disturbing in all the right ways.

6. "Little Voice" - Little Voice

Bess and Samuel - Little Voice

Bess continuing to sing "Little Voice" despite the power going out during Little Voice Season 1 Episode 9 wasn't just a beautiful performance; it was a beautiful storytelling moment.

In every hero's story, there comes the point where the hero faces her fears, becomes her best self, and inspires the world around her to change for the better.

Bess' performance, with the crowd joining in, was the perfect expression of such a pivotal hero's journey moment.  

7. "American Pie" - Zoey's Extraodinary Playlist

American Pie  - Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist

Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist's ambitious musical numbers and fearlessness in tackling subjects like grief are a potent combination. These qualities were best exemplified during the Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist Season 1  Episode 12 closing number, "American Pie."

Thematically, it functioned as a moving elegy to Mitch and the season as a whole, while also setting up storylines for the next season, such as the continued exploration of the Max/Zoey/Simon love triangle.

The singing, the editing, and the cast all came together to create a show-stopping number.

8. "5,000 Candles In The Wind" - Parks and Recreation

Ron - Parks and Recreation Season 8 Episode 0

The cast of Parks and Recreation were among the TV casts to reunite for a quarantine special, and seeing them on our screens again was like eating a bowl of chicken soup.

The reunion featured callbacks to nearly all of the best jokes from the series: Leslie gushing over Ann's beauty, Tom's neverending parade of business ideas, Cones of Dunshire.  

The most heartwarming callback came when Ron said, "Andrew take it away," and entire cast launched into a rendition of "5,000 Candles In The Wind," the finest tribute song ever written for a miniature horse. 

9. "Rocket Man" - AWAY

Rocket Woman - AWAY

One interpretation of Elton John's classic, "Rocket Man," is that it's a song about exile. Keeping that in mind makes watching Lu and Mei perform the song at a karaoke bar extra poignant. 

It added to the joy of witnessing Lu and Mei form an unshakeable bond but also underscored the tragedy of Mei being exiled from her CAPCOM position to prevent scandal.

It's going to be a "long, long time" before Lu and Mei can reunite, but when they do, let's hope they find themselves back at a karaoke bar.  

10. Michael learns how to play the guitar - The Good Place

Jammin' - The Good Place Season 4 Episode 13

Learning how to play the guitar just isn't something you can master in the afterlife -- not even after 800-plus attempts.  

Seeing Michael find a teacher and play a guitar chord without magic was one of the reasons The Good Place Season 4 Episode 13 was a satisfying conclusion to the series.  

That and the obvious sparks between Michael and his teacher made for a memorable music lesson.  

11. "The Man That Got Away" - Dynasty

Performing Act - Dynasty Season 3 Episode 13

Fallon did a lot a singing during Dynasty Season 3. She duetted with Adam on Dynasty Season 3 Episode 11. Her vocals saved, after nearly ruining, a fundraiser on Dynasty Season 3 Episode 18.

Using Fallon as the inspiration for Veronica Cabot, the chanteuse character in the noir story Liam told on Dynasty Season 3 Episode 13, was a natural choice.

The episode itself wasn't as committed to the noir theme as it should have been, but Dynasty star, Elizabeth Gillies, certainly was as she belted out a classic torch song while strutting her stuff on a piano. 

12. "At Least It Was Here" - Community

At Least It Was Here - Community

When creator Dan Harmon and the cast of Community reunited for a charity table read of Community Season 5 Episode 4, they pulled out all the stops. 

This included an appearance from Keith Slettedahl, lead singer of The 88, the band who wrote and performed "At Least It Was Here" aka the Community theme song. Having Slettedahl perform the theme anew captured the feeling of tuning in to watch a new episode.       

Then Harmon made up a new verse about farts, which got the cast laughing and was the perfectly Community way to usher Greendale back into session. 

13. "Simply Irresistible"  - What We Do In The Shadows

Jackie Daytona - What We Do In The Shadows

When you hear the name Jackie Daytona, "Simply Irresistible" will immediately start playing in your head and never leave. 

Watching Lazlo reinvent himself as a barkeep during a montage set to the Robert Palmer hit on What We Do in the Shadows Season 2 Episode 6 was hysterical. 

No wonder Lucy became so attached to the guy and later did a cover of "Simply Irresistible" in Jackie Daytona's honor.  

Over to you, TV Fanatics!

What TV musicial moments from 2020 can't you get out of your head?

Hit the comments below. 

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Becca Newton wis a staff writer for TV Fanatic. She retired in February of 2023

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