The Rookie Round Table: Can Tim Survive a Desk Job?

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Lucy gave Tim a lesson on workplace dynamics. Celina gave Oscar Hutchinson the creeps, while Angela spiraled as she got some unexpected news on The Rookie Season 5 Episode 12.

Our TV Fanatics, Jasmine, Denis, and Christine, are here to debate the value of Lucy's lessons, Oscar's return, Angela's unplanned pregnancy, and if Tim made the right decision during "Death Notice."

The Rookie Round Table

What did you think of the Lucy Lessons? Did you know it was a Lucy Lesson while it was happening?

Jasmine: I loved it. I appreciated the play on what Tim used to do to her, but I also loved the acknowledgment of the work and power dynamic.

They could've easily bypassed that, as most shows tend to, so I was thrilled that they tackled it head-on. It made me respect what the series is doing with their relationship even more.

And Lucy made me smile because she knew she had to nail her point home, and the Lucy Lesson was effective at doing that. She definitely had me fooled.

New Moves -tall  - The Rookie Season 5 Episode 12

Denis: I'm just thrilled that someone is wise enough to recognize the dynamic that exists in their relationship and how it can affect their ability to work together or in the same department.

Lucy Lessons was easily one of my favorite moments from the episode. I wasn't aware of what was happening, but in all fairness, if Lucy managed to fool Tim, we never stood a chance.

Christine: At first, I thought Lucy trying to pull off her version of a Tim Test was silly, but it turned out to be an epic twist.

It was a great way for Lucy to show him how their relationship changed their work dynamic, even if he never meant to do that.

And it's easy to see why Lucy is so good at undercover work. I never saw that Lucy Lesson.

Lucy's Lessons -tall  - The Rookie Season 5 Episode 12

Tim went to Sgt. Grey on his own and took the court liaison position rather than have Lucy transfer. Do you agree with his decision? Can Tim be happy with a desk job?

Jasmine: I had mixed feelings about this because I recognized Tim's sacrifice and why he did it.

But I hated that he didn't talk it over with Lucy first and just made this choice unilaterally that we know he will not be happy with in the long run.

He'll do anything for Lucy and won't regret or resent her for that, which is great. But Tim is all about that action. He's just not going to be happy with a desk job, so this should be interesting. I'm curious how long they'll have this as a thing.

Thorsen and Bradford - tall - The Rookie Season 5 Episode 11

Denis: Tim? In a desk job? I don't see that happening.

But again, it all depends. He likes Lucy a lot, so it is worth it for him, and the court liaison job might not be so different from what he's used to. We will have to wait and see.

Christine: I, too, was torn.

I appreciated that Tim was doing this for Lucy so that she didn't have the transfer, but I wish he'd talked to her about it beforehand instead of deciding for them both entirely on his own.

I can't imagine Tim in a position not on the street and in the middle of the action. I'm curious how he'll deal with a whole different level of stress and if he can adjust.

Harper and Nyla Open Up  - The Rookie Season 5 Episode 12

Angela is pregnant. React!

Jasmine: I also had mixed feelings about this because she was just expressing how she is happy and settled into her life, marriage, job, and motherhood now and that all goes out the window with a new baby on the way.

It made me a little sad for what Angela may feel like she's losing with an unplanned pregnancy, even if I am happy for the couple having a new baby overall, if that makes sense.

I'm also worried that with all the stress with Elijah, her initial stance, and other things, they could be laying the grounds for a possible miscarriage, which would be so upsetting.

Parenthood with Wopez - The Rookie Season 5 Episode 9

Denis: Whaaaat! That was so fast. In her own words, she had just started getting some of her life back, and now it's the same thing all over again.

Whatever she decides will be the best thing for her, but I can't imagine going through all of it again so soon.

Christine: Oye. This is a tough one. Having another baby would be great if she felt ready for that. But right now, it feels like it will upend her life and add another stressor to an already stressful situation.

Angela and Nyla just had children, and I'm surprised the show wants to go down this road again so soon. I won't be shocked if this pregnancy doesn't go as planned. About 25% of pregnancies end in miscarriage, and it feels like that's where this is headed.

Nyla and Angela -tall - The Rookie Season 5 Episode 10

Angela lied to Nyla. Can their partnership withstand that type of deceit?

Jasmine: Fortunately, I think they squashed it by the end of the episode. However, it was a surprise that Angela lied like that when she and Nyla have always been pretty solid.

I don't think it'll happen again, and I loved the apology scene. But it definitely showed that Angela and Nyla's kickass dynamic isn't impenetrable or without flaws.

Denis: It doesn't do good for their partnership, but it is also not that huge. They'll move past it.

Christine: I was shocked that Angela kept Nyla in the dark like that, and Nyla had every reason to be furious.

Given the circumstances and that Angela owned up to her mistake and apologized, I think they can get through this, but if it ever happens again, I don't see Nyla putting up with that. It could mean the end of their partnership, which would be tragic because they make a fantastic team.

Oscar Returns -tall  - The Rookie Season 5 Episode 12

Were you happy with Oscar Hutchinson's return, and what did you think of his interactions with Celina?

Jasmine: I didn't remember who he was until the Wesley reminder, but he's amusing. He and Celina's shtick was entertaining and wasn't too overdone.

Denis: Who was he again? Remember the recycling of villains? Well, whoever he was, at least he's funny.

Christine: How am I the only one here who remembers Oscar? He's been in every season of The Rookie! He stabbed Wesley! And he's always entertaining.

So, yes, I enjoyed having Oscar back one more time. And I liked how he tried to intimidate Celina, and she completely turned the tables on him in a way he never saw coming. Whether Celina really felt he was going to die or was playing him, I don't care. I loved it either way.

Chenford's First Time  - The Rookie Season 5 Episode 12

What was your favorite quote, scene, or storyline from this installment?

Jasmine: I watch and cover enough series where workplace romances aren't handled in a realistic enough way for me, and sometimes you'll catch me ranting about a few of them. As a result, I genuinely love what they're doing with Chenford.

Denis: The evil doctor. I give kudos to The Rookie for always coming up with genius plot twists, and this was a good one. It had me tense as Lucy and Tim went to save the other doctor's family.

Christine: I felt for Angela when she realized she was pregnant. Too often, we see single women as the only ones who don't want to get pregnant.

Sometimes, timing is everything, even in a happy, committed relationship. And pregnancy and having kids, even at its best, is extremely stressful. I like that they're showing that side of things.

Standing Guard - The Rookie

Anything else you'd like to point out, good or bad, from this episode?

Jasmine: Celina is growing on me. She isn't as cartoonist about her intuition and all of that as she was before, and she and Nolan's dynamic has its moments.

But I do wish they'd steer away from some of that sometimes and just start developing her beyond that more so she doesn't keep coming across like a Zodiac-obsessed TikTok influencer or something.

Denis: I am trying so hard to like Celina, but I can't get into it. You see death? Of course, you do; the guy is a serial rat. There are many people at any time looking to murder him.

Rival Gang Case  - The Rookie Season 5 Episode 11

Any decent cop could figure that out. Let's stop acting like basic human intuition is a superpower.

Christine: Okay, I'm going to defend Celina. I like that she's unique and sees the world through a different lens.

That might make people uncomfortable or just not be their cup of tea, but she adds a different dynamic to the show, and I enjoy her.

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