Days of Our Lives Spoilers for the Week of 3-18-24: Does Eric Brady Have the Salem Brain Yet?

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It's about time for Eric Brady to get the Salem Brain.

His obliviousness to blatant lies and manipulations has gone beyond being a tired soap opera trope. It's a joke at this point!

On Days of Our Lives during the week of 3-18-24, Sloan tries to bar Nicole from the christening ceremony despite Nicole hosting the reception. If that doesn't wake Eric up, nothing will.

Spoilers for the Week of 3-18-24 - Days of Our Lives

The Sloan story has dragged on for far too long. It would be one thing if her malevolence were subtle, but it's anything but.

Sloan complains that Eric puts the baby's needs before hers, freaks out whenever she crosses paths with Leo or Nicole, and drinks entire bottles of wine in minutes to deal with her stress. How can Eric possibly think this is a simple case of Sloan needing to adjust to motherhood?

Harris Tells Ava - Days of Our Lives

Unfortunately, those lies probably won't be undone any time soon, although Eric is supposed to observe Nicole and Sloan's fight over the christening.

But according to spoilers, his doubts have more to do with Holly.

He noticed she was playing with her hair like she always did when she was little and trying to lie her away out of trouble. And now, he'll continue to doubt her claims about what she does and doesn't remember about the night she overdosed.

Hopefully, he'll doubt her claim to remember nothing and not her insistence that Tate had nothing to do with it.

Tate doesn't belong in jail, and EJ knows it despite his insistence on putting him there. EJ is playing with fire by messing with the boy Nicole's daughter loves.

Could this lead to the split for the sake of drama Days of Our Lives needs to bring Nicole and Eric closer together?

It might, especially if, as it seems, Eric will be the one to save the day while EJ is focused on using Tate as a scapegoat to protect Stefan.

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EJ Plots Stefan's Escape - Days of Our Lives

EJ works on helping Stefan escape, but Stefan may have another plan.

Ej's all in on protecting Stefan. So much for being the ruthless DA who'll come down hard on crime, no matter who commits it!

This is odd, considering how often he's told Stefan that he will not break the law for him. But now he's hiding him.

Stefan, however, will do what he should have done in the first place and turn himself in before brokering a deal. That should have been EJ's plan -- why wasn't it?

Disgusted Ava - Days of Our Lives

Ava is disgusted to learn about Stefan's involvement in Harris' shooting, but Stefan also reveals another secret.

Ava Vitali shouldn't appreciate being screwed over, but she's been watered down lately, so who knows?

Harris tells her that Stefan shot him, but Stefan retaliates by telling Harris that he and Ava had sex.

Harris shouldn't even be surprised -- Ava was faking a relationship with Stefan at the time.

Stefan's the one who is supposedly devoted to his jailed wife, so revealing this is stupid! Hopefully, Harris and Ava will work through this, and it'll blow up in Stefan's face.

Celebrating Xander's Freedom - Days of Our Lives

Xander finally gets out on bail.

Xander should be exonerated, full stop.

He didn't shoot Harris, and Harris knows it. Why haven't the charges been dropped yet?

But at least he's free, and according to spoilers, he and Sarah celebrate together, though they'll miss baby Victoria during their alone time.

The Newlyweds - Days of Our Lives

After making love as newlyweds, Johnny and Chanel solidify their honeymoon plans.

Please don't go to the Horton cabin!

Nothing good ever happens there. It's kidnappers' second favorite place to hold victims, only narrowly edged out by the tunnels in the Dimera mansion.

Only in Salem would a couple even consider a cabin in the middle of nowhere that's been burned down twice and been the gruesome scene of too many violent crimes to count. Does anyone doubt the newlyweds would come face-to-face with Clyde if they honeymooned there?

Eric Doubts Holly - Days of Our Lives

Eric begins to distrust Holly's account of her memory loss.

As discussed earlier, it's beyond time for Eric to get the Salem Brain -- now do Sloan's lies!

Holly's a confused teen, but the guilt over Tate's incarceration and her anger at all the adults who won't listen to her have to boil over soon.

It needs an outlet, and if Eric saves the day for Tate, it'll clear the way for him to reunite with Nicole once he finally figures things out about Sloan.

Who else thinks that's precisely what will happen here?

Johnny and Chanel Have a Surprise - Days of Our Lives

Johnny and Chanel surprise Abe and Paulina when they come home.

I'm glad Johnny and Chanel haven't yet set off for the Cabin of Death Horton Cabin.

Paulina's miraculous healing is ridiculous, but at least Abe and Paulina can walk through their door with Abe's memories intact.

Despite her magical recovery, a surprise party might not be the best thing for Paulina; she probably should avoid things that make her heart jump for a while.

Will. John Turn Himself In? - Days of Our Lives

John decides to turn himself in for a decades-old crime.

Anything that speeds Konstantin off our screens is a good thing, but this is another silly plot point in a ridiculous story.

John Black wants to apologize to Konstantin and then turn himself in for a murder years ago that he doesn't remember committing. What?

Among other things, Konstantin will never accept John's apology (and killing someone's daughter isn't something that can be fixed with one, anyway.)

Sloan Bars Nicole - Days of Our Lives

Sloan tries to stop Nicole from attending Jude's christening.

How exactly will that work when Nicole is hosting the reception?

Sloan is getting stupider by the minute. It's hard to believe this woman who can't hold her scheme together is a cutthroat defense attorney who will give EJ a good run for his money.

Interestingly, Jessica Sefarty is back for these scenes, though Natasha Hall will again take over the role when the christening occurs.

If Eric had to be with a schemer, why couldn't it have been Eve Donovan instead? She's so much more compelling a character!

Your turn, Days of Our Lives fanatics!

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