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It has been 25 years since Keri Russell graced the small screen in the iconic role of Felicity Porter.

Felicity, the J.J. Abrams and Matt Reeves-produced college drama, was a critical darling of The WB, becoming a phenomenon well before "the big chop" controversy and often topping the list of young adult classics to this very day.

The series amassed 84 episodes over four seasons, and it was nominated for 38 awards, including a Golden Globe Best Actress nod for Keri Russell.

Felicity Title Card

The series remains impactful, even two and a half decades later. And it's primarily due to the allure of the cast, many of whom are still going strong in their careers all these years later.

So, where is the cast of Felicity now? Check it out!

Donald Faison - Troy

Troy - (Felicity)

One of the biggest successes and most recognizable actors of the series, Faison's popularity preceded his stint on Felicity, as he was initially best known for his role as Murray Duvall in the 1995 cult hit film Clueless and in the short-lived series based on the film.

Faison joined Felicity in the back half of the second season, appearing in 23 episodes as Troy, a pre-med student and known virgin who navigated that and many other issues while dating Elena Taylor.

Since Felicity, Faison starred in another one of his most iconic roles as Dr. Christopher Turk in the acclaimed hit series Scrubs, which ran for nine phenomenal seasons and 182 episodes. It's inarguably some of his best work ever.

Faison has consistently graced the big and small screen, starring in films such as Something New, Pitch Perfect, and Let's Kill Ward's Wife, which saw him reuniting with Felicity costars Scott Foley and Greg Grunberg.

Scrubs Cast in 2018

Faison has also appeared in series such as the short-lived sci-fi drama Emergence, The FCU-Fact Checkers, and The Exes. He's also had guest-starring roles in Ray Donovan, House of Lies, The L Word: Generation Q, and many more.

Not only has Faison done extensive voiceover work, but he's also appeared in music videos, including Gavin Degraw's Chariot.

In 2020, he reunited with best friend and former costar Zach Braff to cohost a Scrubs podcast called Fake Doctors, Real Friends.

The married father of six stays busy creating web series, voiceover work for animated series, hosting stints, and so much more.

Rob Benedict - Richard Coad

Richard (Felicity)

Benedict has "one of those faces" appearing in many series over the years.

He recurred on Felicity during all four seasons, racking up 36 episodes total on the series.

A notorious thorn in Noel's side, Richard Coad was a geeky character with no filter who eventually became a bit of a fan favorite.

Since the series, Benedict has starred in Threshold, Supernatural, Kings of Con, Birds of Prey, and appeared in Alias.

Ghosts of Christmas Past - Supernatural Season 15 Episode 9

He's also guest-starred in many procedurals, including the American NCIS franchise and CSI.

Benedict is also a songwriter, lead singer, and guitarist for his band, Louden Swain. He's written and produced numerous projects, from Kings of Con to the Unauthorized Hangover II Documentary.

He's participated in multiple podcasts, including Kings of Con: The Podcast, And My Guest is Richard Speight, and Supernatural: Then and Now.

Ian Gomez - Javier Clemente Quintata

Javier (felicity)

Familiar face Ian Gomez starred in 26 episodes over the four-season run.

He was Felicity and Ben's bubbly, fun, and amusing boss at Dean & DeLuca.

Originally from Spain, the owner of the coffee shop grew close to both characters and, by extension, the others, and he's inspired to return to school to obtain a degree from his time spent with the others.

Gomez is a television and film staple who has appeared in countless projects since his stint on Felicity.

Ian Gomez Press Photo - Single Drunk Female

Too many to name.

Many may remember him from his role in My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2.

He's guest-starred in countless sitcoms and procedurals from Reba and Superstore to Grey's Anatomy and Life. Gomez has also starred in Cougar Town, Physical, and Single Drunk Female.

Amanda Foreman - Meaghan Rotundi

Amanda Foreman(Felicity)

Foreman charmed viewers with her role as acerbic, witty gothic witch Meaghan Rotundi.

Meaghan was Felicity's one-time roommate, who was often responsible for some of the more "out there" plots of the series.

Foreman was a favorite of Abrams, working with him on four series, including Felicity.

She also recurred in Alias and starred in What About Brian?

Susan Bailey  - The Catch Season 1 Episode 3

Foreman also recurred in Parenthood and Private Practice.

She's also guest-starred in Six Feet Under, Nash Bridges, House, and The Catch, among other projects.

And she's also appeared in the Star Trek film franchise.

Greg Grunberg - Sean Blumberg

Chatting with Ben

Greg Grunberg is another talent who has appeared in several projects since his stint on Felicity and is a familiar face.

Clocking in with 76 episodes throughout the series, Grunberg starred as Sean Blumberg, an aspirational entrepreneur several years older than the other characters.

He often opened up his loft to many characters throughout the series, serving as their roommate, dated Amanda, and also had an arc when he had cancer.

Like many other cast members, Grunberg is also best known for his extensive role on Alias.

Risen from a Coma - tall  - 9-1-1: Lone Star

He also starred in Heroes and the reboot series Heroes: Reborn.

He's also starred in The Client List, recurred on Masters of Sex, and guest-starred in Lost, Baby Daddy, The Flash, 9-1-1: Lone Star, and many other series.

Grunberg is also known for his charitable work, explicitly surrounding epilepsy.

He also participated in the first-ever national campaign, donating to Jewish Federations along with other stars like Marlee Matlin, Joshua Malina, and Kevin Weisman.

Amy Jo Johnson - Julie Emrick

Julie All Smiles (Felicity)

Before Felicity, Johnson was well known for her role as the Pink Power Ranger.

She starred in Felicity for all four seasons, clocking 50 episodes. She played a musician, one of Felicity's close friends, and Ben's girlfriend and roommate.

Julie had some of the more compelling arcs in the series, from the research for her birth parents to her experience with date rape.

Johnson is a writer, producer, and director, in addition to being an actress.

Amy Jo Johnson at NYCC 2019

Since Felicity, she went on to star in The Division, Flashpoint for 75 episodes, Covert Affairs, and Wildfire.

She's also appeared in many features and made for TV Films and reprised her role in the Power Rangers movie in 2017 for a cameo.

She's directed an episode of Superman & Louis, many shorts, and earned an award nomination for her direction of Tammy's Always Dying starring Felicity Huffman.

Tangi Miller - Elena Taylor

Elena Taylor (Felicity)

Miller starred as the lovable Elena Taylor, Felicity's lab partner and best friend, for 82 episodes over four seasons.

Elena was a very driven, ambitious character from a working-class background who aspired to attend medical school.

She had some interesting storylines exploring her experience as a scholarship recipient among more privileged friends, an unsavory relationship with her professor, and her romance with Troy.

She also was part of the most bizarre storyline after her character had a tragic ending only to be alive in an alternative timeline.

Tangi Miller in Entanglement

Miller participated in many projects while filming Felicity, including Cousin Skeeter, The Shield, and Fastlane.

Since the series, she hasn't had any projects as extensive as Felicity.

However, she's appeared in and produced several independent films, including Black and White, Entanglement, and Boxing Day.

Scott Foley - Noel Crane

Noel Crane (Felicity)

There's no "Battle of the Scotts" when they're both winning, right?

TV Fanatic favorite Scott Foley is known for many roles since Felicity. Still, he'll always be memorable for his position as one-third of the most iconic love triangles, uh, the Felicity one, not the Scandal one!

Foley starred as R.A. Noel Crane, who had eyes for Felicity from the moment he met her.

For 84 episodes, Foley played Noel, Felicity's confidant and sometimes boyfriend, as the series went back and forth with which guy would win Felcity's heart permanently by the end.

Foley has had a very successful career since Felicity, appearing in and leading various television series and starred in films.

Producing King -tall  - The Big Leap Season 1 Episode 11

He's also well-known for his role as superspy Jake Ballard and one-third of an Olivia Pope love triangle in the hit series Scandal for 104 episodes.

He helmed the tragically cut short Whiskey Cavalier, the equally as beloved and too short The Big Leap, and The Goodwin Games. He also starred in The Unit and Scrubs.

Foley has also recurred in Grey's Anatomy as the beloved character Henry, who goes down in history as one of the series' most tragic losses. And he's also recurred in True Blood and Insecure.

Foley has also appeared in films Scream 3, Naked, and Let's Kill Ward's Wife, in which he made his writing and directing debut.

Scott Speedman - Ben Covington

Ben Covington (Felicity)

Perpetual heartthrob Scott Speedman charmed the masses as Ben Covington for four seasons, appearing in all 84 episodes.

Ben was the object of Felicity's desires for the majority of the series and the catalyst for us following her journey in New York in the first place.

Throughout the series, he and Felicity had some bumps in the road.

Their romance was definitely one of the most memorable young adult romances in the past three decades and the blueprint for many that come later.

Speedman hasn't slowed down since Felicity, name pun unintended.

Mentored Days -tall - Grey's Anatomy Season 19 Episode 6

Outside of Felicity, Speedman's most notable television roles have been as the cunning Baz Blackwell in Animal Kingdom.

He's also currently known for his role as Nick Marsh, Meredith's romantic interest in Grey's Anatomy, in which he's appeared in 32 episodes, and starred in the third season of YOU on Netflix. He also starred in Last Resort.

Speedman is also well-known for his work in the Underground franchise. He's also starred in Duets, Dark Blue, The Vow, and many other films.

He's a recent first-time father.

Keri Russell - Felicity

Felicity Porter (Felicity)

Russell was unstoppable in the role of the titular character, Felicity, and she's been unstoppable since!

Felicity Porter is one of the most iconic young adult female characters, leaving an indelible mark.

Felicity is the main character who is inspired to disrupt her careful plans by her unrequited love for Ben and thus follows him across the country, where she embarks on a journey of self-discovery, finds love, breaks hearts, and makes friends.

Russell, obviously, starred in the series for all four seasons and 84 episodes in what amounted to her breakout role.

Kate Wyler on the Phone

And since Felicity, Russell has graced the big screen and the small. Outside of Felicity, she's best known for her role as Elizabeth Jennings in the award-winning Cold War spy drama The Americans, which ran for six seasons.

Russell also starred in the short-lived Running Wilde in 2010 and recently starred in the Netflix political drama The Diplomat.

Russell has also starred in the feature films Cocaine Bear and Dawn of the Planet Apes, Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker, Mission Impossible III, and more.

Russell received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2017, and she's been in a long-term relationship with her The Americans costar, Matthew Rhys, since 2014.

Were you a huge Felicity fan? Is it a series you've been dying to check out or revisit?

Who was your favorite character or actor from the series? Were you Team Ben or Team Noel?

If you'd like to delve into this series for its 25th Anniversary, you can stream all seasons on Prime Video.

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