Days of Our Lives Spoilers for the Week of 1-29-24: How Will Ava and Stefan Get Out of Trouble Now?

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Ava and Stefan are in trouble... or are they?

Days of Our Lives spoilers for the week of 1-29-24 suggest that the cops are getting closer to busting the drug ring -- but it can't be that easy, can it?

After all, these are the heads of the two most powerful crime families in Salem, so they should have a bunch more tricks up their sleeves. Besides, it won't be satisfying unless they get rid of Clyde too.

Spoilers for the Week of 1-29-24 - Days of Our Lives

Only in Salem could two powerful mob bosses be paralyzed with fear by a threat from an incarcerated-for-life hillbilly who does nothing but manipulate people into running drugs for him. But here we are.

This story is unusual in that the cops are doing some work! Harris and Jada have busted a few drug operations thanks to intel from Lucas, but they haven't been able to prove Ava and Stefan are behind the drug sales that put Holly Jonas in a coma.

Harris Presses Ava Again - Days of Our Lives

Could that have changed after Harris and Ava's private conversation? Many fans theorized that Ava's slapping Harris in the face was a ruse and that they're secretly working together to bring Clyde down.

Harris still loves Ava for some reason, and he's determined to protect her -- but he's not a dirty cop. It would be a delicious plot twist if he convinced Ava to work with him on the down-low to resolve this mess.

Spoilers say that Harris and Jada will celebrate another successful drug bust. Every time that happens, Stefan and Ava feel the heat, and that'll be doubly true if Ava's playing a double role.

The spoiler video suggests that she and Stefan will give in to their passions -- a development that isn't much of a surprise. Every fake relationship turns real in Salem sooner or later.

Please don't tell us the drug-dealing nonsense won't throw a monkey wrench into Johnny and Chanel's wedding plans.

These two have been torn apart by love triangle after love triangle and are finally together.

They deserve a few minutes of happiness. Paulina deserves to be distracted from her cancer diagnosis by their wedding. And their shippers deserve a sweet payoff for all our angst.

But the spoiler video shows Chad telling Johnny that if he loves Chanel, he needs to distance himself from her. Ugh, please don't listen, Johnny!

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Eric Apologizes to Marlena - Days of Our LIves

Marlena worries about John, unaware he's had a run-in with his past.

I don't know why we're reliving John's Pawn storyline, but his run-in with Konstantin has triggered something for both of them.

John's been acting like he has a split personality. He acts like his usual self around Marlena but scowls and makes fists whenever she's not around. No wonder she's worried!

I don't know why we need to revisit this all these years later, but all I ask is that the writers don't undo Dick Van Dyke's character being John's father!

Everett's Troublesome Confession - Days of Our Lives

Everett's declaration to Stephanie could cause trouble for her later on.

Everett confesses that he's still in love with Stephanie. How disappointing!

Some movement explaining what happened between him and Jada and whether he was with two women at once would be nice. Instead, we're getting Stephanie letting him down gently (for now) and Leo digging into why she was in Everett's room.

We still might get some backstory movement because spoilers say that Everett also explains his medical condition after the coma.

A Surprising New Patient - Days of Our Lives

Sarah is surprised by her new patient: Paulina!

The spoiler video shows Paulina being shocked to learn she has cancer. What?

She already learned she did and asked Sarah to be her doctor, but Sarah said she should see an oncologist instead.

Has Paulina been moonlighting as the new companion on Doctor Who? That's the only way this out-of-order timeline makes any sense.

Chad's Bizarre Comment - Days of Our Lives

Will Chad throw a bizarre wrinkle into Johnny's wedding plans?

Chad likely thinks Clyde could go after Chanel to keep Stefan in line. Why else would he tell Johnny to stay away from her?

Johnny should ignore Chad, find a different best man, and arrange protection if need be.

Fans will be as devastated as Chanel if Johnny breaks things off again. Plus, it'll be a retread of what he did when the devil possessed him.

Stefan's Rotten Mood - Days of Our Lives

Does Stefan's rotten mood have anything to do with the mysterious phone call Xander questions him about?

Stefan being in a bad mood isn't the most exciting spoiler in the world. But what's behind it?

So far, he's been all talk about his plan to get rid of Clyde -- but is he behind that weird phone call Xander got asking him to kill someone?

Xander and Sarah's story always goes around in circles -- it's almost like a twisted love triangle between Xander, Sarah, and Xander's dark side. But if Xander refuses to eliminate Clyde, that could be a problem for Stefan.

Marlena's Latest Lovelorn Patient - Days of Our Lives

Marlena again counsels someone on their love life.

When did Marlena become the Love Doctor? It seems like everyone confides in her about the person they want but can't have.

There should be more to mental health treatment than that.

Harris is the latest one to bring his romance problem to Marlena. At least it doesn't involve her immediate family this time, but it's not like she doesn't know Ava very well.

Lucas Makes a Bold Move - Days of Our Lives

While Kate worries about Lucas, he makes a bold move.

Finally, some excitement! Lucas will summon Chad and Everett for an interview.

Supposedly, he's being moved somewhere where he'll be safer after being outed as a snitch, but will talking to the press cause trouble?

It's a shame Tate was shuffled off-screen instead of becoming part of this story after being unjustly imprisoned for giving Holly drugs. He'd be far more motivated than Lucas to bring the bad guys down.

Still, Lucas is a legacy character who doesn't get enough screen time, so I'll take what I can get with him.

An Unexpected Dinner Guest - Days of Our Lives

Xander and Sarah have an unexpected guest for dinner.

By now, everyone should expect Konstantin to follow Maggie around like a lost puppy. This is the third time he's shown up as her dinner date.

His obsessive love story is getting old, but maybe Xander'll see through him.

Or... is Konstantin the man Xander is supposed to bump off? That would be an interesting twist!

Your turn, Days of Our Lives fanatics. What do you think of these spoilers?

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