Dynasty Review: Here Comes the Scheming Bride!

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The CW made the right choice in going the full-night event route with Dynasty Season 4 Episode 20 and Dynasty Season 4 Episode 21.

The first hour lacked drama, but it was more of a set-up for the truly epic second hour that has turned the entire series on its head.

Dynasty works best when the champagne and drama are flowing, and I have no idea what to expect on Dynasty Season 4 Episode 22 -- the season finale -- due to what happened.

A Trip - Dynasty

Eva reading the love book with pictures of her and Liam as she sang "here comes the bride" was the perfect way to reveal her true intentions.

If you watch Dynasty online, you know Kara Royster's villainous character has been manipulating both Fallon and Liam throughout the second half of the season, and there's no telling what she will get up to next.

She wants Liam to herself, and if that final scene is any indication, she also wants Fallon's life, making me question who she's more obsessed with: Fallon or Liam.

Blake on the Microphones - Dynasty Season 4 Episode 21

Unpredictable villains are good for the series, and Eva should pat herself on the back for managing to pull apart one of TV's most rock-solid couples.

Falliam has been a very good 'ship, but they've been tested too many times now. If they manage to come out of this latest hurdle intact, then the writers need to find some better things to do to keep things fresh.

Repeating storylines with a moderately different take is not a sign of good writing. The characters need to grow and adapt, and for some reason, Fallon and Liam are moving sideways instead of forward.

Maybe it's a sign they are not made for each other as many have anticipated, but time will tell, I guess.

Blake Asks for Help - Dynasty Season 4 Episode 21

Fallon sleeping with Colin was a long time coming. Since their first scene together, they've had chemistry, but it wouldn't have happened if Eva didn't manipulate Fallon into believing Liam was looking at divorce lawyers.

Heck, if the couple actually communicated, they would have avoided Eva getting in about their business.

Liam's holier-than-thou attitude about Fallon cheating on him with Colin irked me more than anything. For weeks now he's been getting closer to Eva, and Fallon didn't even cheat on him.

They were on a break, and Fallon was led to believe Liam was in the process of divorcing her, so how does he think he has a leg to stand on in this scenario?

A part of me wants them to break up because they're no longer meshing as well as they once did, and Liam is not an innocent bystander in this. He likes to hurl all the blame at his wife without recognizing that it takes two to tango.

Sam Needs Help - Dynasty Season 4 Episode 21

We know Eva has every intention of marrying Liam, and something tells me the season finale will focus on her mission coming full circle.

In true Dynasty fashion, we can probably expect a cliffhanger leaving the fate of multiple characters up in the air, and that's part of the fun of this series.

I would be ecstatic if Liam and Fallon banded together to take Eva down when they realize what she did, but it's hard to imagine the storyline being wrapped up in forty minutes, not with so many other storylines at play.

Kirby giving Culhane access to the little black book of secrets about the Carringtons was a true shocker, largely because her father wanted her to keep it for her when something happened.

Cristal's Answers - Dynasty Season 4 Episode 21

Kirby has found herself on the outs from the ever-shifting loyalties of the Carrington family for years and keeping this as an insurance policy was the best way to secure her future.

Culhane and Kirby burning the book was a surprise, but I half-expected Culhane to have photocopied the pages to give himself the sole issue of The Carrington Family Bombshells, but my jaw dropped to the floor when Kirby was had some freshly printed sheets of paper.

Maybe the show is setting us up for Kirby to drop bombshells here and there to cause some unrest. Either that or Culhane will also have kept a copy, and they will blame the other for dropping secrets.

It's all about power and influence on this show, but can someone tell Blake nobody would EVER vote for him as a politician? The constant bodies showing up on his land, CA poisoning the water, and all the other wild things would never fly in real life.

Scheming on the Campaign Trail - Dynasty Season 4 Episode 21

I know the media loves a good corrupt politician narrative, but Blake Carrington? Don't make me laugh.

The only good part of this storyline is that it has finally given Daniella Alonso's iteration of Cristal a personality. We spent so long with this character not living up to her full potential, and now, she's probably one of the best characters on the show.

I wouldn't mind a wild twist that took Blake out of the race and put Cristal back up in his place. How fun would that be?

Alexis scheming with Dom's husband to swindle her was ... something. Alexis is such a great character who vies for power, but the writing has not been as strong this season.

The writers had a good thing with Alexis and Dom making the breakthroughs about each other in the mines, and if the show continued with that, it would have shown great progression for them.

Cristal's Scheming Plan - Dynasty Season 4 Episode 21

Maybe if both characters are set to return next season, we could get more of them on the same team because putting them against each other is no longer working.

Adam vs. Amanda could have been an interesting plot, but the constant back and forth without any development is just not landing as well as it should be.

Eliza Bennett and Sam Underwood are very good actors, but these storylines are not challenging them, and as actors, they deserve so much better.

The first hour sucked, but the second hour managed to make me very excited for the finale.

Fallon Apologizes - Dynasty Season 4 Episode 19

Culhane will probably be headed out of this world -- quite literally -- and that will be a lot of fun.

What did you think of all the drama?

Are you over Fallon and Liam bickering over stupid things?

Hit the comments.

Dynasty Season 4 wraps Friday, October 1.

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