Dynasty Season 4 Episode 22 Review: Filled With Manipulations and Deceptions

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If there's one show that knows how to do a season finale, it's Dynasty.

Dynasty Season 4 Episode 22 was the culmination of all the big storylines throughout the back half of Dynasty Season 4, and it was the perfect way to conclude the season and change things considerably.

Let's not even entertain the possibility of Fallon dying because the show would not kill off its most popular character unless Elizabeth Gillies was bowing out.

A Scheming Alexis - Dynasty

Then again, even at that, the show would just recast the character of Fallon. If you watch Dynasty online, you know the series loves a good recast.

We wouldn't have a Cristal or Alexis if not for the power of the recast. Think of that for a few!

Eva is a special kind of crazy, possibly being the wildest person on the show. The best aspect of the character is that she was obsessed with Liam after reading his book.

Reunited - Dynasty

It was a decent way of explaining why this woman had immersed herself so much in his life, and more importantly, how his relationship with his wife started to falter.

Falliam is not perfect, and Liam tested my patience one too many times when Fallon revealed the truth about her assistant.

On a more serious note, why didn't Amanda opt to tell Liam the truth instead of Fallon? It would have landed so much better, especially when you consider that Liam was upset at Fallon's treatment of her sister earlier in the season.

But the show needed to set the stage for a catfight, and it was actually pretty good, possibly better than some of the fights on the original series.

Fallon Before Her Possible Death - Dynasty

The reboot has primarily left the catfights in the rear-view mirror, and when they occur, well, they're over before we know it, but this time, it was a full-fledged fight.

It was well-choreographed and made all of the drama more worthwhile. I did expect Fallon to kill Eva accidentally, but that would have been too easy.

Having Beto and Eva showing up at Blake's gala with a gun and only one of them opening fire was a surprise, but two people with guns who have no idea who the other is shows that these Carringtons have a little too many enemies.

Liam unraveling Eva's manipulation was a little too easy for my liking. It was like the writers were running out of time and failed to consider the fact that Liam has been portrayed as this smart individual throughout his time on the series.

Eva With a Gun - Dynasty

Had the roles been reversed and this person was obsessed with Fallon, Liam would have probably figured it out much quicker, and that's the real shame here.

The shooting only serves to make Liam realize he loves Fallon on a level he didn't think he did anymore, so at least if Eva goes to jail, she goes knowing she broke them up but brought them back together.

That's got to be a form of karma, right?

Beto showing up with the gun was not a surprise, either. He felt manipulated by his sister and somehow felt entitled to whatever power in the company she had.

Adam's Deadly Plan - Dynasty

A part of him loves his sister, but he feels like there's this unspoken code of conduct in which he gets everything.

He's easy on the eyes, but damn, he's exhausting. Cristal has gone to extreme lengths to save her family in the past, but if she gets wind of Beto being at the gala with a gun, he might find himself on the wrong side of his sister for the last time.

The show is building this storyline up slowly, so it's probably going to be pivotal on Dynasty Season 5.

Adam resorting to murder was par for the course. Although we didn't get to see him committing the crime, it was apparent what was going to happen when the dude from the hospital asked for more money.

Alexis Repairs - Dynasty

Adam's back was against the wall, and there was no way for him to get out of the situation without killing and pinning the blame on his mother.

The problem with this is that it shows Adam will never care for his mother and that he will kill anyone if it serves his overall goal.

Alexis will have the money to hire the best of the best, so I expect her to fight back like never before, but she'll also need to entertain the possibility that her son will never truly love her.

That's got to sting, but will she turn her attentions to Amanda?

Sam Needs Help - Dynasty Season 4 Episode 21

Amanda hasn't been given much to do, but I enjoyed her interactions with Fallon.

The Jeff of it all is mildly infuriating. He's been going off the deep end for a while now, but handcuffing his mother to a shelf unit and her acting like she couldn't escape was hilarious.

Even more hilarious was the way Culhane showed up with a sledgehammer. Dynasty is not to be taken seriously, but damn, give us something better.

"Filled With Manipulations and Deceptions" is an appropriate title for the finale. It featured a lot of twists and turns, and I can't wait to see what's next.

Cristal's Scheming Plan - Dynasty Season 4 Episode 21

What did you think of the shooting?

Did Adam go too far?

Hit the comments below.

Dynasty returns in 2022.

Filled With Manipulations and Deceptions Review

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