Superman & Lois Ending With Season 4, Bringing The CW's DC Era to a Close

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Change has been in the air at The CW over the last year as the network grapples with shifting its programming strategy.

The latest casualty of those changes is Superman & Lois, which will end with its upcoming fourth season.

The news was announced by CW president Brad Schwartz in a statement.

Reunited Kents - Superman & Lois

"Over the last three seasons, Superman & Lois redefined both the superhero genre and family drama as Tyler, Elizabeth and the entire cast effortlessly portrayed these classic characters with new layers of depth and complexity that had never before been explored in the Superman universe," the statement reads. 

"We are grateful for the years of hard work and graceful storytelling from the show's writers, producers, actors and crew, as well as our terrific partners at Warner Bros. Television and Berlanti Productions.

Emmanuelle Chriqui as Lana Lang Cushing - Superman & Lois

"As Superman embarks on his final flight, the team is leaving us with an absolutely epic 10-episode must-watch-every-minute farewell to one of the most legendary CW families ever."

Adds executive producers and co-showrunners Todd Helbing and Brent Fletcher: "While we're sad to say goodbye to Superman & Lois at the end of Season 4, we're grateful for the time we've had with our amazing cast, crew, vfx teams, editors, musical geniuses, and writers.

"Since the day this show was first discussed, it was about family. And that's what was created — on and off screen.

"We'd like to thank our partners at Berlanti Productions, DC, WB and The CW for their endless support and enthusiasm during this journey…and give a very special thank you to all the fans for tuning in.

Inde Navarrette as Sarah Cushing - Superman & Lois

"We're thrilled about what we have in store in our final season, and can't wait for everyone to watch as Superman, Lois and all our heroes face off against the biggest threat in the show's history — Lex Luthor."

Truthfully, it's a miracle the series secured a renewal for a fourth season, so we're taking this as something we didn't expect to receive.

With the network's shift to cheaper programming, Superman & Lois' special effects made it a likely cancellation earlier in the year.

While Superman & Lois Season 4 was made official earlier this year, there were some big caveats thrown in.

Sofia Hasmik as Chrissy Beppo - Superman & Lois

Budget cuts meant that Wolé Parks, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Inde Navarrette, Tayler Buck, Erik Valdez, Sofia Hasmik, and Dylan Walsh were all let go as series regulars.

The hope, we hear, is to have them all return when the story requires them, meaning that they could be guest stars or more recurring players.

It's hard to imagine them not making at least one appearance in the final season because their characters have all been crucial to the show's success.

The good news is that the end date announcement comes before production on the series gets back underway.

Wole Parks for Season 2 - Superman & Lois

Far too often, beloved shows don't go out with pre-planned final seasons, which is difficult.

Superman & Lois' demise also brings an end to The CW's DC superhero era.

At one point, the superhero shows were the network's priority, but as with every franchise, the interest was waning when the network started ending the shows.

Superman & Lois wasn't as interconnected with the other shows, which is probably why the show has been such a success.

A Super Bad Time - Superman & Lois Season 2 Episode 1

The end of the superhero drama also leads to questions about whether a similar fate could await All American, All American: Homecoming, and Walker.

The trio of shows are also from the old network regime, where budgets weren't as constrained.

The good news is that if the other three shows do end, they will probably get pre-planned goodbyes.

What are your thoughts on Superman & Lois ending?

Clark Moves On - Superman & Lois Season 2 Episode 1

Do you think it's the right time?

Do you think other CW shows will follow suit?

Hit the comments below.

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