Walker Season 1 Episode 6 Review: Bar None

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Wait, what? Hold on!

How do you even begin to review Walker Season 1 Episode 6?

There was an entire episode, and by the end, it was all undone.

Please Reconsider - Walker

OK. Maybe not all of it, but most of what happened was based on lies, and even worse, most of the series to date is based on lies, too.

If Walker thought his world was rocked when Emily died, what he's eventually going to discover will be like a tectonic shift.

Captain James Out of the Office - Walker Season 1 Episode 6

And it was a real one-two-three punch of an ending, too. This must have been planned as the midseason finale. Since we just came back from a brief hiatus, that's not the case as far as I know.

Micki's mom, who might have been called Adrian, a name that might have been called by an officer of the law, placing her under arrest. Or, she might forever be known as Micki's mom.

Given her new status as a suspected felon, that would make court appearances especially entertaining.

Micki and mom have a stressful relationship. They're not close, and mom popped in at the last moment because she's afraid of Micki's reaction if she calls. Showing up unannounced is one way to get around that.

Micki Spins a Beer - Walker Season 1 Episode 6

Being the daughter of a woman like mom must be tough. She likely thinks she knows everything, and any childlike justification of her actions that Micki made growing up were likely trounced immediately.

Micki described things as tense, and the way she imitated her mother to get Walker to acquiesce that his old way of thinking, white hat or not, needs to stop was pretty daunting.

Living under the same roof with someone who had the skill to slickly maneuver your thoughts where they wanted them to go -- even if correct -- would get old fast.

But, it worked with Walker because he was short on time. With a court date fast approaching for his violent behavior after getting spit on by a suspect and Micki's mom preparing to evaluate him, Micki either had to persuade Walker to reevaluate himself or suffer the consequences.

Deed of Sale? - Walker Season 1 Episode 6

Just think, if that arrest had come a little sooner, Walker could have stewed in his own misery a little bit longer.

And to step back for a minute, even I found it depressing that Walker saunters through life believing he gets a free pass for wearing the white hat.

That's disappointing. Nobody should use that get-out-of-jail-free card to abuse a situation. No, that jerk shouldn't have spit into the face of authority, either, but a Ranger should be better than the perp they're chasing.

Walker's assessment of Micki was on the mark, too. If he's violent, she avoids as much as she can.

Liam on the Job - Walker Season 1 Episode 6

She let Walker pound that guy without much interference. She has put off Trey's discussions about their relationship and their respective families time and again. If nothing else, Walker and Micki are growing as people as a result of their partnership. That's a win.

Yes, I admit it. They're growing on me. Maybe this latest round they had will prompt Walker to grow up a little.

I'd say that he can't keep living in the past, but if there's anything we learned as a result of suffering through 2020, one year isn't a long time at all. It can drag, and it can seem like it's gone in an instant.

When someone you love dies, it's the same. The time without them is interminable, but it feels like they were there only a minute ago.

Happier Times for Walker and Emily Season 1 Episode 6

Celebrating one year should have marked a special place for Walker and his family. In a way, it did, but now we know they'll have to lean on each other even more as there are wolves at their gates.

Stella didn't deserve to be conned by a kid like Trevor. He's got the eyes of a god, but he's snakelike in how he manipulated Stella and the family. Now that I think of it, he's not much different from Hoyt, but Hoyt gets a pass because his heart is in the right place if his actions are not.

Maybe Trevor will turn out to be less of a snake than we see now, but it's doubtful.

Walker's entire family is in jeopardy all over again since his "death" has been revealed for the con that it was. Who knows what that will mean? And, frankly, after Micki's mom's arrest, that was enough of a wallop.

Hoyt Looks Serious - Walker Season 1 Episode 6

But, not. That's not all there is. Is it kismet that Capt. James and Liam got a line on Emily's convicted killer on the anniversary of Emily's death and the very same day that Walker, Stella, and Auggie bought the Sidestep?

I can only hope that their investigation has been rattling enough cages that it sent Geri packing, meaning the story won't drag on for too long. Of course, it was too good to be true that Emily's murder was solved so quickly or that Walker might be ready to move on.

Everything we've known about Geri suggests that she and Emily were best friends. It appears that everything that we've known has been dead wrong.

It's bad enough that she's paying off Carlos to spend his waning days in prison for cash for his niece, but the look of satisfaction on her face while she was driving out of town was sickening.

On Location at the Prison - Walker Season 1 Episode 6

Now we know why she held onto what she knew about Emily's eyes being closed. If she closed them, it was probably to keep her former friend from staring angrily into hers after being murdered. Everything about Emily's death is suspicious, and everything about Walker's life is, too.

Of course, it's not all bad, although it is difficult to be rosy in light of knowing so much is at play trying to destroy this family. Walker did make inroads with the kids, and, as long as the Sidestep isn't a worthless pit, making it into a family-style place will be good for them.

And although Trevor snaked his way into the very heart of the family, unbeknownst to any of them, the idea behind the camping trip was grand, and Abilene made an overture to get some time in with Bonham, just the two of them.

I'm heartbroken for this family. They've been through enough. But they do have good people on their side, even if one of them is indisposed in prison for the time being.

Hoyt In His Glory Days - Walker Season 1 Episode 6

And like Emily used to say, not all things have be good for them to be good, which was her way of saying look on the bright side.

Alright, Walker Fanatics, has this episode left you with your head spinning?

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Bar None Review

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Abilene: I thought this was a family trip.
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