All Rise Season 3 Episode 17 Spoilers: Women's Rights at Risk

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All Rise is sticking to controversial and political cases as the series heads into its final episodes.

These cases have touched our hearts and encouraged discussions among friends since most topics have been topical and relatable.

Spoilers for All Rise Season 3 Episode 17 tease an emotional and controversial episode with two surprising cases. Amy and Ness defend a woman's fundamental rights in one, and DA Bravo is back in the courtroom to prosecute a murderer.

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Women's Rights at Risk

Abortion has been controversial for years and is still a political issue in the 21st century.

No matter how you feel, this episode will touch you since it was hard to watch a young woman being forced to leave a clinic before she was healed because someone reported her.

Mia - All Rise Season 3 Episode 17

Even though the young woman, Mia, had an abortion in Texas, she sought refuge in California. However, she was still arrested for using a fake ID since abortions were illegal in Texas.

Amy and Ness assumed they could use DA Bravo's new policy and get their client released quickly since it didn't happen in their jurisdiction and violated her rights. Still, the Texas DA was out for blood since she believed abortion was a felony.

This case will touch you as Ness and Amy fight for Mia and all women who actually go to a clinic versus trying to do an unsafe abortion themselves. Why are they still punished when trying to make a safe and responsible choice?

This case is about making the right choice, and it gets ugly at times, with the Texas DA and Ness throwing insults at each other.

Women's Rights - All Rise Season 3 Episode 17

The Texas DA was so sure of herself and her pro-life values that she didn't check the California laws, so it's amusing to watch her battle with Ness, Amy, and Lola, even though it's a serious topic.

Bravo's Last Chance

While DA Bravo's new protocols that he set on All Rise Season 3 Episode 16 might help Mia, they are hurting him. The no-cash bail policy for less severe crimes let a robber out of jail, and he murdered a local philanthropist.

With DA Bravo's career on the line, he tries the case himself, which upsets Mark and Emily. Since Mark had just been promoted to Head Deputy DA, he looked forward to prosecuting this murder trial and felt DA Bravo had taken it away.

Bravo's Last Chance - All Rise Season 3 Episode 17

Despite the tension between their characters, Wilson Bethel spoke about this case in his last interview with TV Fanatic.

"We just finished shooting an episode where Mark teams up with DA Bravo to prosecute a case, so that's exciting getting again to work in different capacities with some of our great guests in that case with Ian Anthony Dale."

Initially, DA Bravo alienates everyone, but when his back is against the wall, and Emily finds a key point of evidence that could help the defense, he learns the importance of teamwork.

Throughout the seriousness of the case, he opens up about his past history. This is a massive case for him and Mark, both professionally and personally.

Mark Saves the Day - All Rise Season 3 Episode 17

Making a Baby

Amidst their work stress, Amy decides she's ready to start a family with Mark.

If you thought that meant lots more sexy time, you're only half right.

She wants them both to get a full workup, which proves complicated and hilarious, with Mark being so busy with the murder trial.

Baby Planning - All Rise Season 3 Episode 17

Amy was so against having a family in All Rise Season 3 Episode 2, but she's been dropping more hints lately. Will she be pregnant by the wedding and the series finale?

Rachel's Back

Rachel returns for the first time since All Rise Season 3 Episode 8. I'm probably in the minority, but I didn't miss her that much.

The way she and Lola battled over Andre felt juvenile to me. However, Rachel had genuine feelings for him, so will her friendship with Lola survive once she learns Lola and Andre kissed that night in the HOJ?

Rachel's Back - All Rise Season 3 Episode 17

It's hard to come back from, not so much from Andre, but from Lola, whom she trusted as a sister.

Maybe this will be the thing that breaks the camel's back, and we won't have to see Andre anymore. Rachel initially came into town to merge Audubon and Quinn with Andre's law firm. Hopefully, she'll decide it's too awkward.

"I Will Not Go Quietly" airs on Saturday, October 28, on OWN at 9/8c. Check back here after the episode airs to read our review.

In the meantime, let us know in the comments what you're looking forward to seeing in this episode.

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All Rise Season 3 Episode 17 Quotes

Aiding and abetting. Abortion is a felony. What a world in the 21st century.


Emily: Your Honor, given that district attorney Bravo is a well-known public figure, the defense objects to his presence in court as it may greatly influence the jury.
Mark: Sir, I’ve got this.
Judge Marshall: Mr. Bravo, while I’m deciding whether to kick you out of my courtroom, what do we owe the pleasure?
DA Bravo: Your Honor, I’m here to try this defendant for the murder of Reba McCallister.
Judge Marshall: Who says Mondays are boring? Let’s bring in the jury.