Dynasty Season 4 Episode 18 Review: A Good Marriage in Every Sense

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Is it just me, or does Beto infuse Dynasty with the drama that the show has been lacking?

Dynasty Season 4 Episode 18 brought Cristal's brother back into the fold, and, well, he was craftier than before.

It was evident from his arrival there was a bigger reason for him to be in Atlanta.

Sibling Rivalry - Dynasty Season 4 Episode 18

Beto has had such blind loyalty to his father in the past that I suspected he stood to gain a lot from turning his back on him.

Dynasty is perfect when the show hurls bonkers reveals at viewers, and Cristal's father leaving her the business was, simply put karma.

Beto wanted Cristal to burn all of the bridges with her family, and he wanted to reap the rewards of it.

Blake is Worried - Dynasty Season 4 Episode 18

Cristal wanted to believe there was more to her brother not contacting her after her brush with death, but he only cared about assuming control of the company.

What a family, huh?

Beto having sex with Sam, only to steal the evidence and get the father sent to jail, was cutthroat, but the more comical part was that Sam was not mad about it.

He was all over Beto the moment he returned to Atlanta, so he was probably just happy he got something out of all the drama.

Vote Blake Carrington! - Dynasty Season 4 Episode 18

Over the last few episodes, the series has actually bothered to give Cristal meaningful storylines to give Daniella Alonso some exciting material.

It's been a nice change of pace. She's slowly going from the worst Cristal to -- dare I say -- the best.

Hopefully, we take a trip to Cristal's hometown to see how far she's willing to go to keep this company afloat.

Blake is not going to be happy about Cristal branching away from the Carrington affairs, but who can blame her?

Amanda Hits Back - Dynasty Season 4 Episode 18

She doesn't need to spend her life in Blake's shadow, and something tells me their relationship will be tested in the coming episodes, especially if Beto is threatening revenge.

Oh, Beto. You have the looks, but you definitely don't have the brains.

Speaking of complicated relationships, the demise of Fallon and Liam was expected, and as with previous episodes, I'm Team Liam.

Fallon rarely takes an interest in his life, and despite Eva's manipulation, Fallon fails to realize that her husband has feelings.

Adam Sulks - Dynasty Season 4 Episode 18

Yes, Fallon has made a career of being cutthroat, but she needs to learn to balance her personal and her professional lives, or she runs the risk of being alone.

Elizabeth Gilles directed this episode, and in my humble opinion, it was a cut above many of the episodes of Dynasty Season 4.

Eva has to have an ulterior motive, beyond the whole "I can remove Liam from your diary" schtick.

It's not difficult to see through her act, but it's hard to be mad at Liam because he's going around like a lost puppy looking for a connection.

Kirby on the Phone - Dynasty Season 4 Episode 18

I stand by the previous theory that Eva is working with a villain from the past to take down Fallon.

This show loves to bring former villains back.

Fallon trying to ice Amanda out of the family was not a surprise. If you watch Dynasty online, you know the Carringtons have had their fair share number of people coming out of the woodwork to lay claim to the name.

There's a chance Amanda is an opportunist, and her lies would suggest as much, but is she really doing anything bad here?

Healing Journey - Dynasty

If she's the legitimate child of Blake and Alexis, then why shouldn't she lay claim to the name?

Petitioning to get the surname before her arrival in Atlanta was a surprise, but she clearly wanted to use it to capitalize on the influence that comes with the name.

Adam is a snake who has killed people without so much as a second thought, so it was hilarious that he thought he could judge his newfound sister.

He's got to be the most judgmental character on TV, and although the actor plays him very well, I hope Amanda finds a way to avenge Steven.

Fallon Plots - Dynasty Season 4 Episode 17

With these two going against each other, they will probably look to the past to find a way to take the other down, and it would be the right time for the Steven bombshell to come to pass.

Will the years of Steven's erasure come to an end? I hope so because it's tough to root for a show that forgets original series regulars.

Kirby's storyline was blah. If they couldn't find anything with substance, they should have just left her out of the episode entirely.

Showing up at the woman's house and asking her questions about her hair and such was completely cringe.

Eva Schemes - Dynasty Season 4 Episode 17

I do like the idea of Kirby being in the know about some of the biggest secrets, but we didn't need a whole half-assed storyline devoted to it.

However, Kirby knowing all of these secrets could change the way she views certain people, which will make for some interesting dynamics going forward.

"A Good Marriage in Every Sense" was a decent episode. It was bursting at the seams, and some of the stuff could have been trimmed out.

What are your thoughts on the marriage breakdown for Fallon and Liam?

Fallon Unimpressed - Dynasty Season 4 Episode 16

What did you think of Amanda's secrets?

Are you surprised by Beto's actions?

Hit the comments.

Dynasty continues Fridays on The CW.

A Good Marriage in Every Sense Review

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