Big Sky Returns Later This Year With a Deadly New Mystery: First Look!

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One of the buzziest new shows is going dark for the next two months.

ABC's Big Sky, which mostly wrapped up its first mystery with Big Sky Season 1 Episode 9, is taking things in a new direction this April.

Yes, the series is off the air until April 13, but fear not, there are still seven episodes for fans to watch later in the year.

New Mystery - Big Sky

And, you could watch Big Sky online if you're already missing the fun!

The good news is that the series will have a new mystery during the back half of Big Sky Season 1, which is probably a good idea.

While the series has dialed the drama all the way up since its premiere, some of the developments felt dragged out an episode or two too long.

Reading Up - Big Sky Season 1 Episode 9

The case involving the missing girls is taking a back seat, but that doesn't mean the search for Ronald is going away.

The network dropped a new trailer that introduces us to a bunch of new characters, including Omar Metwally's Deputy US Marshal Frank Lindor.

Frank appears very interested in tracking down Ronald and asks Cassie and Jenny for assistance, but it seems they will be too caught up in the new case to give the search everything they have.

Suited Up - Big Sky Season 1 Episode 9

The new mystery introduces us to a new family, and in turn, a raft of new cast members. As previously reported, Michelle Forbes, Ted Levine, Kyle Schmid, Britt Robertson, and Ryan Dorsey will play these new cast members.

If the trailer is any indication, then the family is going to be taking up the bulk of the time on the new episodes and possibly beyond.

Big Sky was originally envisioned as a limited series, but its success has made ABC pull the trigger on more episodes, something which could be detrimental to the quality of the project.

Jenny Looks On - Big Sky Season 1 Episode 8

While the initial mystery had legs, some of the developments changed things considerably. It should have probably wrapped in five episodes if the plan was always to spin off into a new mystery with Cassie and Jenny.

Big Sky has been a steady performer for ABC, so there's no question about whether it will be picked up for a second season.

Have a look at the trailer and chime in with your thoughts, TV Fanatics.

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