John Griffin and Jeff Pinkner on FROM's Terrifying Journey Through the Woods

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When we chatted with FROM series creator and executive producer John Griffin and executive producer Jeff Pinkner, they offered virtually no discussion on the finale upfront.

Thankfully, as the conversation grew, they did share some insight into FROM Season 1 Episode 10.

By the time the credits roll on the finale, the future seems to hinge on the bond growing between Boyd (Harold Perrineau) and Sara (Avery Conrad).

Boyd & Sara Discover - Tall - FROM Season 1 Episode 10

I'll admit that I threw a tongue-twister of a question at them about Boyd and Sara's twisted journey through the odd forest (think the giant ball of Christmas lights from Christmas Vacation for the wad I tossed their way), but that did get the ball rolling.

Throughout the first season, Boyd has been trying to deal with the town's issues using the lens of his former reality.

Sara's claim of hearing voices giving her specific commands for survival flies in the face of all that Boyd knows.

But as the two journey together, Boyd can't help but give credence to Sara's claims, whether he wants to believe them or not.

Sitting Still - From Season 1 Episode 3

Griffin said, "I think what Boyd finally realizes -- and we see him struggle with this throughout the season -- is when Boyd takes those handcuffs off of Sarah, it is the culmination of his realization that in this place, you have to measure with a different scale.

"You know, what was true of good and bad and moral and immoral. And the scale that used to apply back in the world doesn't really apply here, just as there is a different scale in wartime as there is in peacetime.

"And so, for Boyd, I think that was probably one of his primary personal revelations."

Regarding Boyd's trust of Sara, Pinkner agreed, adding, "Boyd is a very rational guy, and his ability to both remain sane and be able to lead these people has come from a very rational place.

Raining Cats & Dogs - FROM Season 1 Episode 10

"He is clearly a man who has had some version of faith and religion in his life before and continues to wrestle with things that he can't see or touch.

"And so even just acknowledging that there may be voices, coming to accept that there's a reality beyond the one that he can experience with his own five senses is a struggle that's baked into that human being; he's not going to come down on one side of that divide."

Pinkner further said that ten episodes into FROM, they are not at the back half of their story. Of course, they don't know how long the road will take them with EPIX, but as they noted in an earlier review, they know where it's traveling.

Boyd is still becoming what he will become, and the relationship with Sara is evolving as we watch.

Waiting Tables - From Season 1 Episode 4

"Sara has had a hard life, and this place has been a real mental and emotional struggle for her," Pinkner said.

"And she seems to be a conduit in a way that I would have to think is really frightening -- to be a human being and having voices talk to you that other people can't hear and telling you what to do, and then you'll be safe if you do it.

"And they're clearly lying and manipulating you. Interestingly, I think the one thing that Sarah hasn't done yet is say; Hey, can somebody help me please? She's trying to hold it together herself a lot, which may or may not give that character a place to go."

But what about that last shot of Boyd trapped inside of what they call the chimney?

What Did You Do - From Season 1 Episode 5

Griffin reminded me that we're not to the back half of this story, so this is still like a run up to the peak. "What we talk about a lot in this show is that each character has their slender thread when everything has been taken away."

He said Boyd is dangling on that thread, the one that keeps you tethered and keeps it all from falling apart.

"For Boyd, that one thing has been, ‘I can fix this; there are things that I can control, I can hold these things together.'

"And so, for a character like that, for him to end this first chapter of the journey that we take with him at a place where he has no control, where all agency has been taken away from him? You know, for many of us, it is one of the most terrifying places we can imagine ourselves in.

Boyd Thinks - From Season 1 Episode 4

"That seemed like the logical place for his character to end this first chapter, which is all about, you think you know what's going to get you home, you think you know what's going to keep things together?

"And I'll just leave that there."

If that's how the thread they'd like you to be considering as we wait for FROM Season 2, which begins filming this summer, they also want you to know how much your support means to them.

"We'd just like to give a shout out of incredible gratitude to the people who are watching and enjoying the show, and the people that have not only chosen to come along for the ride but are sort of like cheering us on as we go," Griffin said.

"It really does mean the world. I mean to see the kind of community that has grown up around the show very quickly is just one of the best things in the world you can ask for or hope for."

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FROM Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Sara: Where do you think we are?
Boyd: I think it's time we find out.

Boyd: You know, if you cut a worm in half, it grows back into two worms.
Sara: What's your point?
Boyd: My point is worms are fucking creepy. I'm sure it feels right at home here.