The Flight Attendant Review: An Emotional Breakthrough

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Cassie's storyline is simply heartbreaking.

The Flight Attendant Season 1 Episode 6 and The Flight Attendant Season 1 Episode 7 was another deep-dive into her repressed memories as she simultaneously tried to confront her past and evade a deranged killer at the same time.

Kaley Cuoco is delivering a striking performance throughout every single beat of Cassie's journey, and I would go as far as saying she deserves to be nominated for some awards.

Cassie's Past - The Flight Attendant

Her portrayal of this multi-layered character has been fantastic. Cassie's storyline grows more tragic as more details about her past are revealed. 

Her reliance on alcohol is becoming clearer by the episode, and it's hard not to blame her father for the way she was raised.

In Her Hands - The Flight Attendant Season 1 Episode 7

She was a daddy's girl, while her brother was made to feel like the black sheep and ridiculed by everyone in the household.

It's no wonder Cassie and Davey's relationship is tense, but the good thing is that Cassie finally owns up to the past.

Cassie either forced herself to forget much of what happened or was simply drunk because of how she was being plied with alcohol by her father.

Davey is less than thrilled with Cassie and her needy attitude, but using her sole call from jail, despite there being little chance she could be helped, reiterated that Cassie's reflection on her past made her realize she needed to confront some things.

The Puzzle Pieces - The Flight Attendant Season 1 Episode 7

For now, it seems that Cassie and Davey could carve out a strong bond on the back of this. It may have taken countless deaths and some wild conspiracy theories, but Cassie reaching an emotional breakthrough with her brother would be a satisfying way to wrap this up.

Until now, Cassie has been unapologetic about her lifestyle and questionable actions, but Davey understood that she was coming from a different place during the phone call.

Annie scrutinizing Cassie's every move was not surprising. After what happened to Max, there was always going to be some animosity between the two friends.

Annie's career has been obliterated, and her boyfriend is at death's door, but Cassie still found the time to ask her supposed friend to secure a sweet immunity deal with the FBI.

Max in Pain - The Flight Attendant Season 1 Episode 7

When all of this is said and done, I suspect Annie will cut Cassie out of her life for good, assuming they both don't end up sharing a cell if they wind up in prison.

Buckley being revealed as the killer pursuing Cassie was hardly surprising. Popping up at the bar and pretty much pursuing Cassie ever since put him to the top of the suspect list. 

I'm still unsure whether he had genuine feelings for Cassie or if he was merely luring her into a false sense of security to strike when she least expected it.

In hindsight, Cassie should have realized there was more to Buckley than met the eye. He was probably the only person who could keep up with her drinking and probably the only person consistently checking in on her.

Annie Lashes Out - The Flight Attendant Season 1 Episode 7

He also used the story about the cats as a weapon. Who would believe that a man taking in all the stray animals would be a cold-blooded killer?

Miranda is still not off the hook in my book. She and Cassie very well could be the loose ends that need to be killed, but how do we know Miranda is not leading her down a dark path only to kill her when she least expects it?

If Cassie contacts everyone and describes Felix as the man pursuing her, what is stopping Miranda from striking to get away with it?

Miranda is not silly and knows Annie would be on to her if anything happens to Cassie.

In Jail - The Flight Attendant Season 1 Episode 7

Megan is the weak link in the whole show. The way she infiltrated Cassie's phone and used the old " my best friend is ignoring me" schtick as though it was going out of fashion was tedious.

We're finally getting some movement on why she loaded her husband's laptop with spyware, but there are still so many unanswered questions about her.

Her actions suggest she has some deeply rooted emotional issues, but my theory stands that she killed Alex and constructed the crime scene so that Cassie looked like she was to blame.

Whether Felix was in Bangkok or not, there has to be more to why Megan has been acting sketchy and trying to get close to Cassie at every turn.

Davey on the Plane - The Flight Attendant Season 1 Episode 4

As we head into the series finale, it's difficult to imagine all of these storylines being wrapped up in a neat bow.

The more likely scenario is that all of them will conclude, but it won't be the conclusion we expect. Even if Cassie is innocent, she's probably still going to spend some time in jail.

That goes for Megan, Max, Miranda, and Annie. Max is probably the purest character in the series, but he broke the law by hacking into Lionfish, and that will probably come back to bite him in a big way.

Okay, The Flight Attendant fans!

What do you think of the direction we're heading? Who will live and who will die?

Hit the comments below.

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I am not going to always think about you.


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