A Million Little Things Season 3 Episode 2 Review: Writings On the Wall

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Life goes on with the AMLT crew.

For some, it's the best outcome, and for others, it's painful. But as Maggie said, by the end of A Million Little Things Season 3 Episode 2, it's about staying in the present.

It's something most of us learned during these unprecedented times; it's all you can do.

Harvard-Bound  - A Million Little Things Season 3 Episode 2

Sophie learned a bit of this when she went away to Harvard for the weekend to spend time at her father's alma mater. She hoped to attend Harvard as well, but now, she's a bit uncertain.

Sophie looked adorable in her crimson Harvard t-shirt. Also, I want one of those; it was looking comfy.

What's charming about the series is how they know to incorporate Jon, even now, in season three. It's so real since grief never goes away.

Some days are better than others to deal with, but it's always there, lingering, and it crops up in different ways. For Sophie, she struggled with losing memories of her father.

Loving Daughters - Tall - A Million Little Things Season 3 Episode 2

Her friend recalled a sweet story about Jon and ice cream soup, and for the life of Sophie, she didn't remember it. She felt as though memories of Jon slipped through her fingers, and forgetting Jon -- forgetting all the little things, it scared Sophie.

Anyone who has ever grieved anything or anyone knows that feeling. All the memories are there, but it's like you cannot access them, and the fear of forgetting someone you love is about as powerful as the fear of being forgotten.

Fortunately, her friend took her to a wall that the residents of yesteryear signed, and she saw her father's full-name there, and she has a flash of a Christmas memory with Jon.

Wine with Mom  - A Million Little Things Season 3 Episode 2

But overall, Sophie concluded that she doesn't feel closer to Jon at Harvard. And Delilah reminded her of how she's like her father and how she carries her with him.

Delilah and Sophie's moments are some of the sweetest.

I don't remember that. It's like the longer he's gone the more things I forget about him.


Meanwhile, Delilah dealt with a similar battle. She had the house to herself, and she planned to spend time alone with Miles, but she couldn't bring another man into her home and her bed that she shared with Jon.

Delilah is not ready for that yet, despite how well her relationship is with Miles, and he's such a perfect man that he understood.

Multitasking Mom - Tall - A Million Little Things Season 3 Episode 2

But I appreciated that Delilah and Sophie bonded over something beyond Jon. Delilah wasn't ready, and that's fine, but her issues had more to do with the feeling of her father slipping away from her. It wasn't about Jon or Miles.

Her father's Alzheimer's worsened, and she wants to spend as much time with him as she can before he forgets her. Two generations of daughters grappling with losing their fathers -- it's heartening.

But Rome and Gina wrestling with the loss of one baby, or technically two, it's quite the opposite. They aren't on the same page. They aren't even in the same book.

Memories of that Day - Tall - A Million Little Things Season 3 Episode 2

Rome threw himself into his movie, and it meant he got to meet and court a popular actress to cast in Regina's role.

Shanice was a delight, and it speaks to how the industry loves to paint the picture that female artists are divas and hard to work with (a kiss of death more often than not for many) that Rome dreaded meeting her demands.

Shanice's requests were sensible. As a single mom, she wanted to go home at a specific time. She also wanted to bring a makeup and hair team of her own.

Not only is that reasonable, but given the notorious issues with black actresses on sets with hairstylists who don't know how to do their hair and makeup artists who can't accommodate certain skin tones, that, too, was perfectly normal!

Shanice  - A Million Little Things Season 3 Episode 2

Bravo, AMLT. Shanice not only gave us a subtle acknowledgment of that issue, but she served as a fun audience stand-in when her criticism of Rome's script mirrored our own of the show.

Does it get funnier than Shanice telling Rome how Katherine's introduction to the series with her "I didn't know this would take all day" comment at Jon's wake made her unlikable?

Shanice: The one friend who is being cheated on. I didn't love how on her way to the wake she said, "I didn't realize this would be an all-day thing."
Rome: You're not even in this scene. 
Shanice: I'm just saying; it made her very unlikeable.
Rome: Well actually, that's sort of the point. This whole thing explores the idea that in life, just when you think you know someone, you don't.
Shanice: Mhmm. Maybe take a look at it.

Shanice also commented on how Rome and Gina are the couple that everyone roots for and how they're perfect. Except, they aren't feeling that way now with everything that happened.

Gina is still grieving, and some of that consists of stalking Eve's Facebook page and looking at pictures of the baby that was supposed to be hers.

Checking Her Laptop - Tall - A Million Little Things Season 3 Episode 2

And while I maintain that Gina wasn't wrong in not wanting to move on to a new baby the same night, she is wrong for not communicating with Rome.

It was a brutal blow-up when Rome responded to her prodding. She felt Rome rejected her and shut her out, and he was doing that. But he told her the reason was because of how he doesn't feel entitled to his feelings.

Gina: Rome, look at me 
Rome: What?
Gina: I don't want that to be fiction. Just talk to me. Tell me how you're feeling.
Rome: What I'm feeling is that I'm not entitled to my feelings. If I acknowledge them, I'm lashing out at you, and if I say nothing, I'm denying myself.
Gina: Alright, I don't want you to deny yourself, but I just want to know what you're thinking.
Rome: You know what I'm thinking? I'm mad. OK? I know you're in pain, and the last thing I want to do is add to it, but I'm in pain too. Because we could be parenting a baby right now, but you weren't ready. And then you went and threw away all the baby things without talking to me. And somehow I'm the one who's not talking enough.

He doesn't want to hurt Regina, but he felt as if his feelings didn't account for much-- it was all about hers. According to him, Gina threw out the baby things without even telling him, and even though she cleared things up later, it was wrong of her to do so without communicating.

Sharing the Hugs - Tall  - A Million Little Things Season 3 Episode 2

Regina is so focused on her feelings that this affected her that she's not considering Rome's feelings on the matter.

She asked him about his feelings, he apologized for blowing up and explained them, and then she went ahead and told him she feels as though she's grieving alone. And it's all because of his grief not looking the same as hers.

Shanice: I won't let him touch the relationship between Regina and Rome. It's perfect. You're the couple everyone roots for.Gina: Yeah, my husband is an amazing writer.

Our AMLT couple, who is #Goals, is struggling right now. The worst part about it is that without Maggie there, it's doubtful that others are paying attention to how dour things are between the Howards.

Margaret Smirks - Tall  - A Million Little Things Season 3 Episode 2

Maggie and Gary are trying to find a way to be friends now, and Darcy gave her stamp of approval since she's the best.

Maggie stepped in it, letting her jealousy and hurt feelings get the better of her on the phone with Gary. What does Maggie want?

Alright that's it. I'm going to start calling you Margaret. I don't think you're fun enough to be a Maggie.


She's puzzling, and it's not fair that after everything she did to Gary during A Million Little Thing Season 2, she's making snide comments when she knows he's happy with Darcy.

Ironically, Maggie is at her best with Jamie. The two have a fun dynamic, and they remain a good portion of the comic relief during the installments.

Maggie and Jamie Rock Out  - A Million Little Things Season 3 Episode 2

Jamie joshing on her for her terrible tea making skills is hilarious, and their antics going through the other guy's trunk amused to no end.

Jame shared a vulnerable story explaining the origins of his distaste for therapists, and Maggie showed him that they aren't all like the one he had as a kid, who abused his privacy and trust.

They have a cool vibe, and while, for now, it seems platonic and can very well remain that way, the possibility of romance is there, too. Either way, it's not bad.

Maggie, or Margaret, let loose with Jamie, and he was right about her living in the moment. She's been in London for a month, and she hasn't taken advantage of it yet.

Jamie  - A Million Little Things Season 3 Episode 2

Jamie is bringing the lighter side of Maggie out, that's fun but not immature.

Darcy has maturity in spades, and she remains a breath of fresh air for this series. She and Gary's relationship is progressing nicely, and although Maggie overstepped by implying things were going too fast, I like that Gary decided to slow it down.

Gary: I just want to make sure we're not moving too fast. Because I think you're amazing, and I really want this to work.
Darcy: Me too. 

Technically, he and Maggie went super fast, and he's trying to do things differently with Darcy.

He and we are also getting a better look at things from Katherine's perspective through Darcy and Katherine's friendship.

Cutesy Couple - Tall - A Million Little Things Season 3 Episode 2

Darcy is a fan-freaking-tastic friend and one that Katherine deserved. Yeah, it's still ridiculous that they dropped her into the series out of nowhere, mostly to course-correct the Katherine portion of things. And yeah, it's glaring, but she's such a fabulous addition that who cares?

Katherine, the others, hell, even the viewers may have forgiven Eddie for his actions and moved on, but Darcy is still justifiably salty.

It hasn't kept her from supporting Katherine, and she doesn't bash Eddie or anything, but she responds to him as most decent friends would after they've watched someone they care about being put through the wringer. She's everything one envisioned for Katherine's best friend.

Katie's BFF  - A Million Little Things Season 3 Episode 2

She's a physical therapist with experience mostly helping veterans, and her advice to Gary about Eddie and what he needs -- showcased her prolific knowledge and experience. However, when he asked her to help Eddie, she declined.

And she did it without coming across like an insensitive ass, but it's why Darcy is one of the most realistic characters on the show thus far. They have the luxury of forgiving Eddie and moving on with ease, but Darcy doesn't.

Darcy: Eddie and I have never really clicked.
Gary: C'mon that's just Ed. When you meet him, you don't want to like him, and then you end up loving him. He's like the Maroon 5 of people.
Darcy: Do you know had bad it got for Katherine when she found out he was cheating on her? She wasn't eating. She wasn't sleeping. And I was the only one who was there for her at the time. And honestly, I don't understand how she can forgive him. Look, I know that he's your friend, and you want to help him, and you should, but I just I can't be a part of it

Gary's joke about Eddie growing on a person similar to Maroon 5 was accurate, but so was Darcy's response to Eddie in general, and it again made for a funny scene that felt tailor-made for longtime viewers.

Darcy recalled Katherine's depressive state in the aftermath of finding out about Eddie. She gave us the pieces of Katherine's story we weren't privy to since the show's perspective focused more on Eddie and the gang.

Garcy Kisses  - A Million Little Things Season 3 Episode 2

And she reminded Gary of how Katherine was an outlier from their group; she was exempt from their merry band of dropping everything to help their friend in need.

Darcy is Katherine's Gary, and it makes their relationship with each other interesting given their loyalty and devout friendship to their respective Saville.

Gary: His life will never be the same.
Darcy: Maybe not, but at least he has a life. And what that is depends on what he makes of it.

Darcy does things for Katherine, so it wasn't a surprise when she volunteered to help Eddie after saying no to Gary. She saw Katherine frazzled and upset after finding out the truth of Eddie's first day alone without her.

Darcy and Eddie working together is the type of entertainment one dreams for, and something to which I look forward.

Eddie on Wheels  - A Million Little Things Season 3 Episode 2

Eddie's "plight" as he adjusts to life in a wheelchair is a tough story to nail. On the one hand, he deserves room to digest this new stage in his life as he isn't someone who was always in a wheelchair. It's going to come with a plethora of emotions, and they aren't going to be pretty.

On the other hand, the story shouldn't hinge on Eddie or anyone acting as if him being in a wheelchair is a death sentence and the worst thing ever.

Gary: I'm sorry man.
Eddie: Well don't be. I got what I deserved.
Gary: Knock it off.
Eddie: No, this is payback for all the stupid choices I made in my life.

It's teetering in between both extremes regularly.

Who didn't see it coming that Katherine and Theo would accidentally leave Eddie feet away from his wheelchair for hours?

Eddie's Accident  - A Million Little Things Season 3 Episode 2

And of course, he had urinated on himself, and his phone was out of reach, so he was in the same spot they left him about eight hours later when Gary brought Theo home from school.

It was a cringe-worthy scene all-around. You would think after the first couple of times Eddie didn't answer the phone, Katherine would either check on him or send someone else over there.

Gary: How'd your chair get so far away from you?
Eddie: He was racing around it in, and I didn't realize until it was too late. I thought about crawling, but I didn't know if I could get in the chair on my own, and I couldn't let them see me on the floor like that. I don't know how much longer I can keep putting on a happy face for everyone.

Maybe Eddie couldn't crawl to the wheelchair and pull himself up, but surely, in eight hours, he could've made it somewhere.

They upped the humiliation, and of course, Eddie had his inevitable moment of proclaiming that he deserved to be in a wheelchair as punishment or karma for all the things he did. And again, those are the moments when the storyline veers toward the insensitive.

Gary Lends a Hand  - A Million Little Things Season 3 Episode 2

However, Rome and Gary making him play basketball with them, as they do every Friday, and refusing to pity or coddle him worked well enough.

Gary took a bit away from Darcy's statements, which felt right and better -- there are worst things than being in a wheelchair, the world doesn't end or stop, and it only means you have to find different ways of doing things, not that your life is over.

Eddie: Really? You're going to block a man in a wheelchair?
Gary: Oh, was I supposed to take it easy on you?

Eddie was in better spirits when he got home, and he agreed to a healthcare aid to help him, so Katherine wasn't so stressed out.

And Katherine and Theo are both doing better expressing themselves and talking through their feelings together. Eddie has a lot to adjust to, but so do they, and it's also another balance of showing the effects of Eddie's accident on them without making it seem as though he's a burden to them.

Who's at the Door? - Tall - A Million Little Things Season 3 Episode 2

The Saville family is figuring things out, and they are in a stable place in their lives despite everything that has happened to them. They have a support network too, and it all feels and looks good.

So, of course, Alex's father shows up with the unsettling vibe. It makes you wonder what he planned to say or do when he rang their doorbell, and Theo answered.

Did he think he would see Eddie? Did he plan on confessing to hitting him and apologizing? Was he going to lash out at Eddie and rehash everything with his daughter?

Ping Pong Champs  - A Million Little Things Season 3 Episode 2

Did seeing little Theo make him feel remorse for his actions? I mean, Alex's drowning happened decades ago, and as we said, life goes on.

Eddie's life went on, and yeah, it would sting a bit, but he has a wife and a family, and intentional or not, does it make anyone's life better or bring Alex back if he ruined someone else's life or family?

You got a nice kid there. Make sure you enjoy every moment.

Alex's father

He keeps coming close, so it's only a matter of time before Eddie comes face to face with this man from his past, and he finds out that he's the one responsible for the hit and run.

Alex's Father? - Tall - A Million Little Things Season 3 Episode 2

Over to you, AMLT Fanatics. What are your thoughts on Regina and Rome's marriage woes? Are you loving Maggie and Jamie? How about Darcy and Gary?

What will happen when Eddie and Alex's father come face to face? Hit the comments below!

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