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Micki is chastising Walker about how he handled a past case when the fella spit in his face, and he went overboard setting him straight.

Walker isn't all that worried about the court case because judges tend to support the white hat, even if it's not always right.

He toasts to Denise, a boar's head on the wall. It was Emily's favorite thing about the place. Walker recalls a past birthday in which Emily got him that boar's head. Geri promptly named her Denise.

Walker gets Emily's life insurance check. But he's fine.

It's been a year since Emily was killed. As Walker says it's just a normal day, Denise crashes to the ground.

Liam and Captain James are visiting with an inmate named Carlos. Carlos thought he was done with this.

Carlos claimed to have killed Emily, and they want more information.

When he skedaddles from the conversation, they realize they need someone else to get the info. Aha. That will be Hoyt.

Geri calls Walker to tell him it's time to sell the bar. He's panicked and heads right over.

Micki and her man are snuggling in bed after sex. He snaps a pic of them in bed to send to his mom. When the doorbell rings, Trey answers in a woman's robe. It's Micki's mom, asking them to put on clothes.

Walker tries using Ranger-ese to get under the real estate developer's skin. He calls the place a crime scene to get his way.

Micki doesn't want Trey to speak too much to her mom. He says she did better in combat.

Micki's mom stopped by because she doesn't know if things will go well. And, hello, she's evaluating Walker. Micki doesn't think that's going to happen on her watch.

Walker asks for the keys. He needs time to reevaluate. They've always been a part of the Sidestep. Will he buy it?

His birthday party was also when they discussed wills and what they'd do if they lost one another. Marry Geri and work at the sidestep is both of their answers, but Walker says his life would cease to exist.

The family is preparing to go camping, and Sophie is hoping that Walker cancels so she can run her backup plan, which she runs anyway. It's a guy, and gram and gramps come right on out.

Capt James and Liam ask Hoyt to do their business inside. If he confessed, what case is there? If Hoyt finds out he did it, they're going to come back to Hoyt with a much longer sentence.

Micki tries to warn Walker away from her mother. But he thinks he knows what he's doing, which is more than he can say about his handiwork, as he shot a nail right through his hand and into the wood with a nail gun.

Walker would rather keep his hand nailed to a board than discuss Micki's mother.

Micki picks a good whisky for sanitizing, but he steers her to a different bottle.

Trey arrives with mom, which is interesting.

Bonham wonders if Abilene is upset Sophie asked a guy to go camping or if she's upset Sophie didn't ask her.

Carlos doesn't seem murdery upon the initial meeting with Hoyt.

Micki plays devil's advocate with Cordell, trying to push his buttons in the same way her mother will, and it goes poorly.

The family is arguing over the amount of food packed for the camping trip. Abilene isn't very nice, even calling Trevor "trespasser" under her breath.

It only took two hours for Carlos to talk. He didn't have to tell Hoyt a damn thing because it's not what he said; it's what he didn't. He has ALS. Carlos isn't a drug addict. He took the fall because he's already dying.

Abilene and Sophie talk about Trevor, but it's really about holding each other a little closer today of all the days. But Sophie says Trevor gets it more than she knows.

Walker justifies his actions and wonders why Micki didn't step in and stop him. If his default is violence, her default is avoidance.

Walker's cheap brackets didn't help foundational issues, but it's not a foundation problem if it's from the ceiling, is it?

Walker says he's not sad. He's pissed because he only felt good not being himself and that bad apples get to live while Emily doesn't.

Walker promised Emily he'd give his family a better world. But without her in it, he's stopped trying. And Micki agrees that she avoids issues, especially with her mom, who often seems right.

Walker decides to plead guilty.

Walker wants the family to come back home.

Micki's mom admits it wasn't a randomly assigned case.

Trevor had no family, not car failures, nothing like that growing up. Walker introduces himself with some fatherly threats, and Trevor's eyes go wide.

Walker wants to camp at the Sidestep because Emily hated camping. She said that not all things had to be good to be good.

Emily may have hated camping, but she loved the confused look on Auggies face when he woke up and how many ways Sophie found to pitch a tent.

Saying goodbye, Trevor tells Abilene he lost his mother recently, too. It touches Abilene, and she gives him their food.

Abilene thinks she and Bonham should go camping without the food or the family.

Emily visits Walker. He apologizes that more than the Sidestep might be beyond repair.

Walker produces a snickerdoodle that Emily made before she died.

Auggie wants to fix the Sidestep with the insurance money, and Sophie wants to fix it up to be a family place. Geri accepts the offer.

Capt James discovered that Carlos' niece owns a gallery just across the border. She's not selling paintings as much as she's profiting from the coverup. And who owns the LLP at the end of the money trail? Geri.

Micki's mom is arrested for a felony.

Trevor's dad is in jail. It's one of the rodeo guys. WTF?


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Walker Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Abilene: I thought this was a family trip.
Trevor: So you're the one I have to win over.

Emily was the handiman. I've seen you swing a hammer, OK?