Charmed Writers Promise Closure as CW Cancels Reboot After Four Seasons

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With the news that The CW has canceled around half of their scripted shows, there's a silver lining for fans of Charmed.

The series, under the leadership of Jeffrey Lieber, Joey Falco and Nicki Renna, has crafted its best season yet, so it's unfortunate that it's being canceled in its prime.

However, the Charmed writers social media account shared Thursday night, hours after the cancellation announcement, that they worked towards closure with the season finale.

Charmed Season 4 Cast - Charmed (2018)

"As you can tell by the amount of change happening today, we -- the writers -- were always aware that cancellation was possible," reads the Tweet.

"As such, we wrote toward closure. Meaning, we're not leaving you hanging."

"Moreover, there are some really, really, really cool things happening right up to the final frame."

Who Are You Now? - Charmed (2018)

"So, if you've been with us, and are willing to stay with us, we promise you won't be left in the lurch."

"The last 5 episodes (starting tomorrow) are full of deep mythos, which we're hoping you're really enjoy," the statement concludes.

If you watch Charmed online, you know the series pivoted with its most recent season by introducing a new witch into the mix, played by Lucy Barrett.

While many shows struggle after the loss of a lead, Charmed flourished, and Barrett was an excellent addition to the cast, working alongside Melonie Diaz, Sarah Jeffery, Rupert Evans, and Jordan Donica.

The Search Begins - Charmed (2018)

It is nice to know that we can watch the series with an end in mind. There's nothing worse than hanging on for a show you love, only to get zero closure.

Many of the canceled shows on The CW ended without closure.

Batwoman, Legends of Tomorrow, and Naomi had already wrapped their seasons prior to the cancellation announcement.

Roswell, New Mexico and In the Dark have yet to star their now-final seasons, but it's possible there will be some editing of the finales to remove cliffhangers.

Fun Times - Charmed (2018)

Legacies, which was canceled after four seasons, moved its final three episodes to June amid rumors that the episodes are being re-edited to give a more satisfying conclusion to The Vampire Diaries universe.

What are your thoughts on all of these cancellations?

Will you watch Charmed until its series finale airs?

Hit the comments below.

A Weekend Getaway. - Charmed (2018)

Catch the final five episodes Fridays at 8 p.m. on The CW.

Scroll down for the full list of renewals and cancellations so far this season.

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