Good Witch Season 7 Episode 7 Exclusive: Martha Transfers Power! What?!

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We've got another exclusive first look at Good Witch for you!

Something very strange is about to occur in Middleton on Good Witch Season 7 Episode 7.

But before we get to the clip, here's what else you can expect from the episode!

The Family Home - Good Witch Season 7 Episode 7

We're finally getting some more of Sam's life story when he and Cassie visit his childhood home.

Sam's sister, Joanne, has a progressing illness, and they're going to deliver some loving care.

While there, Sam's exploration of the home will conjure up fond memories of the past and some long-lost magic.

Abigail is thrown when she discovers that Flowers United is her competition for the Middleton Bridal Expo, but that's not the only surprise in store for Abigail!

Flowers United - Good Witch Season 7 Episode 7

It looks like wedding dress shopping is on the horizon. Will she find the perfect dress for her soon-to-be scheduled wedding?

On the romance front, Joy is anxiously awaiting a response from Zoey after sending her flowers.

With as good as their date went, Joy's anxiety is nothing but plain ole attraction jitters. There's no way that Zoey won't respond positively!

Stephanie is finally over the men in her life and determined to complete a list of adventures she'd penned as a teenager.

The Changing Room - Good Witch Season 7 Episode 7

Let's hope they're all safe. After all, the older you get, the more brittle the bones! Haha!

And can you believe that all of that talk about the church and moving it, and introducing that beautiful new set, and Adam is considering a different direction?

He's contemplating taking on the chaplain role at the hospital again. I guess the new chaplain didn't work out after all!

In news on the season mystery front, Joy's vision board might yield some results for the Merriwicks' future.

The Pose - Good Witch Season 7 Episode 7

What do you think they'll find when Joy, Cassie, and Abigail begin to decipher her board?

And, finally, Martha is turning over her keys to the Middleton kingdom (or, in this case, the gavel) to George!

First of all, what in the heck is going on? Why is she transferring power?

Maybe she's going to Buenos Aires after all!

The Gavel - Good Witch Season 7 Episode 7

She's interested in George's appearance, but she'd never let go of her post permanently without a lot more pomp and circumstance!

Check out the video below, and then share your thoughts with me about what you think is happening.

Be sure to return to TV Fanatic on Sunday after it airs, even if you watch Good Witch online to discuss the whole shebang!

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Good Witch Season 7 Episode 7 Quotes

Martha: By George, George, you're a regular Middleton encyclopedia.
George: I've been called worse.
Martha: But have you ever been called Mayor?
George: Pfft. I'm not really the political type.
Martha: No, but you are the type who loves this town and is proud to call it home.

Sounds to me like I just walked in on a Nightengale nudge.