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It was some unexpected developments in this fairly pleasant hour.

There are some intriguing elements on the horizon by the end of A Million Little Things Season 4 Episode 7.

And one of them, surprisingly, is Maggie's stalker storyline that restores the mystery element that the series has strived to uphold since A Million Little Things Season 1.

Narrowing Down  - A Million Little Things Season 4 Episode 7

It's too early to say if this stalker arc will evolve into something that has us invested and on the edge of our seats, but there's more potential than one would've expected, and that's a start.

However, one thing that is difficult to read is whatever is happening with Rome and Gina.

They've always been the most stable couple on this series and the definition of "Marriage Goals." They've overcome a great deal of what life has thrown at them.

But the distance between them as Gina worked in Miami is notable and raised a few flags. They fell out of touch more often than they remained connected.

Confiding in Cassandra -tall - A Million Little Things Season 4 Episode 7

It seemed they both faced some challenges and significant events in their life, but unlike usual, they weren't the first person the other went to when those things happened.

It's troubling that Rome never managed to tell Gina about the subpoena and the lawsuit Paragon Plus launched against him over the film. It wasn't for lack of trying, though.

Every time Rome called Gina, she was too busy or unavailable, and after a while, that takes a toll on a relationship.

Gina provided Ronald with excellent advice about mending his relationship with his wife, but it felt foreboding when he complimented her and her relationship with Rome.

Dangerous Lines -tall - A Million Little Things Season 4 Episode 7

How could she talk about connection and communication when she and Rome weren't exactly doing that? And the worst part about the distance between them right now is that it's not either of their faults.

It isn't something that they consciously did; it happened. It shows how these things can sneak up on a couple without them ever seeing it coming until it's too late.

In Gina's absence, Rome turned to Cassandra. She took him on as a client, and now he's avoided this lawsuit with Paragon Plus and has control of his film again. The downside is that his agent dropped him.

Why didn't Cassandra pull the lawyer card when Rome told her about his issues in the first place? You would think she'd do it right off the bat. Although, the fact that she did may speak to how close she's becoming to Rome.

Daddy Problems  - A Million Little Things Season 4 Episode 7

So far, things between them are friendly and platonic, but there's a fine line between that and something akin to an emotional affair, and it feels like the series may play around with that.

It's unsettling that Gina returned home, getting out of the two-week extension, and things were uncomfortable between the two.

It was awkward, and you sensed that they would have to reconnect with each other again after all of that time away. Rome and Gina didn't even know how to hold each other and show affection.

More insight into Ronald was appreciated. Every time we see him, it feels like he's there, and you're waiting for something bigger to happen that never does.

Connecting with Ronald  - A Million Little Things Season 4 Episode 7

Gina's comments about how cold it feels when he redirects his light to someone else were poetic and a vivid description of her relationship with him.

He made progress after that, but there's something empty about this storyline. It's great to see Mario Van Peebles and learn a bit more about Gina.

Gina: sometimes it feels like you're more interested in the strangers you meet than your own family.
Ronald: What are you talking about? 
Gina: When you turn your light on someone it is the best feeling in the world. It's like you're basking in the sun. But when that light goes away it feels really cold.

But it's also one of those things where you're impatiently waiting for it to lead to something since they dumped Ronald into the series with no build-up, and these conversations and progress they're making are equally as abrupt.

Similarly, finding out that Gary has been going to therapy had that effect. There's something unsatisfying about learning this in such a "by the way" manner.

Six Months of Struggles  - Chicago PD Season 9 Episode 7

It would've been gratifying if we viewers were privy to this and followed him on this journey. I wish we could've been there when he made the decision and attended his first session.

Gary going to therapy has been four seasons in the making, so that first significant step happening offscreen is a disappointment. It was a weird narrative choice excluding that. However, it coincides with this season's choppy, frustrating editing issues where they skip pivotal scenes and exchanges or exclude them altogether.

Since we're on the subject, it felt odd that a friend group who shares when one of them has a hangnail in the group chat wouldn't have known about Maggie dating a Bruins player.

Even if we buy she was keeping her romance with Cam under wraps for two months -- she met him six months ago.

Maggie's Stalker -tall - A Million Little Things Season 4 Episode 7

How is it that her knowing Cam, the Bruins player, didn't come up once in six months amongst her hockey-obsessed friends?

Nevertheless, Gary's reaction was priceless. He was starstruck and funny about the ordeal, and Cam took it all in stride. Gary and Cam seem like they could become decent friends.

Although, there's still a glimmer of a chance that Cam will grow uncomfortable with how close Maggie is to Gary even though Gary is a cheerleader for the duo.

Gary's assessment that Maggie was too harsh on Cam because of her history with him over the bodyguard thing was spot on, and it's a mature take from an ex.

Startled -tall - A Million Little Things Season 4 Episode 7

The door feels firmly closed on Gary and Maggie, and she's made it clear that they work best as friends. And Maggie is right there to support Gary through his relationship stuff, too.

She asked the question that we were all thinking about whether there was a chance Darcy's baby was his, and for now, it doesn't seem to be the case.

Rome: It is hilarious that Maggie is sleeping with literally the only man on the planet that you would also like to sleep with.
Eddie: Well, he is really good with a stick.

Maggie and Gary's friendship has become something deep and endearing, and the appeal of them remaining that way for the duration of the series is strong.

It's a good thing that Maggie had Cam, Gary, and Colin there to look after her, but more importantly, make sure she took all of this seriously.

Maggie's Body Guard  - A Million Little Things Season 4 Episode 7

She was too dismissive of what was happening, but her stalker was escalating, and that was disturbing.

The drawing of her that the person left at her apartment is scary as hell. It's eerie -- stalking is utterly terrifying.

Maggie's revelation that the signs pointed to a patient of hers who died is nervewracking. Do you think that this person is a loved one of that patient?

Maggie: I think I know who has been sending me these letters. It's not a listener it's a former client.
Cam: Well, it's good.  Not good good, but good in the sense that we can now tell the police who it is.
Maggie: No, we can't. 
Cam: Why not?
Maggie: Because he died three years ago.

Maybe they blame Maggie for her patient dying. Is it much of a lead if they can't figure out who it is?

Some fans have speculated that Cam is probably the one stalking her, and I couldn't help but study him closely throughout the hour. He's a bit off, isn't he?

Maggie's New Boo-tall - Chicago PD Season 9 Episode 7

Something about his relationship with Maggie doesn't feel right, and I wouldn't rule out that something is going on with him.

The Savilles have some complicated romantic relationships, too.

Doesn't your heart ache for Katherine?

She was so excited about her first date with a woman, and blessedly, Carter was there to help her out and guide her through the process of app and queer dating.

Carter is the best.

Katherine's First Date-tall - A Million Little Things Season 4 Episode 7

She and her date seemed to hit it off. It sucked that Katherine was open with her about it being her first time dating a woman, and her date reacted poorly to Katherine snatching her hand away and ghosted her.

Katherine was transparent. It's several reasons (especially in a post-pandemic timeline) why Katherine may have snatched her and away that had little to do with it as a result of the bartender showing up.

Maybe Katherine doesn't like public displays of affection at all regardless of who she's dating.

But we're supposed to conclude that Katherine snatched her hand away instinctively because of shame, embarrassment, or habit. And the thing is, all of that is okay. Her date could've communicated with her about all of this instead of assuming Katherine was experimenting and leaving it at that.

Dating Girls -tall - A Million Little Things Season 4 Episode 7

It's so much happening at once. Katherine has expanded her horizons and is discovering she's attracted to women. She's also a recently divorced mom who grapples with that.

She's a Korean-American woman from a conservative cultural and familial background in her 30s-40's realizing she likes women too for the first time.

Katherine deserves space to figure all of this out without judgment. Her date was not a good pancake.

But it was interesting to learn about her past with Greta. It made her uncomfortable back in high school when her best friend told her that she was gay.

First Date - A Million Little Things

And now she's reaching out to this woman. I hope it starts an open line of communication between the two. That storyline is brimming with potential, but then, the entirety of Katherine's journey does.

Meanwhile, Eddie was getting back out there, too.

She liked you for you and if the chair changes that it is her loss, not yours.


It took a minute to piece together that the lady who almost hit Eddie in the parking lot was Peter's wife. Boston is small in this universe.

Of course, Eddie went through the whole thing where he's worried about how he'll date as a wheelchair user. It shouldn't be a big deal at all. Why was he having a hard time figuring out how to ask someone out? You'd do it the same way as usual, yes?

But perhaps it's reasonable that he has jumbled up feelings about this as a former rock star, divorcee, newly in a chair.

Eddie's Groove Back  - A Million Little Things Season 4 Episode 7

Russ is the best, and if anyone could get Eddie to get his head straight and not get hung up on the chair, it's him.

Eddie assuming that Anna left the bar because of his chair was so cliche.

Instead, we had Sophie triggered again because one of the few adults she's still speaking to scored a date with the wife of her abuser. All the relationships are always so messy!

The scene in the parking lot with Eddie, Anna, and Sophie was intense.

Anna  - A Million Little Things Season 4 Episode 7

But it was worthwhile when Eddie brought Anna to the Dixon home to speak to Sophie. Anna was long overdue to talk to Sophie as openly and honestly as she did then and apologize for how she treated her.

And hearing Anna out likely gave Sophie some peace and a bit of closure. It also seemed to inspire a song.

Eddie: ​I'm guessing this is a bit of a su​pr​ise for you.
Anna: ​Y​eah​,​ that's putting it mildly.
Eddie:​ OK,​ I'm a wheelchair user​,​ but I am still the same guy you agreed to meet with
​Anna: ​What​?​ ​T​hat has nothing to do with this. I didn't realize that you knew Sophie​. ​
​Eddie: ​How do you know Sophie​?​
​Anna: I​'m Anna. An​na Benoist.​
​Sophie: ​Peter's wife. Have a nice date.

Peter ruined the last song she wrote to honor Jon, but maybe now she can take more of her power back by writing new music to spite Peter.

It may be the key to her getting into music school. She and Eddie's continuation of their lessons, and Eddie nurturing her music again -- it's all lovely considering Sophie's trepidation after Peter.

Meet Cute Fail  - A Million Little Things Season 4 Episode 7

It feels a bit full-circle, too, that she's back to this with Eddie, only they're both wiser and more mature after a lifetime of experience.

Sophie and Anna had a common ground, and Peter has destroyed their lives in different ways. It sounds as if Anna may have followed through with ensuring everyone knew Peter was a sexual predator.

Anna: I left Peter as soon as he came home from the hospital​,​ and ​I'm​ so sorry that I said those horrible things to you. But ​I​ need you to know that ​I ​do believe you​,​ every wor​d​.
​Sophie: ​Thank you. I'm sure it wasn't any easier for you either.
​Anna: ​I don't k​now​ ​how ​you got through it. I can't take the​ ​looks and the​ whispers​​.
​Sophie: ​I know ​what you ​mean​.​
​Anna: ​And I'm trying to move on​,​ but ​P​eter is e​v​en taking that away from me.
​Sophie: H​e ju​st​ takes​, ​and he takes​,​ and the taking never ends

I suppose that gives us some closure on the storyline, even though they haven't followed up on that arc beyond this.

But now we have Eddie and Anna, who have an obvious connection, trying to stay away from each other for Sophie's sake.

Sophie Faces Anna  - A Million Little Things Season 4 Episode 7

How long do you think that'll last, though?

Over to you, AMLT Fanatics.

How do you feel about Maggie's stalker arc? Do you think Eddie and Anna will end up dating? Did Katherine deserve to be ghosted? Are you worried about the Howards' marriage?

Hit the comments below!

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A Million Little Things Season 4 Episode 7 Quotes

Rome: It is hilarious that Maggie is sleeping with literally the only man on the planet that you would also like to sleep with.
Eddie: Well, he is really good with a stick.

He proposed. I said no. We're better off as friends.