Fire Country Season 1 Episode 15 Spoilers: Mama Bear Gets Her Kidney

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It has been a long three weeks without Fire Country on air, but our wait is finally over!

On Fire Country Season 1 Episode 14, the crew attended the annual Edge Water fair, and apart from that mind-twisting emergency, some other things happened, too.

Bode confronted his feelings of being a failure when a former high school acquittance made a not-so-nice comment. Rebecca made a pass at him, but his heart was with Gabriel, and he turned her down. They later agreed to be friends.

Spoilers - Fire Country Season 1 Episode 15

Towards the end of the hour, Sharon got the best news she could have hoped for. Jake had been cleared as her kidney donor.

Spoilers for Fire Country Season 1 Episode 15 tease an emotional ride as Sharon undergoes transplant surgery to get her new kidney. But she's not the only life on the line, as Eve is in grave danger.

Vince and Sharon - Fire Country Season 1 Episode 15

Jake's mom is in town.

Even though Sharon receives the kidney, Jake will need surgery to remove his.

This can be nerve-wracking as even though these surgeries are pretty straightforward, one can ever guess what will go wrong. And a lot can go wrong since the human body is quite fragile.

So, Jake's mom, Dr. Lilly Crawford, comes to support her son and friend.

Jake and his mom - Fire Country Season 1 Episode 15

Lilly might try to ensure Jake is absolutely certain about this. As a parent, it is only natural to worry about your child.

Jake's mom is very good friends with the Leone family and Sharon especially. She was the one who encouraged Sharon to try an experimental treatment when she was first diagnosed with cancer.

This will put her in a tough spot because she wants what's best for her son on the one side; on the other, she wants her friend to be safe.

However, Lilly will have to trust Jake and understand that he is doing a good thing. All she can do is hope for the best.

Sharon gets her kidney.

Bode, Sharon, and Vince - Fire Country Season 1 Episode 15

This is the moment we have been waiting for.

The process of finding an eligible donor has been long; honestly, she is lucky. If she had been put on a donor list, there is no telling whether she would get a kidney in time.

This will be a tearful episode as they must be prepared for anything.

As mentioned earlier, surgeries have been known to go wrong, and surgeons sometimes lose people on the table.

Vince - Fire Country Season 1 Episode 15

Sharon prepares Vince to deal with the possibility that she might not make it out alive; if that happens, he should go easy on and take care of Bode. It's not lost on Sharon how hard Vince can be on Bode.

The promo images show her in the hospital attire with Bode and Vince on either side, which might suggest that the surgery is a success.

Like Jake's mom, all we can hope for is the best, and the best is that the surgery is successful and the organ takes.

God, I don't want to think of the possibility of her body rejecting the kidney, but she has to be on anti-rejection meds. It's too much trauma for one person (and for me) to take.

Eve is in trouble again.

Freddy 2 - Fire Country Season 1 Episode 15

If you watch Fire Country Online, you probably remember when Eve had a broken arm and had to carry out a rescue solo with one good arm.

It seems trouble has knocked on her door again.

The team is assigned to replant some trees where fire has destroyed them, and while doing so, something terrible happens -- a massive tree falls and lands squarely on Eve.

Remember when Manny invited Eve to Three Rock to shadow him as captain? It would seem she took him up on his offer and was supervising this activity.

Bode and Rebecca - Fire Country Season 1 Episode 15

Jake, Vince, Sharon, and Manny are in the hospital for the kidney transplant. Manny can be seen in the promo images shaking hands with Jake's mom. It's not clear what he is doing there. We will have to wait and see.

Without another leader available, Bode steps up and leads the rescue efforts.

With his mother going in for serious surgery, Bode will have mixed emotions, and we can't wait to see what it is this time and how he will deal with them.

The last we saw Rebecca, she and Bode agreed that it was best to remain friends, and it seems that might have been the best decision.

Rebecca and Bode - Fire Country Season 1 Episode 15

The female and male crew join in the reforestation assignment, and Rebecca can be seen in the promo images.

Appearances can be deceiving, so we will have to wait and see whether they truly moved on or if someone is still hung up on the other person.

We didn't get to see anything about Colin the probie, who many people are convinced is the arsonist, so we hope they touch on this plot.

Check out the promo below.

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Fire Country Season 1 Episode 15 Quotes

Caller: Assistant Chief has requested a meeting with you tomorrow at 7:00 AM. Can you be here?
Manny. Since when does he have jurisdiction over inmates?
Caller. This isn't about the inmate's death, captain. You are a person of interest in an ongoing investigation.

Vince: Jake had a severe reaction to the anesthesia.
Sharon: Is he okay?