The Walking Dead's Lauren Ridloff and Angel Theory on Exposing the Commonwealth, Saying Goodbye, and More

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Connie (Lauren Ridloff) and Kelly's (Angel Theory) time at The Commonwealth on The Walking Dead has been filled with twists and turns.

On The Walking Dead Season 11, the siblings worked together to expose the injustice inside this new community the survivors are calling home this season.

"Connie and Kelly are making sure everyone knows what's really happening, what everyone else doesn't see," Angel tells TV Fanatic.

Exposing the Commonwealth - The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 17

"That kind of shakes up the room a bit," Angel adds, noting that it might upset some people or they may disagree with their actions, but these two characters will never give up.

Angel says they both have peace of mind in knowing they want to keep everyone safe.

Kelly Looks On - The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 17

Connie was a reporter before the world fell, but she's been thrust back into that life inside the Commonwealth.

Lauren believes that despite Connie no longer being a reporter when she first arrives on The Walking Dead Season 9, she is observant.

"She doesn't say much, but when she does, it has weight," Ridloff shares.

Lauren likes the shift in Connie this season because she's stirring the pot and causing chaos to do what's right.

Kelly Watches in Horror - The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 17

Ridloff says that Connie has been through a lot in such a short time, including the cave and the cannibal-filled house, and now, she's striving for change.

The star thinks we see Connie at her best, giving viewers an idea of what she was like pre-apocalypse.

"I love that," the star said.

With exposing the corruption inside the Commonwealth high on their list, I wondered if Kelly and Connie could live inside the community after that has been exposed.

Connie on Season 11 - The Walking Dead

Angel thinks Kelly is happy staying anywhere as long as her sister is safe.

"Regardless of where they are, they'll find a way to make sure they're good."

"We've been doing that all these years, not only as a family but as a part of the group.

Angel likes that they're so protective of one another and that the sisterly bond is heavily present.

Angel said that even though Kelly's been her sister's voice, in a sense, Connie's been instrumental in keeping Kelly grounded and ways to help her grow up better.

Connie in Danger - The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 8

Lauren added that she loved watching Kelly grow because she would have been a kid when the apocalypse happened.

"She didn't have that chance to create an identity or create that strong sense of belonging to a community," Ridloff shares.

Filming on the series wrapped earlier this year and both stars miss working on the show.

"Definitely not the sticky blood," Angel adds with a laugh, but she misses seeing the cast and crew daily.

"You see everyone three years straight, so you get used to it."

Crimesolving Sisters - The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 11

They have stayed connected despite not being at the set and working with everyone anymore.

Angel says that working on the show helped her connect with many people, including the cast, crew, and producers.

Lauren agrees with her co-star, adding that she misses not getting the scripts because she loved knowing what was coming next.

Ridloff said that the final episodes require a lot of emotional investment.

"The last episode will be difficult to watch for several reasons."

"This is a family that so many of us have grown up watching, and we're so used to seeing these people dealing with problems, and most of all, surviving," Ridloff added.

The star added that she's grateful the franchise will continue thanks to spinoffs.

"But I feel the hardest thing about the final eight episodes is that the original series is ending."

The Walking Dead returns tonight at 9 p.m. on AMC and AMC+.

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