Neighbours Spoilers for the Week of 10-16-23: Is Nell Finished Making Trouble?

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Nell's reformation seemed too good to be true.

Unlike Days of Our Lives and other American soaps, Neighbours often resolves problems through communication and wraps up stories quickly. Still, it didn't seem likely that Nell would give up her entire campaign to break up Toadie and Terese after one conversation.

And on Neighbours during the week of 10-16-23, Toadie faces another threat to his marriage -- could that be part of a new plan of Nell's?

Spoilers for the Week of 10-16-23 - Neighbours

Spoilers say Terese will get a surprise gift that pushes her out of her comfort zone. It's hard to guess how that could have anything to do with Nell, but since Nell already tried to send that pig to Melanie, it's not outside the realm of possibility that she's behind this, too.

On the other hand, Paul's been spending much time with Terese. Could he be hoping for another chance, perhaps with some encouragement from Nell?

Reece's Unwelcome Past - Neighbours

Elsewhere, Reece has some unwelcome visitors. Those blonde people she spotted at the outdoor tables at Harold's likely were part of her family, maybe the stepmother and sister who supposedly now live in Zurich.

It's still unclear what Reece's plan is or why she's hiding from her family, but we may finally find out! People's past catching up with them won't become a tired soap opera trope if Neighbours does it as well as they have all their other stories since the reboot.

Reece isn't the only one whose past may catch up with her, as Wendy is set to cause a dangerous situation for Cara and Remi. I don't remember Wendy being this obnoxious before the reboot -- can she learn her lesson already?

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Ticking Timebomb - Neighbours

Mackenzie finds herself at the center of a dangerous ticking timebomb.

Mackenzie is set to date someone new, but that hardly sounds like a timebomb situation. More likely, this spoiler concerns her job at the council. Could she have something to do with the closure of Erinsborough High?

If this has anything to do with the parents angry at Jane for standing up against homophobia, Mackenzie will find herself in an awkward position.

As Erinsborough's first transgender character, she won't want to undermine Jane's efforts at creating a safe, inclusive environment. Still, she may be forced to go ahead with approving the closure of the school.

Wendy's Uncomfortable Situation - Neighbours

With her guilt piqued Wendy is forced into an uncomfortable situation.

Wendy needs to find a way to make peace with the Varga-Murphys. This war with Cara is unnecessary and won't go anywhere positive.

Wendy's decided to look into the Linwell brothers. They're troublemakers Cara had to run from after blowing the whistle on their unsafe cost-saving procedures.

Future spoilers suggest Wendy'll bring the Linwell brothers to Erinsborough, where they'll probably go after Cara and Remi or their kids. Guilty doesn't begin to cover how she should feel when all is said and done.

Toadie Raises Concerns - Neighbours

Toadie raises concerns that could threaten his marriage.

What's this about? He seemed to forgive Nell and Terese within seconds of learning about Nell's deception.

Neighbours often handles mental health issues seriously, so could this be related to Terese's suggestion that they all see a counselor?

If they have a counseling session, let's hope it's better than that awful marriage counselor Toadie and Sonya once saw who allowed them to spend the session yelling at each other while she barely said a word!

Against a Hard Line - Neighbours

Paul comes up against a hard line of questioning.

What on Earth does this mean?

Paul is always up to something, but lately, he's been preoccupied with finding out the deal with Reece's father so he can use it against her.

Has he done something else underhanded that we don't know about yet?

Mackenzie's New Spark - Neighbours

Mackenzie's besties are determined to find out more about the new spark in her life.

Is Mackenzie's date trouble?

Let's hope not! After losing Hendrix, Mackenzie deserves some happiness in her life.

At least Mackenzie has her friends to watch her back... unless one of them wants her date for herself.

The Varga-Murphys' Past - Neighbours

The Varga-Murphy's past comes back to haunt them in a violent display.

Surprise, surprise. The Linwell brothers are indeed looking for trouble.

Australian soaps aren't plagued by excessive gun violence, thanks to the stricter laws in place Down Under, but that doesn't mean these guys won't be extremely dangerous.

It might also bring JJ's belief that Andrew is his father to the surface since Andrew, as the cop living two doors down, may have to intervene regardless of his wife's animosity toward the new neighbours.

A Troubling Discovery - Neighbours

Reece is troubled by a personal discovery.

As speculated above, Reece will likely run into her family.

But are they at cross purposes? Or do they have another secret that Reece didn't know about until now?

Hopefully, this soap opera mystery will be resolved soon!

Outside Her Comfort Zone - Neighbours

Terese is pushed well and truly outside of her comfort zone when she receives a surprise gift.

I can't wait to find out what this is about!

Paul still seems the most likely to send Terese a gift out of the blue, especially considering that he's pressured her to move her business into the recently vacated office space he needs filled.

None of Terese's other exes are in town, so if it comes from a former lover, it's likely to be him.

Your turn, Neighbours fantacis! Whether you're a new fan discovering the series for the first time or a long-time viewer thrilled it's back, we want to hear your thoughts on these spoilers.

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