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Choi leaves a note on a post it for April.

Meanwhile, the press is interviewing Marcel, who is uncomfortable being called a hero. Jack says he is. The PR guy from the hospital has more interviews lined up.

Will says good morning to Maggie, who doesn't want to talk to him. Vanessa doesn't understand why Maggie is mad. Maggie thinks Will was behind this and it's not who she is. Maggie is not interested in hearing this.

Asher asks how Archer is. He says he is excellent and he's had worse than these injuries. 

A woman comes running into the hospital with a baby and says she's going to hurt him.

Choi tells Charles and Sharon that the child is healthy and not abused. The mother is dehydrated and low on Vitamin D. Sharon agrees with Choi that they should hold off on calling DCFS.

A patient comes in who wants Will. It's an older woman named Maria who hurt herself. She owns a restaurant that Will used to go to with his family every week as a kid.  They take an x-ray. She wants to go home as she has a dinner to prepare for. Will says they need a surgical consult anyway.

Asher meets a couple that is 9 weeks pregnant that has spotting. Steve says they are nervous because it was hard to get pregnant. They do an ultrasound. Asher sees something. She says it's an ectopic pregnancy. Caitlin realizes that it isn't viable. Asher explains she has two options: a drug or an operation. They will do additional labs and then go from there.

Charles comes to see Penelope. She asks how her son is. She has expressed some breast milk for him. She realizes Charles is a psychiatrist. She feels she is not like herself, cries easily, moods all over the place, ringing in her ears. She thought about throwing the baby against the wall when he was crying loudly. She is raising the baby herself, father isn't ready for a kid. Her mom was here for a week and had to go home. She is working from home because she has no maternity leave. When the baby cries it's too much and she feels like she's losing it. Charles says they will get to the bottom of this.

Vanessa and Maggie see a patient Maggie seems to know who runs a foundation for health care. He has lethargy etc. Vanessa fangirls about how he is raising awareness about the continued threat of polio. This was why she got into medicine. He and Vanessa discuss how she has no time to travel. Sammir says that it's not so glamorous. Vanessa orders blood tests.

Asher's patient can't have the drugs because her liver function is elevated. Asher promises a miminally invasive procedure since she has no sick days.

Sharon is taking care of the baby. Charles tells Choi he's not convinced about post partum. Choi says he can run tests to find the cause of the ear ringing. Charles wants to see how she reacts to her kid so he can get more of an idea of what's going on. He promises the child will be safe. Sharon agrees with Charles. She wants to be present as well.

The wires for laproscopic equipment are non-existent. Asher suggests she try it without video. He says he was trained in doing it this way. Asher says this doesn't do her any good.

There are no signs of infection but Samir is anemic. Vanessa wants to run more tests. Samir wants to leave. He gets up and almost collapses. He has rashes on his legs. Vanessa says it looks like a bleeding disorder. She orders more tests.

Maria admires Marcel when he comes in. Marcel says Will told him she is the Queen of Pasta. Anyway she needs surgical repair to her artery. Will says stenting is also an option. Marcel thinks surgery is the best idea. Maria wants Marcel to do the surgery.

Sharon brings the baby to Penelope, who is thrilled to see him. She gets visibly upset when the baby cries. She says the cry is like a drill in her head. She starts crying for the baby to stop crying. She asks the doctors to take him away. Sharon takes him and Penelope's face begins distorting and she collapses -- possible stroke?

Will wants to pitch the stent again because Maria needs her hands. Marcel says that's a good reason for the surgery. Will thinks Maria only consented because she saw Marcel on TV. Marcel says you called me. He thinks Will is influenced by his connection to Maria.

Steve calls Asher in. Caitlin has a ruptured Fallopian tube. Archer says they can operate laproscopically a different way. Asher is annoyed that he didn't consult her. Archer says this is the patient's wish and they'll make a good team.

Marcel is working on Maria when the PR guy tells him the Lieutenant Governor is here and that he should let his resident close.

Penelope has not had a stroke or tumor. She has Bell's Palsy. Choi thinks she can be reunited with the baby soon. Charles thinks this is only the first step.

Samir's symptoms make no sense. He is in pain and bleeding.

Archer and Asher work on Caitlin. Archer tells Asher to step in as he is in too much pain. Asher is annoyed as only Archer knows how to do this surgery.

Archer tries to direct Asher to do the surgery without the monitor. He says he will guide her. She does it.

Vanessa has a hunch but feels crazy. She wants to run one more test.

Charles explains that Penelope has intrusive thoughts. She says none of her friends have thoughts like this. A good mother would never think of harming her own baby. Choi says the fact she sought help is proof she's a good mom. Penelope says she visualised throwing the baby so she can never trust herself with him. Charles says they will find a solution. He goes to talk to Choi. Choi thinks she should be with the baby.

Vanessa tells Samir he has scurvy from his limited diet. They will give him an infusion and a vitamin. HE will be okay. He says Vanessa was so calm. He wants to talk to her privately.

The PR guy is very happy with Marcel but Marcel gets a page. Something is wrong with Maria. She needs to go back to surgery as there is no blood flow in her arm. Will is angry Marcel left before the procedure was complete.

Penelope is looking at photos fo the baby as Sharon comes in. Penelope doesn't want to see the baby when she's worried about her thoughts. She asks if Sharon has kids. Sharon tells her Tara had colic and screamed for hours. Sleeping for longer than an hour felt like a vacation. One day she felt alone and she was desperate for quiet and had the thought to toss the baby out the window. It scared her and she questioned whether she could be a good parent. She worked up the courage to tell her friend who was super mom and was shocked to hear she had thoughts like that too. Penelope says everyone only talks about the positive aspects. Sharon says have you ever listened to the lyrics of lullabies? Parenthood throughout time is hard and it takes a village. She encourages Penelope to check out mothers' groups. She has no concerns about Penelope as a mother. Penelope wants to see her baby.

Marcel tells Maria that the injury was unrelated to the surgery. Maria is very grateful and wants Will and Marcel to come to the restaurant for squid ink pasta. Will apologizes to Marcel and says Marcel is a good surgeon but maybe doesn't deserve squid ink pasta.

Asher says Caitlin had to have her tube removed but she can have children in the future. Caitlin wants to name future babies after them. Asher says he's in pain. Don't kid a kidder. He has to be checked out. He insists he's fine. He goes around a corner and takes pain pills.

Vanessa comes to see Maggie. She has a list of travel vaccinations. Samir offered her a spot on his team in the Phillippines and she said yes. She would defer her residency for now. She says Maggie was right to be upset with her but she was inspired by her resourcefulness. She knows this opportunity will let her be the kind of doctor she wants to be. This is her calling. Maggie tries to convince her to think it over. Vanessa wants to take the leap.

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Chicago Med Season 8 Episode 6 Quotes

Woman: Help! Somebody take him.
[Choi takes the baby.] Choi: What's wrong?
Woman: It's me. I'm going to hurt him. I'm what's wrong.

Reporter: People are calling you a hero, but is that how you would characterize yourself?
Marcel: Umm...
Jack: You know he gerry-rigged a lung transplant just days after the incident? Confident, creative. Future of medicine, this guy.