Freevee Has Excellent Live Channels. Here's a Sampling We Love!

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Freevee provides access to a veritable multiverse of streaming channels and is available via Amazon Prime Video or as a standalone app. 

If you've ever wished for an entire channel devoted to one of your favorite shows, check out the streamer's roster of live TV options, and you might find that this channel already exists (as fans of Murder, She Wrote and Kim's Convenience did).

Freevee has eclectic content for specialized interests, but its best feature is the choice of premium offshoot channels. Viewers can sample curated content from channels that usually require paid subscriptions.

Murder She Wrote Horizontal

This treasure trove of free television can be tricky to wade through, so here are some fantastic live TV channels on Freevee to get you started!


Frank Butts Heads With The Mayor Again - Blue Bloods Season 13 Episode 18

This channel plays a solid rotation of long-running law enforcement shows: Blue Bloods, Bones, and Law & Order Special Victims Unit, to name just a few.

You can even try out three different flavors of NCIS before chilling out with the Hawaii Five-0 reboot.

If you're feeling like watching some quality procedural dramas, ION has you covered!

Hallmark Movies and More

The Expanded Hallmark Universe continues to add specialized channels to different paid streaming platforms, but this option on FreeVee provides an impressive variety of free content.

So Proud - When Calls the Heart Season 10 Episode 9

This channel streams curated selections from the vast Hallmark library including audience faves like When Calls the Heart.

Hallmark Movies and More also features delightful digressions like "Meow Madness," a show starring adoptable kittens playing basketball.

The Preview Channel

Do you go to the movie theater mostly for the trailers? This is the time-saving channel for you! 

The Preview Channel is exactly what it says on the tin: a glorious nonstop reel of trailers for movies and television shows of all types.

AMC Theatre Nicole Kidman Screenshot

The channel is superficially divided into category blocks like "The Drama Hour" and "The Sci-Fi and Horror Zone." Still, it is basically an unending, hypnotic glimpse into a future of upcoming film delights. 

Settle back and watch it with plenty of popcorn on hand!

Midnight Pulp

This campy carousel of a channel features cult classics with titles made for the marquee of a drive-in theater, like Journey to the Center of the Earth, Roger Corman's A Bucket of Blood, and The Invisible Man vs. The Human Fly. 

Midnight Pulp Screenshot

The good news is you don't have to wait until midnight for these genre flicks to serve up action, martial arts, sci-fi, and horror at regular intervals, full of scares but free from irony.

This window to the world of the weird is available at any time!


This constant stream of amateur epic fails is America's Funniest Home Videos meets Jackass, and the best part is that it's available all the time!

FailArmy features a tough-to-watch but impossible-to-look-away barrage of the finest in portrait-mode humiliation videos.

FailArmy Screenshot

Clips segue from toddlers covered in cake frosting to skateboarding mishaps to truly frightening stunts involving shopping carts and makeshift ramps. And fires. So. Many. Fires. Plus ladder falls, roof falls, and just plain fall-falls.  

You never know how serious the injuries will be in the next video, so of course you've got to keep watching! 

Little House on the Prairie

This classic pioneer family celebrates its 50th anniversary this year after premiering on September 11, 1974.

Little House on the Prairie "Pa" Screenshot

The Ingalls family helped raise generations of kids with decades of after-school reruns that featured guidance on respecting family and handling bullies like Nellie Oleson. 

As comforting as a bowl of porridge, this show has nine seasons of warmth and life lessons to enjoy.

The Bob Ross Channel

In the 80s and 90s, this channel was called PBS.


Bob Ross Headshot Screenshot

The Bob Ross Channel is a 24/7 loop of all 400 episodes of "The Joy of Painting," the half-hour show Ross hosted for eleven years where he would paint a landscape scene in real-time, narrating his progress with a soothing tone and cheerful descriptions like "happy little trees."

The show remains a gentle delight that is both mesmerizing and instructional. And happy!

Monsters: Godzilla and Friends

Godzilla fans, rejoice: this channel is all kaiju, all the time!

Here is where you can sample the rich lore of Godzilla from the very beginning with dozens of movies to choose from, such as Ebirah, Horror of the Deep (1966), where Godzilla and Mothra join forces against a giant lobster.

Godzilla Screenshot

You can also catch Godzilla, King of the Monsters! (an American edit of the original 1954 Gojira), The War of the Gargantuas (two hairy humanoid brothers squabble in Tokyo), and Son of Godzilla (giant mantises dig up a baby Godzilla egg -- what could go wrong?).

How is this channel so great? And how do you spell the Godzilla roar??!


This martial arts and Asian action movie channel features an excellent rotating library of classics plus new originals. 

The nightly movie lineup can shuffle Jet Li's Fist of Legend (1994) between more recent fare like Assasins of Brotherhood and The Tigers of Guangdong, both from 2018.

Jet Li Fist of Legend Screenshot

Whether you are new to the martial arts genre or a seasoned armchair expert, this highly binge-able channel offers a wide selection of great action viewing choices.

PBS Food

Are you bummed that there won't be a season 3 of Julia on Max

Then spend some time with The French Chef, the original Julia Child show, on FreeVee's PBS Food!

PBS Food Logo

This channel offers a classic PBS cooking show lineup heavy on Julia Child, Jacques Pepin, and Ming Tsai.

Bon appetit!

Dateline 24/7

The original true crime workhorse, Dateline NBC has been on the air for thirty-two gruesome seasons. 

Interviews with witnesses and others involved in the original cases give the show investigations drama and authenticity.

Dateline Reporter Screenshot

On this FreeVee channel, you can watch Dateline episodes every hour of every day!

Hot Ones

This celebrity interview show seems to think that hot sauce is a kind of truth serum. 

Host Sean Evans sits across from various celebrities at a humble table covered with chicken wings and bottles of hot sauce. 

The Hot Ones Screenshot

Talk is casual, humorous, and sometimes teary when big-name actors overestimate their tolerance for heat. 

Grab a glass of milk and enjoy a few episodes of this charming and relaxed chat show!

A&E Crime 360

This crime channel's show "The First 48" offers viewers just that: the chance to feel like they are part of a real murder investigation.

The First 48 Ambulance Still

The audience gets a detailed, behind-the-scenes look at the procedural steps detectives take from their very first call to a crime scene.

Suspects are interviewed and evidence is examined in an approximation of real time as viewers are walked through all the aspects of solving a murder case. 


FreeVee's TED channel (not Ted the talking bear) groups a variety of videos into hour-long "sets" of different talks on similar topics. 

TED Talk Brene Brown Screenshot

This mash-up structure encourages serendipitous discoveries, like tuning in for Ashley Judd's talk and then staying afterward to hear Sarah Parcak discuss satellite archaeology. 

The channel is a relaxed way to view TED talks that is almost as good as being there in person.

SNL Vault

It's easy to forget just how long the comedy bedrock Saturday Night Live has been on TV, but let's just say that it should watch its cholesterol and perhaps schedule a colonoscopy.

If you've finished watching all 60 years of Doctor Who episodes and are looking for your next viewing marathon, check out this channel offering countless early SNL episodes.

Robert Downey Jr. Image

Remember to look for Robert Downey, Jr in the Season 11 cast!

Oxygen True Crime Archives

This crime channel presents murder cases with a twist -- or several twists!

The shows on this channel focus on cases that contain a strong element of misdirection or surprise.

Oxygen True Crime Archive Skull Screenshot

"Murder by Morning" zeros in on the events of a victim's last night alive, while "An Unexpected Killer" looks at a number of plausible suspects before finding the truth.

MGM Presents

MGM has spawned a maze of niche channels that can be difficult to navigate and expensive to access.

FreeVee's MGM Presents keeps things simple by sticking to modern movie classics from the MGM studios such as Six Degrees of Separation and Dances With Wolves.

MGM Presents Screenshot Kevin Costner

The impressive list of Oscar-bait dramas is balanced with family-friendly charmers like Clifford and She-Devil.

Totally 90's

One of the last eras with an entertainment industry that supported (and was supported by) mid-budget films, the 1990s left us a treasure trove of iconic and eminently rewatchable movies.

On this channel, action flicks like Point Break pop up right after dramas like A Midnight Clear (with baby Ethan Hawke!).

Bonus: if you're itching to catch up on the glitzy, long-running 90s detective show Silk Stalkings, here's your chance!

Ethan Hawke on Moon Knight

Watch Mojo

In the early aughts, cable music video channel VH1 expanded its popular "Top 20 Countdown" format to create a full roster of clip shows like "100 Most Shocking Moments in Rock & Roll" and "I Love the 70's (80's, 90's, etc)."

This FreeVee channel offers a similar vibe with countdown shows like "WatchMojo's Latest and Greatest!" and "Deep Dive: Shocking True Stories."

Tune in when you want to zone out in a flood of questionable pop culture rankings!

Michelle Pfeiffer at 33rd Annual EMA Awards Gala

Vevo 80s

Tired of listening to the elders around you wax poetic about the Before Times when MTV "actually played music videos?"

Point their remote controls toward this channel, which is the closest streaming approximation of those halcyon broadcast days.

The show "I Want My '80s Videos!" plays those little music films in all their original glory -- and their original aspect ratio. 

What are your favorite FreeVee channels right now?

With so many to choose from, we know it can be overwhelming. Hopefully, we've given you a good place to start.

Let us know if you'll be taking the plunge in the comments below!

Paullette Gaudet is a staff writer for TV Fanatic. You can follow her on X.

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