All American Season 3 Episode 7 Review: Roll the Dice

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The lost weekend in Vegas that's been hinted at all season finally came to detailed life.

But there were as many new questions raised as old questions answered on All American Season 3 Episode 7.

I guess those holes in the narrative will get filled in over, what, the rest of the reason.

On Tour in Vegas -- Tall - All American Season 3 Episode 7

Apparently, that which was obvious from the beginning is now out in the open: Spencer and Olivia have deep feelings for each other.

They really tried just living platonically as brother and sister. As laid-back parents as Billy and Laura are, their being a couple just wouldn't have flown with them.

Surprise Pairing - All American Season 3 Episode 7

Spencer got together with Layla, Olivia's best friend, while Olivia, let's face it, settled for Asher, her recovery buddy.

But now that Spencer's back living in Crenshaw, that genie can be let out of the bottle.

I can't help but feel bad for Layla. She's got her life heading in the right direction and now this happens.

First, Spencer alienates Coop by blaming her for his psychological issues and now he's hurt Layla without meaning to. He doesn't have that many female friends that he should be doing that.

The writing has been on the wall for quite some time so nobody should be surprised.

Reunited Couple - All American Season 3 Episode 7

Things have been awkward between Olivia and Asher since school went back in session.

Much of that should fall on Asher, who struck up a summer relationship with a hot chica only to not tell Olivia about what he claims is an innocent friendship.

And since she had accidentally discovered that relationship, his hiding it naturally wasn't well received.

You can't fault Olivia for choosing the hero who took a bullet for her over the starter boyfriend who has made one boneheaded mistake after another, largely in pursuit of his never-gonna-happen college football scholarship.

Asher indirectly got her father fired after winning a state title when he covered up Asher's steroid use. That's hard to do.

On Edge - All American Season 3 Episode 7

Asher seems to be maturing in his senior year. But his is a nearly J.J.-low bar.

Vanessa looks like she's ready to take on a project such as Asher.

Give Spencer credit for providing Layla with a blow-by-blow description of that Vegas weekend, although he's hardly not at fault with how things unraveled.

While Spencer was happy to see Coop again, spending time with Layla hardly seemed to send his heart aflutter. His mind seemed to be elsewhere.

Like, say, Beverly Hills, where Olivia had opted to remain. Until Spencer called, then she flew to him.

Back Together - All American Season 3 Episode 7

Olivia attempted to continue to play the role of the supportive friend, urging Spencer to get back with Layla. Coop was filling that same role for Layla.

Olivia even went along to help Spencer find the right gift for Layla. But the discount psychic nailed it when she said that one of them was hiding something. Actually, it was both of them.

But it took the heavy-handed flashback montage at Jordan and Simone's wedding ceremony for the two of them to realize what they meant to each other.

Spencer made a sweeping romantic gesture buying the crystal necklace for Olivia and then told her that he loved her. They kissed, then she bolted for Cabo, not listening to his message until it was too late.

Layla showed up just afterward and Spencer took it as a sign that he was meant to be with her instead.

Best Reunited - All American Season 3 Episode 7

The upside of that development is that, contrary to what had been hinted at, Olivia wasn't having revenge sex with Spencer after having her heart stomped on by Asher. No, it was Spencer and Layla reuniting.

Making out with another woman after professing your love to your soulmate probably wasn't the best way to rekindle a relationship. Little wonder it's on the slagheap now.

Still to be covered is the fallout from Spencer's candor and the detailed version of Olivia Goes to Cabo.

Jordan and Simone's wedding certainly came out of the blue.

On Tour Together - All American Season 3 Episode 7

Not that it was out of character for the impulsive Jordan. But usually, Simone is much smarter than that.

The most humorous moment came when Jordan and Spencer used the already-paid-for strippers Cocoa and Tifany (with one F) as mediators during their wedding debate.

It honestly seems like Jordan and Simone were going to talk themselves out of getting married at the chapel. But they went through with it.

Perhaps the annulment will be mentioned next episode. Or maybe Jordan's forging Laura's signature on the marriage certificate allowed her to invalidate it tout suite. That would explain why we'd never heard about it.

Tour Surprise - All American Season 3 Episode 7

We also got more context as to why Patience left the tour.

First, she didn't want to be a pop tart. Then, when she played her original song for J.P., he stole it and gave it to his current fling, L'il Jewel.

Coop has a short memory. She was misused by J.P., which is why she switched to Layla as her manager. Yet she told Patience that J.P. would treat her well.

Well, at least Patience made up first with Coop and later with L'il Jewel.

To revisit Spencer's relationship with Layla, watch All American online.

Did anything surprise you about Spencer and Olivia getting together?

How will this affect Olivia and Layla's friendship?

How did J.J. find his way home?

Comment below.

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All American Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

Spencer: I don't think Vegas likes me.
Layla: She just has to warm up to you.

It's Vegas time, baby!