A Million Little Things Round Table: We're Reeling From Gary's Bittersweet Revelations!

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What a finale.

The end of A Million Little Things Season 4 Episode 20 delivered quite a blow when we learned that Gary is battling cancer yet again. It was the most shocking moment of the season finale.

For the last time in 2022, join TV Fanatics Laura Nowak, Christine Orlando, and Jack Ori as they discuss it all.

A Million Little Things Round Table

Despite worries, A Million Little Things scored a midseason renewal. React.

Laura: I wish we didn't have to wait until 2023, but I'm relieved we'll get more of Gary/Maggie's baby journey and other stories. I think it needs a final season to wrap things up.

Christine: I'm thrilled that we get more but disappointed that we have to wait so long to see it and that it will likely be a shortened season. I'd like to see the show keep going, but if this will be the final season, I hope the network makes the call early so that the writers know and can wrap everything up appropriately.

Jack: I have a feeling this will be the final season. NBC did the same thing with This Is Us' final season to minimize disruptions, and I read that DJ Nash had planned for AMLT to be a 5-season show. Hopefully, everything will be wrapped up by the end of Season 5.

Did you appreciate them switching up the real reason Tyrrell didn't want to go to Yale? Are you happy he's Yale-bound now?

Laura: Totally. While I totally bought the reason of first love, it makes more sense that Tyrell is reluctant to leave after he saw Rome's depression worsen. As he said, Rome and Regina have given him a real family.

Christine: I was relieved. I hated to think that Vali could so easily change all of Tyrell's plans and dreams in such a short period of time.

It does make more sense that Tyrell's love for Rome and Regina would have him rethinking going away to school. Tyrell has worked so hard for this. I'm thrilled he's going to Yale, and as Regina pointed out, it's close enough that he can come home whenever he wants.

Fresh Start  - A Million Little Things Season 4 Episode 13

Jack: I'm glad that I was wrong about Vali trying to control/isolate Tyrell.

To an extent, Tyrell is going through what many young people who are about to leave for college do when they're nervous about leaving home. It's made more complicated by Rome's depression being a factor. But I'm glad that Gina encouraged him not to put his life on hold and pointed out that he could come home whenever he wanted.

How surprising was it that Joo Hee, with Theo's help, fixed things between Katherine and Greta? Do you think they'll be okay now, or are there still unresolved issues?

Laura: Theo is a total matchmaker, and he really got used to having Greta around. I was impressed he went to see Greta. I was surprised and impressed that he got Katherine's mom to his way of thinking, and she gave Katherine her blessing. I think Katherine and Greta are back on the right track, but they still have work to do.

Mama Kim - A Million Little Things Season 4 Episode 5

Christine: It was surprising, but I loved when she tried to tell Theo that Greta was just his mother's friend, and Theo laughed and corrected her. Kids are far savvier than most adults give them credit.

If Joo Hee thought Katherine being in a romantic relationship with a woman would upset Theo, she quickly learned she was mistaken. I loved that Theo could get his grandmother to see that Greta makes Katherine happy.

It does seem as though Greta and Katherine are coming out of this stronger, although I wish Katherine would take a little more time before inviting Greta to move in with them permanently. If it were just she and Greta, I wouldn't care, but they really need to make sure they get this right with Theo involved.

Jack: I was surprised, given that I didn't think Joo Hee was comfortable with the idea of Katherine dating a woman. It was heartwarming that she cared more about her daughter's happiness than anything else.

Almost Flame -tall  - A Million Little Things Season 4 Episode 18

As Laura said, Greta and Katherine still have work to do. I'm glad they've taken this first step, but it can't be as simple as Greta moving in, and they live happily ever after. They need to work through the insecurities that drove them apart, and Greta needs to figure out where her ex fits into her life now that she has a new girlfriend.

I also agree with Christine that Greta and Katherine have to think about what's best for Theo as they move forward in this relationship and avoid subjecting him to unnecessary drama or breakup/makeup patterns.

Did Rome overstep with Clark and the Maddox situation? Are you happy that Clark and Maddox had a breakthrough?

Laura: I appreciated the talk Rome had with Clark. Rome knew when to let Clark to Maddox by himself, and I'm glad they talked.

Clark -tall - A Million Little Things Season 4 Episode 20

Christine: In this instance, I don't think he necessarily overstepped.

The school was the only place Maddox felt accepted, and with his parents taking that away, I think there was a real reason to be concerned about Maddox's mental state. Rome also felt like he made the situation between Maddox and his parents worse, and he wanted to try and rectify that.

I'm delighted that Clark began to see that his child is still his child. That the love is still there despite the differences. It was a very positive first step toward acceptance and bringing this family back together.

Jack: I didn't think Rome overstepped. I was surprised that Clark shifted so quickly from being hostile to being willing to accept Maddox as male, but I was glad that Rome got through to him.

What are your thoughts on Anna's confession and arrest? What did you make of Eddie still trying to cover for her?

Laura: I hated that Eddie tried to cover for her. Will they charge him for aiding and abetting? I appreciate that she turned herself in and wanted to do the right thing. I wonder if Eddie asks Katherine if she knows anyone who can defend her.

Christine: Eddie wanted to protect Anna, and since the police had already declared Peter's death an accident, I could understand why his first instinct was to allow her to get away with it.

But Anna realized that she'd never be able to remain sober with that hanging over her. It would eventually destroy her and her relationship with Eddie. Anna showed great strength by confessing, but I hope she gets a good lawyer so she doesn't end up in prison for decades.

Anna's Alibi -tall  - A Million Little Things Season 4 Episode 17

Jack: I was glad that Anna actually attended an AA meeting since she was resistant to it up until this point and that it got her to do the right thing.

I hope that this is all resolved fairly now. Peter's death was an accident, but it happened because Anna confronted him while drunk, and then she tried to cover it up afterward.

She and Eddie could conceivably both get in trouble for that, but I agree with Christine that Anna doesn't belong in prison for a long stretch of time over this.

Discuss all your thoughts on Gary and Maggie's miracle baby and Gary's shocking and heartbreaking diagnosis he's hiding.

Laura: I'm so relieved that they are having a baby. I'm glad that Rome and Regina saw the tape of Gary's message to their unborn child because they'll convince Gary that he needs his friends on this journey.

Loving Moment  - A Million Little Things Season 4 Episode 20

Christine: I was surprised to learn that Maggie was actually pregnant, although it was a wonderful surprise. These two are going to make great parents.

As for Gary's diagnosis...I was totally floored. I never saw that coming, and now I want to rewatch all of those scenes to put them into a new context.

Jack: When Maggie said she got her period, I wondered how she knew it wasn't just pregnancy-related spotting. I was thrilled to be correct.

The Gary diagnosis reveal was hard for me. My cat just passed away from cancer, so this was upsetting for me to watch. Hopefully, Gary will let his friends support him and make it through this.

Mommy Maybe?  - A Million Little Things Season 4 Episode 20

I also had the random thought that Gary's video reminded me of the videos Jon had that the friend group watched during the first season. I wonder if Gary is hiding the diagnosis because it was bad enough that they lost Jon, and he doesn't want anyone to think they're losing him, too.

What was your favorite moment from the hour? What was your favorite part of the season?

Laura: I loved the family dinner at Katherine's. We've waited a long time for Eddie and Katherine to act like a family again and how great was it that Katherine's mom could be there too.

So many people who care about each other in different ways. My favorite part of the season was Gary and Maggie's reconciliation and how Eddie and Katherine became BFFs again.

Two Parents, One Embryo  - A Million Little Things Season 4 Episode 19

Christine: My favorite moment of the hour was the video where we learned that Gary's cancer was back. It was shocking and heartbreaking and has me rooting for Gary and Maggie even more.

My favorite part of the season was Katherine's journey and her relationship with Greta. That Katherine, Greta, Eddie, Theo, and Joon Hee all eventually came together showed how people who love one another can get beyond their differences and still be a family. Theo is a lucky kid to have that in his life.

Jack: My favorite moment was the scene of Clark talking with Maddox in the forest. I'm so glad they're beginning to communicate and reconnect. I also loved Rome finding the video from Gary and Regina reassuring Tyrell that it was okay to go away to school.

There was a lot to love this season, but I enjoyed Rome's becoming a teacher and connecting with Maddox and Katherine exploring her sexuality the best.

What's on your wishlist for next season? What would you like to see, and what other thoughts do you have?

Laura: I want to see Gary's journey to recovery and his and Maggie's journey to having the baby. I want to see if Eddie supports Anna through her arrest. I'd like to see the Howards foster another child. I'd like to see Greta and Katherine's relationship grow.

Christine: Oh boy, there's so much I want to see. When the series began, Jon was the glue that had held this friend group together. Now, it seems that Gary has grown into that role, and I look forward to seeing the friends rally around him and Maggie in the coming season...but Gary better live, or I'll be furious!

I'd also love to see Rome and Regina explore fostering another child. And I can't get enough of Katherine, Greta, and Theo!

Standing By Maddox  - A Million Little Things Season 4 Episode 19

Jack: I'm with Christine on this. I want everyone to support Gary -- and for him to live. I'm looking forward to seeing how gets on at Yale and what Rome and Regina are up to in the coming season.

Over to you, A Million Little Things Fanatics. What do you think of our round table responses? Sound off below.

A Million Little Things will return Wednsdays in 2023 on ABC.

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