Chicago Med Season 8 Episode 6 Spoilers: Will Fame Ruin Marcel's Career?

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Uh-oh. It looks like Marcel's newfound fame isn't going to be all it's cracked up to be.

He rescued the survivors from the subway accident for all the right reasons. Still, on Chicago Med Season 8 Episode 6, Marcel will be thrust into the limelight, which could hurt his ability to properly care for his patients.

He's not the only one who will find himself in a controversy; spoilers also say that Vanessa and Maggie will clash over a patient who wants to get back to work.

Chicago Med Season 8 Episode 6 Spoilers - Chicago Med

Marcel wasn't looking for fame when he ran underground to check on survivors after the train crash, but it found him anyway.

He's been written up in the Chicago Tribune, and now, according to the spoiler video, the Lieutenant Governor wants his help because of what he did.

There's nothing wrong with that per se, but it looks like he will leave another patient hanging to attend to the Lieutenant Governor's needs. That's not okay.

It also doesn't ring true to Marcel's character. His womanizing was aggravating when he was first introduced, but his professionalism and dedication to patient care were never in doubt.

In the past, when he clashed with the administration, he passionately believed that his treatment plan was best for the patient and was frustrated at not being able to implement it.

His newfound fame shouldn't change that, so why is he dropping everything for the Lieutenant Governor? There has to be more to this story than Marcel having stars in his eyes for a well-known political figure.

Is it possible the Lieutenant Governor makes him an offer he can't refuse, either in terms of bribery or blackmail? That's the only way this fits unless the clip in the spoiler video is misleading.

It could be that the patient Marcel is working on isn't in dire straits and that the other surgeons in the room should have been capable of closing her while Marcel dealt with a seemingly more urgent matter. Just because Will thinks Marcel walked out on a patient doesn't mean that's the case.

Will can be a hothead sometimes, and this isn't the first time he and Marcel have clashed over patient care. Their relationship is fragile at best, and their previous competition for Natalie's heart didn't help.

More often than not, Will sees himself as the more dedicated doctor and dismisses all of Marcel's concerns as Marcel being too eager to do surgery. His anger at Marcel here isn't too far off from that.

Newfound Fame - Chicago Med Season 8 Episode 6

Either way, I'm curious how Marcel deals with his newfound fame. It might not change him in the way Will is accusing him of, but it should have some impact on him.

Pamela already accused him of messing up her hand on purpose so he could take her job. Even though Marcel wasn't looking for fame, this new development won't help certain people's impressions of him.

Plus, fame is always challenging, especially if you'd rather not be in the spotlight. That'll impact Marcel too.

Marcel's not the only one who will clash with another doctor.

Assisting a New Mother - Chicago Med Season 8 Episode 6

Asher always fights with Archer, so any interactions between them hardly count as a spoiler (and several photos suggest they work together again.) However, Maggie and Vanessa fighting about patient care is a different story.

According to spoilers, Maggie and Vanessa are on opposite sides regarding a patient eager to return to work. There's no information available about who's on which side, but I'm going to guess that Maggie thinks the patient should be discharged. Vanessa wants to run additional tests or continue to observe him in the hospital.

Vanessa is very driven, to the point that she abused methamphetamines to ensure she'd have the energy to do everything she needed to be a star resident. If she thinks the patient has a more serious problem than it seems, she won't back down from insisting he stay in the hospital.

On the other hand, Maggie kept it secret that she had cancer for as long as possible so she could continue working. It helped her feel 'normal' to keep trucking on despite her diagnosis.

Arguing With Vanessa - Chicago Med Season 8 Episode 6

Their roles may be reversed.

Maggie might be aware of how she made things worse by continuing to work when she needed to take care of herself, and Vanessa might identify with the patient's desire to work hard and allow him to leave the hospital. But it's more likely the other way around.

Either way, this'll lead to powerful drama between these two. Maggie and Vanessa have started to enjoy a closer relationship after their initial problems, so it's high time for something to come between them again.

Finally, Choi's involved in an intriguing storyline: he, Charles, and Sharon all work with a mother who is afraid she will hurt her baby.

Vanessa and Maggie Clash - Chicago Med Season 8 Episode 6

Usually, Sharon steps in when a patient complains about a doctor or two doctors clash over patient care. She seems more likely to be involved with Will and Marcel's conflict, though Choi or Charles may be consulting her about whether or not to call DCFS on this mother.

Charles' involvement suggests the mother may not be abusive at all but has a psychological problem that causes her to believe she will harm her child.

With Choi leaving Chicago Med soon, every storyline he's in could potentially lead to his exit. He's already given up being ED Chief; could this story encourage him to quit the hospital altogether?

Your turn, Chicago Med fanatics. Hit that big, blue SHOW COMMENTS button and let us know your thoughts and theories. And while Chicago Med Season 8 Episode 6 doesn't air until November 2, don't forget you can watch Chicago Med online any time you want.

Chicago Med airs on NBC on Wednesdays at 8 PM EST / PST.

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Woman: Help! Somebody take him.
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Marcel: Umm...
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