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Olivia and Spencer are slowly letting people know that they're a couple. Coop is bummed that no one is going to Vegas with her. Asher gets a full scholarship to Coastal California. Spencer gets invited to play in the Platinum All-American Game. J.J. is still starting at quarterback over Jordan. Layla is pushing Carrie to go see her parents, which sets off Carrie. She agrees to go to Tahoe with Carrie after finals. Asher has to separate Jordan and J.J. Jordan tells Asher he's been training with Spencer for weeks. Asher tells Montes that Jordan has been training with Spencer and that they need to design some new play variations. Billy gives Jordan an invitation to the same All-American game. Coop comes to wish Spencer luck. Spencer tells Billy that he's been training Jordan for weeks, which makes Billy angry. Then Olivia informs Billy that they're a couple. Billy confronts Jordan. Olivia comes over at Layla's request. She breaks the news about her and Spencer. Layla asks Olivia's advice about Carrie.  Patience agrees to go with Coop. Layla gets Carrie to swing by home before Tahoe. J.J. accuses Jordan of giving away all of Beverly's plays. The two teams get into a rumble before the game which the coaches have to break up. Billy convinces Montes to let the game go on. They sell the ref on the fight being exaggerated. The police pull over Coop's tour bus looking for drugs. Monltetes tells Jordan he and J.J. will be alternating. Asher's father tells him he's got cardiomyopathy and he can't play football anymore. Carrie leaves a note that Layla's father finds. Carrie hid Layla's phone. Coop discovered the drugs before they left town. Mo pulls a gun on Coop. Mo shoots Coop before Preach shoots Mo. 

All American
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All American Season 3 Episode 19 Quotes

I'm framing this.

Grace [to Spencer]

I'm proud of you, son. All-American.

Billy [to Spencer]