Wynonna Earp Season 4 Episode 10 Review: Life Turned Her That Way

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That's how it's done.

After a slow start to the final (!) six episodes, Wynonna Earp Season 4 Episode 10 was stellar, full of suspense, intrigue, and laughs, also managing to get the story back on track as we head into the show's last two installments.

It's the kind of episodes we've been craving all along, so let's hope this continues as our beloved little show that could take its final bow.

Wynonna and Rachel - Wynonna Earp Season 4 Episode 10

Angel Waverly was beautiful and terrifying in her own right.

She's such a departure from the fun-spirited, wacky, and loving Waverly that it wasn't even necessary for her to be monochrome and have wings for us to know that she's not our Waverly, but something else entirely.

Jolene: Does it ever get boring playing the role of damsel in distress?
Waverly: I don’t play the damsel.
Jolene: Or is it that you just don’t want the burden of being a hero?
Waverly: I’m plenty heroic.
Jolene: Well, you weren’t willing to sit on the throne, were you? You didn’t stop Bulshar from opening up the Garden and enslaving humanity.
Waverly: ‘Cause I knew Wynonna would stop him, and she did.
Jolene: Yeah, and now she drinks herself to sleep every single night while you giggle in Nicole’s arms. Are you punishing Wynonna because she was chosen and you weren’t.
Waverly: No, no, no, I’ve been by her side every step of the way.
Jolene: Not lately, and now you have all this talent, and you’re channeling it into wedding planning?
Waverly: Save your patronizing mouth garbage. I can be a hero and a wife.
Jolene: Waverly, you have wanted your whole life to be special.
Waverly: I won’t tap into a power I can’t control.
Jolene: Those hash marks, those are all lives Wynonna has had to snuff out to save yours. Yeah, some of them were demons, but you and I both know some of them weren’t. Imagine the weight of all of that blood on her hands because you wouldn’t lift one single angelic finger just to help her.
Waverly: This is a trick. That’s not what this is.
Jolene: Let me help you be free.

The series has been dancing around Waverly be a half-angel for almost an entire season, so it was great, if not somewhat expected, that Waverly would be forced to confront her angelic nature more directly.

Nevertheless, it was still surprising that Waverly went full-on angel, seemingly leaving her former self behind for good, and it's unclear if we can get the old Waverly, our Waverly back.

Waverly hands on hips - Wynonna Earp Season 4 Episode 10

When Waverly sat on the throne in the Garden before, it took all Wynonna had to get through to her sister and get Waverly to abandon her post.

That, though, was only Waverly being influenced by a fraction of her angelic duty as she sat atop the throne.

Now that she's embraced her angelic half and become a full-fledged angel, it'll be nearly impossible for Wynonna, Nicole, or anyone else to get through to Angel Waverly, as Waverly Gibson may be gone for good.

As for what Angel Waverly wants, well, it's anyone's guess.

Wynonna Peacemaker - Wynonna Earp Season 4 Episode 10

In theory, Angel Waverly would leave the Ghost River Triangle behind and resume her rightful place as guardian of the Garden, but she also mentioned something to Jolene about destroying the entire world.

Are those two things mutually exclusive, or does Angel Waverly not care what happens to humanity so long as she can fulfill her birthright?

Waverly: If Wynonna hadn’t saved me, I’d still be in there.
Doc: Tormented for an eternity.
Waverly: No, that’s not what it was like. The throne, it took all of my cares away for everyone and everything.
Doc: Sounds like hell.
Waverly: It was like heaven. Is that what it’s like to be an angel?

She'll be heading back to the Garden at some point, but will she be making any pitstops along the way? Jeremy, Doc, and co. could sure as heck use some help right about now.

Yes, Jeremy, Doc, and essentially the entire town of Purgatory are in danger, as Black Badge has once again become the formidable foes that we knew they always were.

Doc and Waverly - Wynonna Earp Season 4 Episode 10

This watered-down version of BBD was fun for a few laughs, but it's great to see the bad guys back at it again -- though our heroes probably don't feel the same way.

With the mind-altering fog just days away from swallowing the entire Ghost River Triangle, Black Badge upper management decided to cut its losses and retreat to a decommissioned silo in Montana but not before rounding up most of the demons in Purgatory to create a demon ark of sorts.

General Graham was a particular slimeball, and clearly, he hasn't been watching the same show as us for four years if he thinks Wynonna is just going to cut and run without her people in tow.

No, Wynonna will stay behind and do whatever it takes to save them, no matter what.

She may be an alcoholic demon hunter, but she's still fiercely loyal and will do whatever it takes to ensure her loved ones' safety.

Cleo - Wynonna Earp Season 4 Episode 10

Granted, she left Jeremy and Doc behind, instead opting to free cocaine Cleo, but that was only because she needed Cleo and her creepy reapers to help Wynonna navigate her way through the fog and save Waverly. She would have come back for them after Waverly was safe.

The lengths to which Wynonna went to save Waverly were admirable and highlighted how much Wynonna loves her sister.

Wynonna: I’m not going anywhere without my sister or my friends, who rumor has it, you have in your Barbie dream house here.
Graham: You can’t stay behind. This facility, your town, the entire Ghost River Triangle will be swallowed up by the fog in a matter of days.
Wynonna: I’m not leaving Purgatory to get wiped out. We stay and we fight.
Graham: There’s no way to fight this. We tried to destroy the fog and we failed. We tried to contain it and we failed.
Wynonna: I’ve been defending our shithole for too long against too many powerful enemies to lose it to magic weather, so get me my Agent Chetri. I need him to fix this.

They may disagree and argue and sling hurtful comments, but when it truly matters, they have each other's backs.

Wynonna would have gone to hell and back -- though, technically, she already did -- to get to Waverly, and nothing, not even the return of Jolene, would stand in her way.

Jeremy appear - Wynonna Earp Season 4 Episode 9

Jolene's return was short-lived, and even if her reappearance was a little contrived, I'd never argue with seeing more Zoie Palmer on my TV screen.

Jolene was just as demented as the last time we saw her, and she still had her heart set on vengeance, though she took a different approach this time.

Instead of upending and stealing Waverly's "perfect" life, Jolene decided to have Waverly destroy it herself by unleashing the angel inside.

As we know, angels are free of human emotions and entanglements and don't get to love.

Wynonna drinks - Wynonna Earp Season 4 Episode 10

By forcing Waverly to confront her angelic side, Jolene essentially forced Waverly to destroy her happiness and humanity.

It was a brilliant plan, but too bad Jolene didn't live long enough to see it enacted. 

Jolene: You’re so beautiful. You’re more gorgeous than I could have ever imagined.
Angel Waverly: You are nothing to me.
Jolene: Who made you. Now we’re gonna destroy the whole world.
Angel Waverly: Yes, but you will not bear witness.

Angel Waverly may claim not to have any human feelings left, but killing Jolene was fueled by anger and hatred, something angels aren't supposed to have. 

So, maybe all isn't lost. Maybe, Waverly can be saved. If not, that would be a pretty crappy ending for all of us, especially the WayHaught shippers.

Rachel appear - Wynonna Earp Season 4 Episode 10

Outside of the major story, when Rachel called Wynonna family, I could have cried.

This poor girl's lost everyone close to her and deserves to be part of the Earp found family. Wynonna may not think of Rachel as family, but they've been through a lot together, and whether Wynonna likes it or not, Rachel is an Earp or at least Earp-adjacent.

And please don't let Mercedes be dead.

It's been forever since we've had a Mercedes sighting, and she's too terrific of a character to meet her grimly end like that. Besides Wynonna, she has the best quips on the show and should be saved just because of that.

Speaking of death, let's pour one out to our favorite fallen demon Casey.

If you watch Wynonna Earp online, you know we didn't know him for long, but he still managed to capture our hearts.

Rest in peace, buddy. Maybe there will be plenty of drugs and chili in the afterlife or whatever the demon equivalent is of that.

So what did you think, Earpers?

Drop down below to share your thoughts.

Life Turned Her That Way Review

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Wynonna Earp Season 4 Episode 10 Quotes

Waverly: Wynonna, you seem so…
Wynonna: Dedicated to keeping my friends and family safe?
Waverly: Really sad and lonely.
Wynonna: Well, we don’t all have the luxury of happily ever after.
Waverly: Doc loves you, and so do we.
Wynonna: Just keep the stupid gun.

Waverly: The first thing we want to say Wynonna is that we love you very much, and this is not an attack.
Wynonna: It’s worse. It’s a goddamn intervention.