Big Sky Season 2 Episode 10 Review: Happy Thoughts

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New Big Sky rule!

We're not declaring anyone dead and gone until there's a funeral. I've been wrong one too many times at this point, and frankly, I should know better.

Everyone on this show has nine lives, and Big Sky Season 2 Episode 10 showed us that yet again.

Jenny On The Phone - Tall - Big Sky Season 2 Episode 10

The Legarski men have some strong skulls. And a gunshot nor a shovel to the head will keep those men down!

I should have seen Wolf surviving, but it did seem like those blows to the head, coupled with the gaping wound in his gut, should have kept him down for the count. But his survival ensures that we'll get to see him team up with Cassie and Mark now, which is not the worst thing in the world.

Mark and Cassie are a great team, and if the show insists on keeping Wolf around, then the best thing for his character is to involve him with the main cast.

And hunting down Ronald is personal for all of them now, but will they even find Ronald alive when the time comes?


Shades On - Big Sky Season 2 Episode 10

There is no way hell they've subjected us to Ronald Pergman for this long only to have him succumb to a shoulder womb in a seedy hotel room like it's an old western! Especially not on Scarlet's watch!

Watching Scarlet completely disregard Phoebe's wishes and ignore her uncomfortableness was hard. Agatha was right about Scarlet being an unfit mother, and as if we needed any more proof, she was in all her terrible glory here.

Scarlet's obsession with Ronald is gross and even more so when she continuously chooses him over her daughter. If she wants to keep herself and her daughter safe, she should be getting as far away from Ronald as possible. The man was bleeding out and still found a way to kill someone!

What is his body count at this point? It has to be over ten, right?

His time is coming; it has to, but when?

Staying Undercover - Big Sky Season 2 Episode 10

Shockingly, Ronald's story didn't chew away too much screentime, and we got to see Jenny work the Bhullar case, though she didn't exactly get anywhere.

The kids stepping up and finally telling the truth was a big move, but the wheels fell off pretty quickly when Ren threatened Bridger and his family, and how did Jenny and company not see that coming?

We've been hearing about how dangerous the Bhullar cartel is all season, and I understand this is smalltown Montana. There are limited resources, and yada, yada, yada, but how were these kids and their families not protected after they dared to speak up against a literal drug cartel?

Everything that happened to the kids during this hour was evident once you realized they had no protection.

It's pretty wild to think dead bodies could just be popping up literally all over town, and everyone knows who's responsible for it, and yet there be absolutely nothing that can be done about it.

Bridger Confesses - Big Sky Season 2 Episode 10

Ren was there for Jag this one time, ensuring that she scared Bridger and his family enough to send them out of town, but Jag was not only unappreciative, he was also plotting her demise.

Ren is what I like to call a likable baddie. She's terrible, for sure, and someone needs to stop her, but she's also charming, and every time she breaks down her struggles as the undervalued female in a family of alpha males, you can't help but feel for her plight. Never feeling good enough and never feeling heard is difficult.

None of this excuses her behavior, but it does add another layer to who she is outside of just being the "bad" girl.

It's easy to say Jag is just jealous of Ren, but it's clear that he's both envious and probably a little resentful. I thought this whole time that Jag was his father's right-hand man and someone his dad valued. But meeting Veer for all of three minutes will tell you that is certainly not the case.

Veer puts Jag down almost immediately and it's clear that Verr doesn't have a ton of respect for his son. Maybe he gets more responsibility than his sister, but he's also the one that has to fly to Montana and babysit her when things go wrong.

Jenny Helps - Big Sky Season 2 Episode 10

Jag has been consistently putting down any idea Ren has, and it's probably because he didn't think of it first. The last thing he needs is for Ren to come up with a brilliant idea to impress Papa Bhullar because that's a threat to the delicate balance of power that exists within the Bhullar family.

Veer probably doesn't respect either of his children all that much, at least when it comes to business, but Jag is still higher on the pecking order than Ren right now.

Getting to Tonya was a clever play because she's too green to realize that she's stepping squarely in the middle of a family dynamic that has probably been existence since Ren and Jag were playing with their toys as children.

Speaking of Tonya, she's really switched all the way up since she was kidnapped and almost killed by her new boss! She's out threatening people and acting like a bigshot. Though she was powerless to Jag's charm, and you have to admit the guy is kind of likable.

There's an arrogance that belies insecurities that have undoubtedly come from being Veer's son, but he's also disarmingly scary. And it's that lack of hard venom that gets Tonya to spill her guts.

Jag Plots - Big Sky Season 2 Episode 10

And Jag used the knowledge to his advantage.

Verr seemed pleasantly surprised by Jag's idea, and now we get to wait and see what kind of revenge Ren inflicts on her darling brother for going behind her back. A battle within the Bhullar's is a very intriguing prospect.

Jenny and now Travis and Dietrich are coming for them, but it's possible they could end up imploding from the inside out first.

Odds and Ends

  • Max was probably taken by Dietrich, as priority number one will now be hunting down T-Lock to get that money back!
Jag & Dhruv Listen - Big Sky Season 2 Episode 10
  • Travis is one of those characters you want to hate, and part of you does, but another part of you also doesn't care. The best thing he has going for him is his chemistry with Jenny, but that pairing will go up in smoke when Jenny finds out he lied to her again.
  • Poppernack is truly the unsung hero of the season. What a guy!
  • Would anyone else like to see a Dhruv and Donno spinoff? Or is it just me?
  • Constance Zimmer is an absolute delight, but you can just tell she is about to be such an annoying and frustrating character.
  • Poor Denise. Forever stuck at that desk, and it looks like the heat will never be fixed. Justice for Denise!
Guns Loaded - Big Sky Season 2 Episode 10

This was a pretty decent hour, and that was mainly due to watching Jenny be a kick-ass detective and the Bhullar drama actually being a fun subplot. Getting away from Ronald's constant killings and the kid's problems makes the show a much better product overall.

Who do you think took Max?

Will Ronald survive his wound?

Are you looking forward to seeing Cassie, Mark, and Wold work together?

Drop me a line down below and watch Big Sky online right now so you can join the conversation!

Tubb Works - Big Sky Season 2 Episode 10

Happy Thoughts Review

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Big Sky Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Phoebe: You're going to die. I had a dream about it.
Ronald: None of my dreams ever came true. My mother always said it's a sin to talk about your dreams. She called them dirty movies.

Tubb: So, the cartel did come looking for their drugs and money.
Jenny: You want these bodies to stop dropping? I think this T-Lock is the key.
Tubb: Let's hope you're right.