Squid Game Dethrones Bridgerton to Become Netflix's Biggest Launch Ever

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Squid Game is a bonafide hit for Netflix.

Just weeks after the streamer said the popular series was in line for a massive launch, they have dropped some numbers to give a better indication of how the show has been performing.

Squid Game has reached 111 million Netflix accounts less than a month after its release, but there is always a great deal of skepticism regarding streaming numbers.

Squid Game Still

Netflix, in particular, counts two minutes of any program as a view, meaning that we don't know how many people watched an entire episode or season.

Streaming services have been keeping the more coveted data in the dark, and as a result, the numbers can only be described as arbitrary.

Still, we do have some numbers to compare. The streamer previously said Bridgerton managed 82 million viewers in its first four weeks following its launch in December.

Squid Game Costume

The romantic drama has since landed a three-season renewal, as well as an order for a spinoff, so it shows that particular show must have had a large footprint.

As for Squid Game, it became the first Korean original series to top the Top 10 popularity chart on the streamer.

It has taken over the world of pop culture, with sales of clothing worn on the series surging and selling out.

With Halloween just a few weeks away, it seems people are getting their costumes sorted early, so don't be shocked to see many people wearing the same thing.

Squid Game Duo

Even before the official numbers dropped, it was on track to become the biggest Non-English launch in the streamer's history, with it being set to best Money Heist and Elite.

With Bridgerton being knocked down to second place, you might be wondering what comes next on the list:

- Lupin (76 million)

- The Witcher (76 million)

- Sex/Life (67 million)

- Stranger Things Season 3 (67 million)

Not In My House - Stranger Things Season 3 Episode 1

The Stranger Things number was from back when the streamer was using the old metric of declaring shows a success.

The new metric boosts shows by around 35%, so the 1980s-set supernatural drama would probably be much higher up that list.

Okay, TV Fanatics!

What are your thoughts on the success of Squid Game?

Do you think streaming services need to be more transparent when declaring shows success or failure?

Did you watch the show?

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