Dynasty Season 4 Episode 11 Review: A Public Forum for Her Lies

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I think we can all agree that Dynasty is killing off one of its female characters.

Dynasty Season 4 Episode 11 continued to peel back the layers to give us a new wave of potential victims, and quite frankly, it's going the predictable route.

Cristal dying at this stage would be too on the nose because of everything she's been through throughout the last two seasons.

Partnership Trouble - Dynasty

Add in the fact that the show has had three iterations of the character, then we get our answer that she most definitely is not dying.

Her prognosis is bleak, but Dynasty has never been a show about keeping things grounded.

The purpose of the show is to have the most outlandish plots out there, and Adam threatening Karen to get the clinical trial off the ground was just par for the course.

Sam is Upset - Dynasty Season 4 Episode 11

Threatening Karen was a huge move, but he got the result he wanted, so this was a rare occasion in which there was a method to Adam's madness.

If you watch Dynasty online, you know he makes rash decisions without a second thought, but there was actually some decent development for him here.

His relationship with Blake has never been perfect, but finding a way to save his stepmother would completely change the dynamic of their relationship.

This brings me to the Kirby of it all. Kirby is clearly slipping back into old habits with her ex-boyfriend, but instead of supporting her through it, everyone seems more concerned with her cutting the ex out.

Culhane Tennis - Dynasty Season 4 Episode 11

In theory, that's a good method, but when you consider that she's now been banished from the manor, it paints some bigger doubts over her future on the series.

When it comes to addiction, many people need to hit rock bottom before they accept help, and something tells me that it will be too late for Kirby.

The character has grown on me over the last two seasons, but killing her off might be the way to give the series the kick up its rear-end it deserves for starting all of these plots and giving little payoff.

Kirby's death would affect everyone, including Fallon, Anders, Adam, and probably even Alexis.

Fallon Sings Again - Dynasty Season 4 Episode 11

Alexis was responsible for bringing the ex back into the picture, starting Kirby's descent, and the ramifications of her death might give us Alexis feeling bad for the first time in a long time.

This would also set up every character against Alexis, which might be the best way to propel the story forward.

Alexis does have a heart, but there's also darkness in there. That darkness probably stems from the years everything was taken from her and the way her relationship with Blake imploded.

Everyone vs. Alexis will probably make for a better show, especially because there would be some unpredictable drama on the back of it.

Fallon Moves on - Dynasty Season 4 Episode 11

That aside, it was nice to see Anders and Alexis connecting again. The sins of the past have a way of rearing their ugly head, but I love the way these two characters bounce off one another.

Elaine Hendrix and Alan Dale have a lot of chemistry, but the show rarely finds the time to nourish it.

Fallon's journey continued on a dull note. I'm not feeling this IPO storyline and the frivolous developments we're being given on the back of it is make the show feel like complete and utter filler.

Yes, the intent was probably to allow her to work with her father in a less toxic way. They've been at odds for so long that it's nice to see them being more amicable, but would it hurt to make these plots fun?

Making a Mission to Succeed - Dynasty Season 4 Episode 11

The only good was in the way Fallon fired her father, only to reveal she purchased the private airline he was interested in. It's not every day your kid buys you a private airline, but this was clearly a way to avoid the pair bickering again.

Sam and Culhane coming to blows over their roles in the business came out of nowhere. I can see why Culhane would want to be more frugal, but he's trusted Sam enough to date that it felt strange for him to up and say that he wants a more active role in the finances.

"A Public Forum for Her Lies" seemed more about giving the characters stupid things to do to fill the hour, and it was not fun.

Instead of spending time with some of these characters, we should be delving deeper into the death mystery and, of course, what happened to Liam's father.

Adam Talks to Blake - Dynasty Season 4 Episode 9

The show is suffering due to poor plotting, and it's hard to imagine it improving without a creative overhaul.

Dynasty Season 5 is a go, but we're halfway through Dynasty Season 4, and the show is moving sideways as opposed to forward. It's not fun anymore as a viewer, and the little breadcrumbs of promise throughout the first half of the season are not amounting to much.

What are your thoughts, Dynasty Fanatics?

Do you think we'll be saying goodbye to Kirby in a few episodes?

Are you tired of the way the show is going?

Hit the comments.

Dynasty continues Fridays at 9/8c on The CW.

A Public Forum for Her Lies Review

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Dynasty Season 4 Episode 11 Quotes

Teen: It must be good to be old and make decisions.
Fallon: Hashtag, old and blessed.

I may have said bourbon, Amir, but you should know i meant Scotch because my castle isn't in Kentucky, it's in Scotland. Just be thankful I didn't fire you for stealing that stapler.