Days of Our Lives Spoilers for the Week of 9-25-23: Victor's Will Says WHAT?

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The good news: If Victor's will is genuine, Vivian is OUT of Victor's home and business just as quickly as she swooped in.

The bad news: The will contains a surprise that makes no sense.

According to spoilers for Days of Our Lives during the week of 9-25-23, Victor's will names Alex as his son and gives him half his estate!

Spoilers for the Week of 9-25-23 - Days of Our Lives

Yes, Alex. The same womanizing, trying-to-grow-up Alex, supposedly Justin's eldest son, ironically borne out of an affair with Anjelica Deveraux while Justin was married to Adrienne.

This reveal is leaving fans scratching their heads, and it hasn't even aired yet.

It feels like a rewrite of history. Supposedly, Justin had an affair with Anjelica, resulting in Alex, then went on to have another three children with Adrienne.

Only in Salem can such a thing happen and make the slightest sense.

A story about Justin being Victor's son rather than his nephew would be believable and continuous with DAYS' rich history. Similarly, fans would readily accept that Xander was Victor's son. There's a fan group or two that loves those ideas!

But ALEX? It makes so little sense that many people theorize that Theresa changed Victor's will to get revenge on Xander and that he's the rightful heir.

Theresa's preoccupied with winning Brady back, so changing Victor's will to cut out Xander is not near the top of her mind. Anything's possible, but this seems like wishful thinking for viewers who don't like this weird Alex twist.

Wally Kurth and Robert Scott Wilson will undoubtedly bring Emmy-worthy pathos to the reveal that Justin is not Alex's father, but let's hope there's an explanation that makes sense somewhere along the way.

Meanwhile, Chloe will stop baby Victoria from someday suffering the same fate. As our Days of Our Lives round table team predicted, once she learns this secret, she will tell Xander—who rushes off to crash Rex and Sarah's wedding.

Maggie tried to warn Sarah this would happen. Sarah should have stayed in Chicago if she didn't want Xander to know! But where does this leave Chloe and Xander?

Only time will tell. But while we're waiting to find out, please scroll down to check out all eight spoilers for Days of Our Lives during the week of 9-25-23.

Maggie and Justin's Shocking Discovery - Days of Our Lives

Maggie and Justin make a shocking discovery in Victor's will.

As discussed above, they'll learn that Alex was Victor's son.

Victor supposedly changed his will because he knew about Vivian's manipulations, but that doesn't make sense. Why not finalize the divorce from years ago instead?

And how long has Victor known Alex is his son?

Vivian Pressures Alex - Days of Our Lives

Vivian puts pressure on Alex.

Ignorant that she's about to lose everything, Vivian pressures Alex to be her right-hand man.

John and Philip were firm in their refusal to work with her unless she did right by Maggie, but will Alex succumb?

Why doesn't Vivian rely on her longtime loyal associate, Ivan? Even temporarily, Ivan and Vivian running Titan together would be a hoot!

Chloe's Decision - Days of Our Lives

Chloe has a decision to make.

Chloe will agonize over telling Xander the truth, but she'll decide far more quickly than she agreed to his marriage proposal.

She can't keep a child from her father, not after the mess she went through with Parker, thanks to all those switched DNA tests!

If Chloe tells Xander, it doesn't have to be the end of her relationship. But Xander and Sarah seem to be endgame, and Days of Our Lives tends to write as if this 1953 and fathering a child requires being married to the mother. So RIP, Xander and Chloe's relationship.

Alex's World Is Turned Upside Down - Days of Our Lives

Alex's world is turned upside down by some news.

That news is that he's not Justin's son.

This is like when Abe found out he wasn't Lani's father. Biology doesn't necessarily determine family; Alex and Justin may eventually realize that.

But right now, the two of them are sent reeling by the revelation, and their response may be tissue-worthy (and award-worthy!)

Philip's Feelings - Days of Our Lives

Chloe asks Philip about his feelings.

Why? She's finished with Xander, so it's time to jump to the next available man?

Chloe and Philip were one of my favorite pairings when they were teenagers, but in the years since, Chloe has jumped from ex to ex, over and over, and it's tiresome.

The great thing about her and Xander is that she hadn't been with him before. But if she has to be with an ex, Philip is the best choice.

Getting Closer to Finding Susan - Days of Our Lives

Ava and Harris get closer to Susan's whereabouts.

Does that mean this silly story is almost over?

London is a big city, and including Ava's hallucinations, psychic visions, or whatever they are, doesn't help this storyline.

But we're getting a visit from Edmund Crumb, Susan's goofy first husband! I don't know what happened to her current love, Roger, and I don't care. Edmund is always fun.

Is Vivian's Plan Unraveling? - Days of Our Lives

Vivian learns some news about Victor's will.

Vivian won't go down without a fight. Learning she's disinherited and slinking off into the night isn't her style.

She'll probably contest the will. It was found in a briefcase at the bottom of the Mediterranean, so how legit can it be?

Maggie has the upper hand, but this story is undoubtedly far from over.

Eric's New Living Situation - Days of Our Lives

Marlena shares her opinion of Eric's living arrangements.

What happened to Marlena's insistence that she and John must accept Sloan because Eric loves her?

I guess that only held true if a baby was in the picture.

What would she tell a patient who was constantly interfering in her middle-aged son's love life like this? Come on!

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