Legacies Season 4 Episode 10 Review: Story of My Life

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When nearly every supernatural creature has joined the party, there's only one thing to do, send an invitation to the gods. 

On Legacies Season 4 Episode 10, we welcomed a demigod to our screens -- a handsome one with a tortured past -- and a mystery god, Jen. Aside from monosyllabic names and powers, we aren't sure what relationship the two have, if any.

Lizzie wouldn't be Lizzie if she didn't steal the attention, even from gods. She awakened as a heretic but with a twist. 

Hope talking to Lizzie story of my life - Legacies Season 4 Episode 10

Hope and Lizzie have one of the most hot-and-cold relationships on TV. They resent each other, then respect each other, then hate each other, and so on. 

Hope without her humanity is similar to Lizzie with her humanity, which paints Lizzie a dark shade of insufferable. 

Does anyone actually like Lizzie? She's as selfish as they come, even admitting at the end of the episode that she can easily manipulate MG, the nicest guy around. What happened to her personal development?

Lizzie: It was a big tree, Hope. I made more than one stake, including cute ones.
Hope: You're lying.
Lizzie: No, you're dying, and this time I won't lose my nerve.

Now that Lizzie's a heretic, she's back to square one, feuding with Hope, desperate to kill her. 

Lizzie story of my life nighttime  - Legacies Season 4 Episode 10

Who else was nonplussed when Lizzie actually tried to murder Hope but failed? If she weren't sire-bonded to Hope, she would've driven that lethal, red-oak stake into her flesh.

I understand Hope banished her dad to Limbo and killed her, not knowing she'd transition into a heretic, but still, no-humanity Hope is not Hope. What's Lizzie's excuse? Sprouting a pair of fangs doesn't cut it. 

Lizzie's disappointing regression aside, the sire bond is just what the show needs to freshen up. We are in for a wild ride, one with more of Hope commanding Lizzie to do embarrassing things. 

Now will you please let me stop hopping around on one leg like a drunken bunny? Being mind-controlled is a major violation of my agency.


Maybe on their quest to destroy Aurora, Lizzie and Hope, matching in their cool-girl leather jackets, will rekindle their sisterly bond.

Hope and Lizzie face off - Legacies Season 4 Episode 10

And perhaps Lizzie will get Hope to turn her humanity back on after all. A girl can dream. 

In Limbo, it was immensely amusing to watch Landon mediate for Alaric and Ted, bickering like brothers. Leave it to the youngest member of the Limbo trio to be the mature, level-headed one. 

Ted: Dr. Dolittle's desperate, and his poor judgment is going to be the death of us all.
Alaric: We're already dead, Ted!

It's been refreshing to see Landon interact with characters that aren't named Hope. (Let's pray they stay single if he returns to the land of the living.)

He has value outside of his tumultuous relationship with her. They had their moments, but clearly, they are not meant to be. 

Landon talks in limbo - Legacies Season 4 Episode 10

Landon has real potential to be a motivational speaker, inspiring hope instead of dating her. Like the moral of his sentimental story about himself and Rafael unpacking their bags together, being that their sins don't define them. 

However, it seems like a backstabbing former necromancer shouldn't be absolved of his sins just yet, or ever, even though Ted's grown on me. 

It was satisfying to see Cleo, MG, and Jed handle the new monster situation swiftly and effectively back at the Salvatore School.

Hope has always been the savior of the school. Everyone believed they'd be lost without her, yet they succeeded. It was a proud moment for us fans.

Cleo story of my life - Legacies Season 4 Episode 10

Cleo was the real hero, figuring out how to stop the woodland sprite from attacking Ben. She continues to impress with her cleverness and compassion.

Speaking of the woodland sprite, if we ignore how fake and rubbery it looked, it was a fun addition to the monster team, like a two-legged porcupine on steroids.

Somehow it was mildly cute once docile and cozying up to Ben's leg like a loyal dog, its thorny-toothed smile on display. 

Jed shined most in this episode, coming into his own as a leader ... and a lover? 

Jed finds wounded Ben - Legacies Season 4 Episode 10

First, he decided he wanted to give Ben a chance, rather than distrusting him and sending him on his way, which displayed significant growth. That's role-model alpha behavior.

Then, even after hearing Ben's story of inadvertently creating monsters, he still invited him to stay at the Salvatore School. Good on you, Jed. 

Jed: Why do I get the feeling like this story is about to ruin my day?
Ben: Aw, that's sweet, but we haven't even reached the ruinous part yet.

Jed's fireside chats with Ben were the highlight of the episode.

They were more than informative, clueing us into Ben's demigod status and proper name, Prometheus -- only Jed would call Ben gifting humans with magic a "baller move" -- they were sweet. We've needed a little more sweetness on Legacies. 

revealing a secret on legacies (tall) Season 4 Episode 10

During the few minutes Jed and Ben spent together onscreen, they burned hotter than Hope and Landon ever have. 

Ben: But I've come to prefer Ben. It's simple, like Jed. I like simple.
Jed: Well then, buddy, I'm your guy.
Ben: You can't be because I can't stay.
Jed: Like hell you can't.

That blatant flirting, not to mention their giddy smiles! Those were the kinds of smiles people exchange before they fall in love. Are you hopping on ship Bed with me? 

Now let's talk about Jen. Jen presented herself as a studious stoner with a blase attitude and a bad habit of overusing the word "dude."

It turns out she's a god, only getting high in the literal sense. Poor Vardemus didn't know who he was dealing with when he brought her into his office. 

Vardemus closeup story of my life - Legacies Season 4 Episode 10

Did Jen enroll in Vardemus' class because she knew he'd come into possession of the artifact?

Why did she wait around while Lizzie went to tell Hope about her murderous intentions? She could've stolen the artifact then.

Curioser and curioser. 

Ending with Alaric, Landon, and Ted meeting a Jinni, we can assume -- or wish -- they will steal the spotlight next episode. But making wishes is a dangerous game. 

Do you think the Jinni will be beneficial or detrimental to our Limbo trio?

Will Lizzie and Hope find Aurora? Will more sparks fly between Jed and Ben? Will MG and Ethan become friends again? Comment below. 

You can watch Legacies online right here on TV Fanatic if you missed this episode. 

Legacies airs on the CW Thursdays at 9 PM EST/PST.

Story of My Life Review

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Legacies Season 4 Episode 10 Quotes

Ted: Dr. Dolittle's desperate, and his poor judgment is going to be the death of us all.
Alaric: We're already dead, Ted!

You're a new face, and judging by that unseasonable cap, plenty bold?

Professor Vardemus