Shameless Season 11 Episode 3 Review: Frances Francis Franny Frank

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Is there really such a thing as marital bliss?

If we're to believe Shameless Season 11 Episode 3, then probably not.

Ian and Mickey have had some questionable storylines, but now that they're married, they struggle to navigate the new normal for them.

Who's The Man? - Shameless

Bickering about their roles in the bedroom based on who brought the most money into the home was not surprising.

They're petty like that, but punching lumps out of each other in the Alibi Room was yet another sign that this relationship is as unhealthy as they come.

Flexing His Arms - Shameless Season 11 Episode 3

This direction is not a bad one, storytelling wise, and the progression for them at the end made it all worthwhile.

V stepping in to read them the riot act felt like something Fiona would have done if the show actually acknowledged she still existed.

But V is very close to the Gallaghers, and, by extension, Mickey.

Frank: Sell that for $7.
V: A little expensive, don't you think?
Frank: Seven's the price.

Mickey has come to terms with not living a legit life, and I dare say Ian will come to the same conclusion, and that will be how they carve out a bond forever.

Ian is frustrated with the way the world works. He's taking on more work than others, being treated like crap by his manager, and getting a fraction of the money for it.

A Happy Carl - Shameless Season 11 Episode 3

It's a sad state of affairs, but it also highlights the disparity in the real world. Not everyone is paid equally for doing the same job appears to be the message on display here.

And while Ian is battling to keep his mental health in check, he may be fighting a losing battle if he finds himself slipping into his old ways to make up the money.

Mickey: Flip fuck?
Ian: Sure.
Mickey: What's my name?
Ian: Nick.
Mickey: I said what's my name!
Ian: Nick Jonas.

For now, Mickey is starting to rake in the money, but where will that leave Ian? Will he stay at home, or will he help Mickey out?

This storyline could have fallen apart quickly, but the writers and the actors have managed to stay in that very fine line between good and bad.

Tracking Suspects - Shameless Season 11 Episode 3

Speaking of V, she's giving Kev too much responsibility. If you watch Shameless online, you know Kev is not the brightest, so allowing him to handle the funds, dress up like Ali G, and hit the streets to flaunt his wealth will probably come back to bite them in a bigger way than it did when he was robbed.

Kev being robbed was not surprising in the slightest, but it highlighted how stupid he actually is, and he's becoming a liability.

He has three business with V, but he's going to wind up costing them a lot of money in the long run. Add that he's buying expensive things, and people will take notice and either rob him directly, the bar, their gym, or their home.

He's playing a dangerous game, and V needs to nip it in the bud before it's too late. V is a smart businesswoman, so it was a little bit frustrating to have her have to listen to the stupidity Kev was spouting.

Having a Drink - Shameless Season 11 Episode 3

Debbie continues to be the weak link, but she wasn't as tedious as she was on Shameless Season 11 Episode 1. Rushing out the door and thinking she heard someone say they will get Franny to school is a lot different from making sure she heard it before leaving.

The day could have ended in disaster, but Debbie mostly sulked her way through it when she learned what happened. The argument between Lip and Debbie reminded me of an argument Debbie had with Fiona about looking after the home and being a responsible adult.

Debbie was horrid to Fiona during that argument, so this felt like a full-circle moment for Debbie, which should allow her to ponder the sins of the past and everything she said to her sister.

In hindsight, it would have been nice to see Debbie turn to Fiona for assistance during this dark time in her life. Even if it were just a few text messages on-screen, it would have gone a long way to making this storyline more impactful.

Lip Listens  - Shameless Season 11 Episode 3

Tami scrabbling to help her family when the news of the baby emerged made for unsettling TV, mostly because these are the issues plaguing American families who are trying to round up the money to have life-saving surgery.

This could have been the story that took Tami back off the rails, but the progression for her character on Shameless Season 11 has been astounding.

There was a time she was the worst aspect of the show, but that's when she worried she would die young. She has a much more positive outlook on life after surviving her pregnancy and COVID-19.

Brad selling the garage would be a big thing because it has been therapeutic in Lip's recovery to work there. If that's taken away from Lip, it could cause some problems.

Lip and Brad - Shameless Season 11 Episode 3

Then again, Brad has to think about his family. Part of having a family is making tough decisions.

"Frances Francis Franny Frank" was another decent episode of the series. The storylines are moving along nicely, but there are still some issues.

What did you think of Ian and Mickey's marriage trouble? Are you tired of Debby? What will become of Kev after being robbed?

Hit the comments below.

Shameless continues Sundays on Showtime.

Frances Francis Franny Frank Review

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Shameless Season 11 Episode 3 Quotes

Frank: Sell that for $7.
V: A little expensive, don't you think?
Frank: Seven's the price.

Kev: Oh, fuck. That is good.
Frank: You like that? That's a little Half-Mexican red.