All American Season 3 Episode 19 Review: Surviving the Times

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Oct. 25 isn't that long from now.

That's because damn near everything got left hanging on All American Season 3 Episode 19. And now we're left waiting until the All American Season 4 premiere.

Quick overview: Championship game about to start, Asher forced out of football, Coop shot, and Layla on a road trip with a psycho.

Taking a Turn -- Tall - All American Season 3 Episode 19

Spencer and Olivia announcing their coupledom didn't even make the list since that was obvious to everyone except them.

Where to start? How about the top-secret Spencer and Jordan workouts?

Life is Good - All American Season 3 Episode 19

Did nobody know about these? Both left their houses early day after day to train, and nobody asked any questions? Surely somebody spotted them out on the field and wondered aloud.

Spencer was entirely right when he told Billy that he was training Jordan to protect Jordan from doing something even more stupid. Because doing something stupid has always been Jordan's brand. Jordan's gonna be Jordan.

Jordan likely was more at risk of concussion in that rumble with his teammates and South Crenshaw before the championship game than he was from playing catch with Spencer.

Sure, Billy was being a protective father who has seen too many concussions in his career, so his reaction was understandable if not realistic. 

Unexpected News - All American Season 3 Episode 19

And Olivia didn't make things better by failing to read the room and announcing that she was coupled with her former live-in "brother." Billy's head was already exploding at that point.

Spencer understood exactly from where Jordan was coming. Senior year was the last chance for them to make their mark, so Jordan needed to come back as soon as physically possible.

So if he can get his body back in game shape while his brain was still coming around, why not?

Also, if Montes can start J.J., who always acts brain-damaged, what was her hesitancy about playing Jordan? No one's pretending J.J. is college-bound. And isn't the time-honored rule that a player can't lose his position because of an injury?

Unhappy Coach - All American Season 3 Episode 19

And what was up with Asher planting the seed for the brawl that was to follow?

Sure, he attempted to talk up Jordan to Montes when he mentioned that Jordan had been training with Spencer, and Asher would have been fine if he'd stopped there.

But suggesting that good citizen Spencer was stealing the Beverly playbook for South Crenshaw was going over a bridge too far. That wasn't even marginally believable.

And yet every player on those two squads believed it, blaming Spencer for either stealing or not stealing the plays and blaming Jordan for giving away the plays. It makes you wonder how much steroid use was still ongoing.

Receiving Notice - All American Season 3 Episode 19

And factor in the jealousy that Spencer (and somehow Jordan) had been selected for a national all-star game that only added to the fire.

Still, Asher deserved better than he got, receiving a scholarship to the school of his dreams only to have it yanked away for a previously undiagnosed cardiac disorder.

Fortunately, the two adults in the room, Billy and Montes, stepped up and conned the third adult, the referee, into believing that, well, boys will be boys. And, really, how big a leap is it from those boys smashing into each other on the field to smashing each other in the parking lot?

So, these mistaken assumptions are one reason that we're waiting four months to watch the championship game be played.

Secret Comes Out - All American Season 3 Episode 19

The other reasons were that Coop and Layla threw in their lots with a couple of nutjobs.

Poor Coop has been doing things right, leaving her gang days behind her and working on a music career for much of the last two seasons.

And now, all that progress may have been derailed by Mo's desire for revenge.

Mo's first plan, to stash drugs in Coop's merchandise, got derailed because Andre was a moron who didn't stand a chance of fooling Coop.

By Herself - All American Season 3 Episode 19

But Coop shouldn't have come back to gloat at Mo. If she'd have quietly taken the win rather than attempting to save Mo's soul, she might not have been possibly bleeding out on the sidewalk. The only question is whether Mo will bleed out first, thanks to Preach being a little late.

Coop could have called her manager from her tour bus for help, but Layla didn't have her phone, thanks to her clingy stalker Carrie.

After months of giving Carrie the benefit of the doubt, Layla finally saw the warning signs and called Carrie's parents. If only she would have had them rush right over to get Carrie.

Instead, she pondered and sought Olivia's opinion and cajoled Carrie rather than demanding, afraid to hurt her feelings.

Helping Her Friend - All American Season 3 Episode 19

And now she's on the road to nowhere without her phone, dependant on her largely absentee father to locate her. That's not promising, is it?

That's the price she pays for being too big-hearted. First that Friendsgiving fiasco and now this.

Olivia has to be breathing a sigh of relief. Her big announcement got buried by all the other drama.

That's got to be a pleasant change of pace to the way things went for Olivia during this trouble-plagued season.

Helping Spencer - All American Season 3 Episode 19

To review all the happenings of All American Season 3watch All American online.

How come Spencer keeps getting crap for doing the right thing?

What led Coop to let down her guard when it came to Mo?

How come it took so long for Layla to recognize that Layla was trouble?

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Surviving the Times Review

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Grace [to Spencer]

I'm proud of you, son. All-American.

Billy [to Spencer]