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Ronald, Scarlet, and Phoebe arrive at a motel to stay.

Wolf wakes up in the barn, and eventually makes his way to the main house, where he patches himself up and finds Agatha's body.

Jenny and Poppernack interrogate Max and her mother.

Cassie goes to Mark and tells him she wants to go to Wolf's ranch.

Deitrich and Bob are ready to kill Travis, who is being held in the bunker, but they spare his life after he tells him he's a cop and he's after the Bhullar's.

Ren tells Tonya about her plan to manufacture fentanyl out of Montana and the ranch she bought. She enlists Tonya to find drivers who can provide transport from Canada.

A housekeeper comes to Ronald's motel room and finds him alone and injured. Ronald attacks her and strangles her.

Jenny brings Jag into custody over the shooting at the dojo. However, when Jenny talks to Bridger to get him to identify Jag and Dhruv, he claims they were not the men he saw. Later, Ren admits to Jag that she threatened Bridger and his family.

Jag pries information about Ren's big plans out of Tonya.

Scarlet steals from a local store, and when confronted by a guard, she pulls a knife on him, so he will let her go. When she and Phoebe return to the motel, Scarlet ushers them out to find a new place to stay.

Jenny tells Travis about T-Lock having the money, and he later gives Dietrich that information.

Verr Bhullar and his wife Alicia come into town, and Jag tells his father about the plan to distribute out of Montana. But he claims the plan was his idea.

Poppernack shows Jenny and Tubb the surveillance video of Ronald stealing the RV, and Denise tells Cassie.

Cassie and Mark find Wolf at the ranch.

Max comes home to her house in ruins and blood on the floor. She calls Jenny for help, but someone grabs her.


Big Sky
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Big Sky Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Phoebe: You're going to die. I had a dream about it.
Ronald: None of my dreams ever came true. My mother always said it's a sin to talk about your dreams. She called them dirty movies.

Tubb: So, the cartel did come looking for their drugs and money.
Jenny: You want these bodies to stop dropping? I think this T-Lock is the key.
Tubb: Let's hope you're right.