Neighbours Spoilers for the Week of 11-06-23: Who's Returning to Erinsborough?

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Erinsborough's about to be turned upside down again.

Neighbours spoilers for the week of 11-06-23 promise reveals and returns as we gear up for some flashbacks to the missing years between the end of the original series and the beginning of the reboot.

Among other things, Nell goes missing, Paul plays with fire (again), and a familiar face returns to Erinsborough. Read on for spoilers and speculation!

Spoilers for the Week of 11-06-23 - Neighbours

At least one story will be resolved: whether Andrew is JJ's father.

After all the drama around this, it would be anticlimactic if it turned out that JJ and Andrew were nothing to each other. At least this is Erinsborough and not Salem, where DNA test switches happen regularly.

Tearing the Family Apart - Neighbours

Regardless of which way the test goes, two families promise to be torn apart.

Remi's on the outs with Cara because Cara never told her there was a possibility of an Australian sperm donor after JJ was conceived, and Wendy is angry that Andrew never told her he donated sperm.

This is a mess, but it's all spilled milk now. JJ is a teenager, and his mums love him regardless of who his father is. Andrew and Wendy have a daughter of their own and a long marriage.

Isn't there any way they can all move on now?

Meanwhile, Nell may have accepted Toadie and Terese's marriage, but she's not done searching for answers about Melanie.

It's hard to blame her. She just discovered that Melanie disappeared off the face of the Earth and that, contrary to what she said in her letter, she never stopped loving Nell and Hugo.

If anything, Melanie sounded a bit like she was in some obsessive love story when it came to them, constantly looking at their photos and tracking them on social media.

What forced her away from Toadie? And is she the one coming back at the end of the week? Nell might find out -- but it sounds like her mission will turn dangerous.

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Reece Questions Everything - Neighbours

Reece questions everything after Tess orders her to go home.

Reece is an adult; there's no reason she HAS to do her father's bidding.

But it's a soap opera trope that children of wealthy business owners have to choose between their heart and their families, and this may be no different.

Ironically, if Reece rejects her father's demands, it might be because she wants to continue searching for her missing sister. I'm curious what Tess thinks she can do better than Reece in this regard anyway since Reece probably knows Krista far better than Tess does.

Waiting Anxiously - Neighbours

The Rodwells and Varga-Murphys wait anxiously for DNA test results.

Whatever happens, JJ'll feel tremendously guilty for tearing two families apart with his suspicions.

I hope Andrew is his father. Maybe that'll finally force Cara and Wendy to call a truce to their ridiculous feud.

But will either family survive the knowledge that Andrew donated the sperm that Philippa gave Cara, regardless of the outcome of the DNA test?

Holly Ramps Up - Neighbours

Holly ramps up her efforts to get Haz's attention.

Ugh. Holly, he is not into you!

This will complicate things, especially if Mackenzie ever decides to stop insisting there's no chance for her and Haz.

Sadie is likely to interfere, too, making this even more of a mess.

Paul Hits a New Low - Neighbours

Paul's desperation for answers reaches a new low.

If there's one thing Paul Robinson has proven over the years, it's that there's no low he won't hit in pursuit of what he wants.

At this point, why does he need to know anything about Reece's mission? Reece is either leaving town or on the outs with the Sinclairs; she won't be able to interfere with how he runs his hotel for much longer.

Will Paul try to seduce Tess to get more info out of her? She caught on quickly to his last plan, so any fake interest in her wouldn't get him very far.

Nell's Dangerous Choice - Neighbours

Nell makes a dangerous choice in her quest to find Melanie.

Uh oh. What is Nell up to now?

She's already sneaked off to play detective once.

Will she get a lead on Melanie's whereabouts and leave town without telling anyone where she's going? And what will she find waiting for her if she does?

Paul Thinks He's Won - Neighbours

Paul thinks he's won -- but has he?

Paul thinking he won seems to be a Neighbours trope.

He always manages to snatch defeat from the jaw of victory, and this probably won't be any different.

Byron and Reece make inroads toward finding Krista while Paul is up to whatever it is he's doing, so any victory will be as short-lived as all the others.

Is Melanie Returning? - Neighbours

A familiar face returns to Erinsborough.

Since Toadie's world is supposed to be turned upside down, Melanie's a good guess.

But there are others as well -- David is returning for the flashback week (and beyond!), and all the mentions of Nicolette suggest she might be returning too.

Whoever it is will undoubtedly stir up some drama!

Turned Upside Down - Neighbours

Toadie's world is turned upside down.

This could be simply because Nell is missing.

But as discussed above, if Melanie reappears after all this time, that could also throw a monkey wrench into things.

The Toadie/Terese wedding twist isn't popular with some viewers, but I'd prefer Toadie not to jump back into a relationship with Melanie. Either way, we're bound to get some answers about where she's been all this time.

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