Chesapeake Shores Season 5 Episode 9 Review: What A Difference A Day Makes

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The O'Briens seem to be hitting their breaking point.

They've got a lot of love between them, but that doesn't mean that life doesn't get the best of them on occasion.

On Chesapeake Shores Season 5 Episode 9, tensions find the family fracturing a bit, raising concerns about their welfare.

Megan's Success Story - Chesapeake Shores Season 5 Episode 9

Mick is alive!

Hallmark played this one pretty close to the vest, and it's nice not to be spoiled before the story unfolds on screen.

Mick had to make a "necessary urgent landing," doing anything he could not to use the word emergency.

But the reality was much more severe than he realized until he saw the state of his plane.

Nell in Yellow - Chesapeake Shores Season 5 Episode 9

Mick could have died easily. It was such a close call that he is reevaluating his life.

I wrote in my Chesapeake Shores Season 5 Episode 8 review that Mick's story could move in the direction where he realizes that life is short, and spending his time working isn't time well spent anymore.

He's gone through hell this last year as Dilphor tried to rake him over the coals and ruin his business. Mick pulled through, of course. But add to that another man he once knew well dying, and Mick has seen the writing on the wall.

Life is finite, and how you spend your time matters.

Margaret and Bree - Chesapeake Shores Season 5 Episode 9

Although their journey was rough, Mick and Megan have found their way back to each other, and Mick doesn't want to let it slip away again.

Even though Megan has just re-emerged in the art world, there are signs all around that it will be her last hurrah.

Arthur Driscoll never painted with the intention of wowing critics and selling his work. He painted from his heart, which left art critics wowed. It was his wife who wanted his accomplishments to be seen by many.

He did it all for her. If he'd had his druthers, he would have been dancing. Now, he has Nell to share that passion.

Bree and Luke - Chesapeake Shores Season 5 Episode 9

When Megan thought she had lost Mick, she realized his importance in her world, too. When Mick suggested they travel around the world together, she didn't hesitate.

She has proven that she has the talent to find and nurture artists. If she felt a little lost without that world she knew so well, she doesn't anymore. Now, she needs to make up for more lost time with the man she loves.

But if their children aren't safe, will they be able to take their adventure?

Connor almost had a heart attack.

Connor O'Brien Attorney At Law - Chesapeake Shores Season 5 Episode 9

At first, it seemed like he was having a panic attack, but it was much more than that. Thankfully, Margaret has joined his practice, which will take some of the burden off of his shoulders.

But he's had a pretty steady stream of disillusionment from his short career, and setting up his practice was more difficult than he realized. His first significant case protecting Bree's new boyfriend only increased his pressure.

While it wasn't a panic attack, there's little doubt that stress added to his condition. He's in for a lot of tests now to confirm what's going on.

As if two lives being at stake weren't enough, before they even shared their news with the family, Sarah fainted.

Jess and David - Chesapeake Shores Season 5 Episode 9

There are many reasons she could have fainted, from low blood sugar to dehydration to something amiss with her pregnancy. It seems highly unlikely at this point that Sarah and Kevin will lose the baby.

It's a good ruse to cause confusion going into the finale, but it's my guess that Sarah and the baby will be fine.

David's a little freaked out now that his dad did the unexpected -- he told him he loved him. His dad had already called to say that something was wrong and not be believe everything he reads, but David realized how bad it must be with the words "I love you."

David was upset over that, and Jess had a very strange reaction. Her half-smile and playing off David's concerns really hit me wrong. There was something very off about her behavior, and it worries me that she won't be there for David in the same way he has been there for her.

Evan and Mandrake - Chesapeake Shores Season 5 Episode 9

Then we come to Evan, who, in very short order, has grown very close to the entire O'Brien family. But dang, the guy still knows so little about family and boundaries.

Evan feels something for Mick, and when Mick gives advice, Evan takes it. Evan was using business as an excuse to visit. He was eager to help Mick with the plane recovery. Maybe a little too eager since he offered to buy him a replacement outright.

Things like that irk Mick, but Evan heard him. He chose to ask Mick to ask Abby on a date, which Mick thought was odd, but it was perfectly in tune with Evan's growing affection for Mick.

Evan still isn't my favorite, but since we're stuck with him, I'm willing to entertain the idea of him and Abby giving romance a go.

It Is Time To Dance - Chesapeake Shores Season 5 Episode 9

Since Andrew Francis said the last two episodes are all that and a bag of chips, I have a feeling what we've seen here is just the beginning.

If you watch Chesapeake Shores online, you know that things can change on a dime. What are you expecting from the finale?

Share your thoughts with me below!

What A Difference A Day Makes Review

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Chesapeake Shores Season 5 Episode 9 Quotes

Evan, if you want to visit, you can just come visit. You don't need an excuse.


Nell: Meg, do you need anything dear?
Megan: No. [pause] Mick. I need Mick.