Grey's Anatomy Round Table: Hayes' Anticlimactic Exit, Letting Down Levi, & Link's "Character Assasination!"

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Cormac Hayes has exited Grey Sloan Memorial.

Meanwhile on Grey's Anatomy Season 18 Episode 10, Teddy is determined to find out what Owen is up to, Link's new personality needs an overhaul, and the Webber Method is no more.

Join Meaghan Frey, Joshua Johnson, and Jasmin Pettie to discuss it all.

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Did Hayes have a decent send-off? How'd you feel about his departure and parting words?

Meaghan: The send-off was so anti-climatic that I was almost questioning whether he was actually leaving.

His parting words to Mer were incredibly sweet and honestly felt like the best MerHayes moment we have gotten thus far; then she went and ruined it.

You too. YOU TOO?! That's all you had to say to those beautiful words, Meredith? I can't.

It is just further evidence of how much they dropped the ball on Hayes as a character.

Hayes Departs  - Grey's Anatomy Season 18 Episode 10

Joshua: I think Hayes went out the way Hayes would go out by being an upstanding man. I respect him for not ratting Owen out to Teddy, and I appreciated the words he said to Meredith about showing him that he could have someone after his wife's death.

That said, it was like...blink, and you'll miss it. Even Riggs got a bit of a full send-off episode. But the way he was sent off, in general, frustrates me because why introduce him to the show if he doesn't contribute to anything?

If you removed Hayes from the past two years, I don't know that his absence would have affected anything major, and that's disappointing to me as a viewer and enraging to me as an actor. I feel like there's a lot they could have done with Hayes, but they just gave up.

Jasmin: I agree with Meaghan. Hayes' send-off was super anti-climactic.

Chatting in the Chapel -tall  - Grey's Anatomy Season 18 Episode 10

I, too, loved his parting words to Meredith and their goodbye scene up. I agree that Meredith should have said something just as sweet and thoughtful in return, and they could and should have done a lot more with her dialogue.

Not only did they drop the ball on Hayes and his relationship with Meredith, but the dialogue Meredith has had this season has just been awful.

I appreciate that they kept his characterization consistent to the very end and that Hayes left as the upstanding guy we've come to love. I don't understand why they didn't pursue him having a relationship with Meredith or why they just gave up on his character.

Richard Flood gave a great performance, and the character and the pairing had so much potential.

How concerning are Levi's downward spiral and the limited response to it by other characters? Did you predict him dumping Nico and potentially dropping out of his residency?

Meaghan: I could not be more disappointed in everyone involved in this situation. Levi's breakdown was clearly evident that it was impossible to ignore, yet almost everyone did. Bailey, in particular, had me fuming.

During the M&M, it was so apparent that Levi was not doing well, but instead of letting him take a minute to breathe, she kept pushing him harder and harder. She and Richard weren't willing to take any accountability because they were the ones who put Levi in that position in the first place.

I'm not surprised that he pushed Nico away and dropped out of the residency. We've seen this happen many times on Grey's when someone has a horrible patient outcome like this.

Residents Face the Heat -tall - Grey's Anatomy Season 18 Episode 10

It makes you wonder if there should be mandatory therapy sessions -- similar to what police have to do -- following a situation like this. That would allow them to make sure the doctor gets the help they need while also ensuring they are fit to provide patient care.

Joshua: Levi's spiral isn't entirely concerning to me, if only because we've seen similar storylines play out with other characters (Derek and Nico come to mind). However, I'm genuinely flummoxed as to why nobody (besides Nico) is trying to help him through this.

It feels irresponsible of Bailey and the program/hospital in general not to have Schmidt attend counseling sessions to work him through this (especially when they made such a hubbub about Jo's mental health in Grey's Anatomy Seasons 15 and Grey's Anatomy Season 16).

I didn't see him dumping Nico and potentially dropping out of residency--to me, he's just in a state of grief where he's pushing everyone away to protect himself, not realizing that he's only hurting himself and others.

Getting to Know Levi's Mom  - Grey's Anatomy Season 18 Episode 6

Jake Borelli is the only thing keeping me engaged in the storyline at the moment--he killed his scene at the M&M.

Jasmin: I think it's very concerning. I, too, was disappointed and enraged by the lack of response by the other characters.

I did not predict him dumping Nico and potentially dropping out of his residency, although I get why he did it.

I've never been a big Nico and Levi fan, and I liked him more with Vaccine Guy, so if he makes a comeback in all of this, I'd be happy. I don't think he's going to drop out of his residency permanently, but I do think it will take a while before he's ready to come back.

Bailey and Richard's behavior made no sense to me in this episode. Bailey suffers from OCD due to a similar incident, and of all people, she should know what Levi is going through. Richard has taught hundreds of future surgeons, if not more in his career, and he should have been a shoulder for Levi to cry or lean on for support.

Stubborn About the Webber Method  - Grey's Anatomy Season 18 Episode 10

Instead, it felt like they were punishing him by making him do the M&M when he wasn't well enough to do it and should have been admitted to Psych.

Did the M&M go the way you expected? What are your thoughts on them nixing the Webber Method and the tension between Webber and Bailey and Maggie?

Meaghan: As far as Levi's portion, it absolutely went as I expected. The man isn't coping well with what happened, and forcing him to relive it was a recipe for disaster.

However, I didn't expect Maggie to take a stand against Richard like that. I was completely caught off guard in the best possible way. Richard needed to hear what she had to say, and so did Bailey.

Scrutinizing the Method  - Grey's Anatomy Season 18 Episode 10

While the theory behind the Webber Method is great, there is a reason that residency programs haven't been run like that before now; the risks are just too high.

Joshua: As soon as Maggie said, "we have a meeting of the department heads when we pick a new kind of suture," I was like...yeah, all of the department heads should be a part of this.

I thought that Dr. Lin also made a good point, that Webber's own words were that the residents were attendings, and what would happen if something went awry before the moment where residents contacted the attendings.

I do think the Webber Method grew a little too quickly. As Maggie said, it's something that should have been tested, studied, and altered before expansion.

Stubborn About the Webber Method  - Grey's Anatomy Season 18 Episode 10

The conversation that Bailey and Webber had was difficult to watch--both of them admitting fault, but neither of them having a full emotional resolution with each other.

Usually, by the time they get to the point where they're admitting guilt, they've started to thaw out toward being friends again, and the fact that that didn't happen in this episode was a little worrisome for me.

At the same time, how many plotlines can we get about Richard's "failings" as residency director?

Jasmin: The M&M was a disaster, and I was not a fan. First off, it wasn't even held in the right room. They should've held it in the big lecture hall where it's usually held.

Smirking in a Lab coat -tall - Grey's Anatomy Season 18 Episode 10

Second, everyone ganged up on Levi, who was clearly in the middle of a mental health crisis.

Three, as Meaghan pointed out, neither Richard nor Bailey took any responsibility for what happened in the OR and what led to it.

I think nixing the Webber Method at this point is a good idea because it's hard to come back from the unnecessary loss of a patient with an untested method.

As Meredith said to Maggie, while the Method might work for specific procedures, it does not apply to everything.

While I enjoyed the scene with Richard, Amelia, Maggie, and Meredith, I'm not a fan of the tension between Richard, Bailey, and Maggie over something that could have been easily fixed if they all just sat down and talked about it before a patient lost their life.

Flirty Newlyweds - Grey's Anatomy Season 18 Episode 10

Did Jo make the right choice ending her FWB agreement with Link?

Meaghan: Absolutely. You can't have an FWB situation while one person wants to have a relationship with the other. Inevitably, if they had continued as they were, it would have destroyed their friendship.

Link would have been under the impression that Jo was getting what she wanted out of the arrangement while, in reality, she is secretly hoping it evolves into something more. Jo needs to rip off the bandaid and come clean to Link about her feelings to decide how he feels.

Joshua: Absolutely, and I think her decision not to talk to Link about her feelings and end her FWB agreement speaks to Jo's work in therapy.

Heartbroken Link -tall  - Grey's Anatomy Season 18 Episode 9

By not telling Link about her feelings, she's giving herself a chance to process them and preventing a possible rift in their friendship. By ending the sex, she's avoiding adding messy, complicated feelings to the mix and preventing a potential rift in their friendship.

Also, we know my feelings about the need to pair Jo off right away. With how the story is playing out now, I appreciate the tension between Jo and Amelia (they rarely get screen time together, and I think they're both powerful actors). I think Camilla Luddington gets something more interesting to play.

Jasmin: I think so too. He's not into her the way she's into him. His reaction was so cold and flippant. Jo deserves someone who's on the same page as her 100%.

I also think Jo needs to come clean about her feelings so she and Link can figure out where they go from here. I also enjoyed the storyline about Jo, Amelia, and Carina working together.

Beer, Takeout, & Sexual Tension -tall - Grey's Anatomy Season 18 Episode 7

Did you appreciate the series addressing the topic of endometriosis and weight bias in medicine?

Meaghan: It was fantastic that they addressed endometriosis! It isn't always quite understood unless you have direct experience with it or work in the medical field. Even looking at this particular example, the patient had been to the hospital multiple times and received an incorrect diagnosis and incorrect treatment.

Women's health continues to, unfortunately, be a majorly overlooked area.

I did like them addressing weight bias too, but as someone who also watches The Resident, which just addressed it, it didn't have the same impact. I hate when all the medical shows address the same issues simultaneously. It's like when two movies come out in the same year that are carbon copies of each other (i.e., No Strings Attached and Friends With Benefits); it just feels like overkill.

Shutting It All Down  - Grey's Anatomy Season 18 Episode 9

Joshua: As someone who identifies as male, I have to admit that I didn't realize the show was addressing the topic of endometriosis but ultimately, I'm glad they did. I know a lot of women in my life who suffer from endometriosis and the battles they went through just to get it diagnosed.

As for the weight bias in medicine, I loved how they handled it, even though I don't understand why they're turning Link into kind of a dick lately. I cheered when Perez got his dig in about taking the patient to MRI because walking will help him build up, and Perez didn't back down from making his point to Link in the OB.

I absolutely loved that Bailey, as a bigger woman, backed Perez up too.

One of my best friends is big. She always had trouble being put on birth control because doctors always wanted to run a myriad of hormone tests and wanted her to lose weight before they gave her a prescription because they were concerned that her weight affected her hormone levels.

She didn't get put on birth control until she found a female doctor who would listen to her thoughts and concerns and was willing to work with her instead of telling her what she needed to do. These issues tend to affect women more than men, which is not a surprise.

Sassy Residents - Grey's Anatomy Season 18 Episode 8

The medical community is biased toward cishet white men, so the more that shows like Grey's Anatomy highlight medical issues that any derivation from cishet white men go through, the better.

Jasmin: Endometriosis, yes, because I thought they handled it well. Weight bias, no, because they handled it very poorly, in my opinion.

There aren't as many treatment options available for endometriosis as there should be because it is not something that men experience. I personally know two different women who both developed endometriosis, one in her teens and one in their twenties, and their experiences were and are awful.

When they made that diagnosis, my first thought was, why hasn't this woman been examined or treated for this before now.

Someone should have suggested that or thought of it at an earlier point in her life since she's probably had it since her teens or early twenties, but our feelings and experiences as women are often brushed off and ignored because of our gender.

Gossiping Sisters -tall  - Grey's Anatomy Season 18 Episode 10

I loved Amelia's lines to Jo about needing to put the patient first. Despite the awkwardness, all three women worked together to help their patient with the female-centered compassionate care that she needed.

On the other hand, I didn't think the weight bias storyline was handled well. While I think they addressed an important issue, they could have had Perez and Bailey comment on the ridiculousness of the BMI Index and how the real health concerns of bigger people are often ignored or overlooked without turning Link into a total asshole.

Should Teddy have let things go with Owen and his secret? Now that she knows, what's your opinion or prediction for this storyline?

Meaghan: What is wrong with Teddy? While she was correct that Owen was hiding a major secret, her reluctance to just trust him and let it go was so frustrating.

Happy Sis -n-law - Grey's Anatomy Season 18 Episode 10

What exactly was her endgame? Was she ready to turn him into the authorities?

I hope that Teddy points out the stupidity in him going about the situation the way he is and encourages him to go through the correct channels. There is no reason to have such a clandestine operation going on when they can accomplish the same thing legally.

It is something that Owen clearly feels very passionate about, given that it changed his entire opinion on physician-assisted death. Wouldn't it make more sense to do it the right way to give soldiers who are going through the same thing a place to go, instead of just the limited group he has met?

Joshua: Honestly, I think Teddy will back Owen up. He is someone she's known for 20 years, someone she's incredibly close to, and somebody whose convictions she knows. I think she'll be mad that he hid everything from her, but I think she'll keep his secret and support him.

A Serious Talk with Teddy-tall - Grey's Anatomy Season 18 Episode 8

Jasmin: I think she should have given it more time. Owen literally just survived a death-defying crash down a cliff, and Teddy won't stop harping on him because he won't tell her something.

I'm unsure where this storyline will go, but I hope Joshua is right and Teddy will back Owen up. If she doesn't, and she rats him out, Hayes will have given up his job, life in Seattle, and chance to ever be with Meredith for nothing.

I agree with Meaghan about Teddy's behavior. What was the point of them getting back together if they couldn't trust each other?

Do you have any additional thoughts about the hour you'd love to voice?

Meaghan: Did Chris Carmack piss off Krista or something? It is the only logical explanation I can think of for performing this awful character assassination of Link.

Casual Dinner With Link  - Grey's Anatomy Season 18 Episode 7

Link is one of the best male characters to be introduced in this series. He has always been kind, thoughtful, accepting, and understanding; the Link we have seen throughout this season is anything but that.

You do not have to destroy Link as a character to give Amelia a happy ending outside of AmeLink. It just comes across as lazy writing. They clearly made a sudden decision to break up Amelia and Link and thought the only way fans could accept it was if they didn't like Link anymore.

If this had been planned, they would've planted seeds that Link was like this throughout the series. Like when it came to the marriage, you mean to tell me that the same Link that was willing to possibly raise another man's baby because he loved Amelia so much drew the line at her not wanting to marry him? It just makes no sense.

Then this week, we see him be downright cruel to his patient, who is overweight. At least when The Resident did this storyline, it fit AJ's character to be blunt like that with his patients. It came out of the left field with Link.

Link Lounges in the Loft -tall - Grey's Anatomy Season 18 Episode 7

At this point, I'd rather them write him off the show than completely change the character we have all known and love.

Joshua: Even though it wasn't a big plot episode, this felt a bit like classic Grey's. It was character-driven, dramatic without being histrionic, and helped put many pieces into play for the rest of the season. It held my interest for the entire hour, which hasn't happened a lot this season.

Jasmin: I agree with Meaghan about Link's sudden change in behavior. It makes no sense. Character assassination is correct.

Apart from the Mid-Season Finale, the writing so far this season has been extremely lazy and poorly done. In this episode, Link's comments to the patient came entirely out of the left field, as Meaghan said.

Laughing and Glowing  - Grey's Anatomy Season 18 Episode 8

I don't know why they're destroying Link's character, and I wish they would stop. The only storyline I'm truly invested in is Levi's journey. Nothing else is really grabbing me right now.

What was your favorite scene, arc, and/or character?

Meaghan: Perez standing up to Link about his treatment of their patient was by far my favorite part of the episode.

With all of the other residents cowering after Levi's incident, it was nice to see Perez as strong and assertive in advocating for his patient. I also loved Hayes' final speech to Meredith, but as I said, she kind of ruined it with her lack of genuine response.

Queen of Sass  - Grey's Anatomy Season 16 Episode 18

Joshua: Everything with Helm, and WHY ISN'T JAICY ELLIOT IN THE MAIN CAST YET? She turned her scene in the stairwell with Bailey (and, honestly, killed the entire episode), and we got more Helm backstory in 5 minutes than we have since she got to Grey Sloan in Season 14.

Jasmin: Levi's storyline was really the only thing I enjoyed. But I do agree that Perez standing up to Link in the OR was awesome, and I did enjoy Meredith and Hayes' goodbye.

I just wish it wasn't true, and that has was sticking around, and they could get their happily ever after instead of this Nick nonsense. I liked that we got to know Helm more, and she got more of a backstory in this episode.

Do you agree with us? Sound off below!

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