The Cleaning Lady Round Table: Dangerous Games & Revenge Plans

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Both Thony and Nadia played dangerous games with Robert. If he figures out their plan, he won't be merciful.

Thony turned to Robert for assistance returning to Manilla for medicine when Luca became sicker on The Cleaning Lady Season 2 Episode 9.

TV Fanatics Jasmine Peterson, Whitney Evans, and Laura Nowak discuss if Nadia is playing a dangerous game between two men, if Thony has turned to the dark side, and what Garrett will do next.

The Cleaning Lady Round Table

Thony turned to the enemy. Do you think she's a desperate mom or turning to the dark side?

Jasmine: I genuinely believe that Thony is a mom first, and she will literally do anything and everything for Luca. It has been her driving force to get involved with all of this in the first place and keep him alive.

That said, we've seen little moments along the way, especially this season, that show that she genuinely does get some thrill from this lifestyle or something. Nothing has rattled her so much that she wants out immediately.

An Unholy Alliance - The Cleaning Lady Season 2 Episode 9

She's gotten lured into more dangerous parts of this world and the darkness, and I don't think she's as put off about it as she'd like to pretend.

I think that's part of the conflict between her and Fiona because Fi sees that. Yes, Luca comes first, and that's what her primary motivation is, but she has also noticed that she's good at all of this, and she seems to get off on the subterfuge a bit.

Whitney: Above all else, she's a desperate mom, but I agree with Jasmine that there is a part of her that like the lifestyle that's been introduced to her through her relationship with Arman.

So, it sometimes puts her into this weird space, but most of the things she does are to protect her family. But I can't sit here with a straight face and act like she does everything against her will.

Luca's Sick-vertical - The Cleaning Lady Season 2 Episode 9

Laura: I also think Thony is a desperate mom, but I also think, as you two do, that she gets a particular thrill out of working with Arman.

I'm torn since Thony wouldn't want to get her friends involved unless her life or her family was in danger. She's in too deep now to get out.

Nadia is playing a dangerous game with Robert. Do you think she wants to be married to Arman?

Jasmine: Nadia is playing a dangerous game. I believe she loves Arman and wants him and always has. But by the end of the episode, it felt like maybe she was considering something real with Robert.

Playing the Game - The Cleaning Lady Season 2 Episode 9

They have quite a past, and no matter what people tell her about him and what she sees, she still doesn't come across as put off or disgusted by Robert.

It's like she thinks the Robert other people get doesn't have any bearing on her or their relationship. By the end of the episode, she was reminding me of one of those wives of a serial killer who ignores all the signs because her husband brought her home some trinkets he probably kept as a token from one of his victims.

Robert lavishes her with lovely things, treats her specifically well, and dotes on her the way that she wishes Arman would do, and I wouldn't be surprised if she gives up on being something more with Arman and sticks it out with Robert.

Whitney: I'm not trying to put this negative energy into the universe, but I've thought that Nadia may not make it out of this season alive. And now that she's in on this plan to set Robert up, my spidey senses are tingling even more.

Last Ditch Effort - The Cleaning Lady Season 2 Episode 9

Her heart lies with Arman, but she's drawn to Robert and how he sees her. She wants Robert's attention in Arman's body.

I fear for her safety because I don't think she fully grasps how terrible things could get for her if the plan to kill Robert fails. That kind of betrayal will not go unpunished.

Laura: Nadia is playing a dangerous game. I know she loves Arman and wants to protect him, but she's drawn to Robert since he believes in her and always puts her first.

While I'm an Armony girl, I was so impressed by Nadia. She was a badass queen, and I loved how she stood up for herself with both men and then played the game with Robert. She deserves to come out on top, though I fear for her, too, since Robert doesn't handle betrayals well.

Arman's Plan - The Cleaning Lady Season 2 Episode 9

Do you think Arman and Nadia overplayed their hand now that Robert bought La Habana?

Jasmine: Mmm, my answer to this is pretty much connected to the last one. I think Robert purchasing Habana will only test Nadia's loyalties.

Whitney: Yeah, they definitely overplayed their hand. But it is what it is at this point.

Laura: This will definitely put Nadia in a tight spot and make her decide her allegiance.

Arman's Discovery - The Cleaning Lady Season 2 Episode 9

Is a murder mystery coming, or will Arman's plan derail things?

Jasmine: Let's go with derailment.

Whitney: Hm, I'll go with derailed. For now.

Laura: I see many suspects for a Robert murder mystery, but I think it's derailed for now.

Garrett and Katherine kissed. React.

Jasmine: Listen, Oliver Hudson is a fine specimen. Liza Weil is beautiful. I would be into it under any other circumstance, but I was shouting at Katherine the whole time because Garrett is a (very hot) hot mess, and Katherine deserves better than to be dragged into it.

Whitney: You could see this coming from a mile away, and I was still yelling NO at my screen! Garrett is still grieving Maya, and that's to say nothing of the complicated mess with his wife. He has so much going on, and the last thing he needs is to jump into any relationship because Katherine will be the one getting hurt in this scenario.

Laura: I may be in the minority since I liked Garret and Katherine together. As Jasmine said, they're both attractive. However, this was the wrong time since Garrett was grieving and on a revenge kick.

Garrett learned Arman shot Maya. What will happen next?

Jasmine: I guess we won't be getting a Garrett and Arman bromance anytime soon, and their little truce is probably up in flames after that. Garrett won't see the reasoning and duress behind it even though Katherine had pointed out that Robert would've made someone make the kill for him.

No Choice - The Cleaning Lady Season 2 Episode 9

Nope, he's going to go off the rails and come for Arman hard, and not even Thony will be able to settle things or mediate, and she'll probably face Garrett's wrath too. Fireworks and drama are what will happen, and I'm not ready, but I want to see it.

Whitney: Garrett is way too emotional to see beyond red, so he's probably going to do whatever he can to bring Arman down, which will likely somehow involve Thony, and I foresee this all ending really, really badly this season.

Laura: Garrett is so revenge-driven he's not going to see beyond reason. He will probably come after Arman with a vengeance, forgetting that Katherine mentioned that Robert made someone else shoot Maya. Unless someone else reasons with him, I predict lots of drama in the next few episodes.

What was your favorite part of the episode, or do you have anything to add?

Jasmine: I thought it was cool that Thony got to go to Manila, despite the circumstances.

Returning to Manilla - The Cleaning Lady Season 2 Episode 9

Whitney: I enjoyed a lot of the Arman and Nadia scenes, unlike me. I'm so interested in where things will stand at the end of the season regarding the romantic pairings. And who will be standing at all?

Laura: I also loved watching Nadia shine in this episode. She showed how she plays games with the best of them, and I hope she survives this season.

Over to you, Cleaning Lady Fanatics. Did you agree with our take? Let us know in the comments below.

The Cleaning Lady airs on Mondays on FOX.

Laura Nowak is a staff writer for TV Fanatic. Follow her on Twitter.

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