Jack Gibson is a lieutenant at Station 19. He's devoted to being a firefighter and can't imagine doing anything else. He also runs the clinic portion of the firehouse dedicated to his late best friend, Dean Miller.

Jack is loving, bullheaded, and at times, temperamental and impulsive.

He's a former foster kid who hasn't found his grounding in his personal life.

Jack Gibson Quotes

You think they're going to trust you? You couldn't even keep me safe. Your best friend.

Hallucination Jack

Maya: It's not enough to be strong; you have to be tough. We don't have the luxury of screwing up.
Hallucination Jack: I hate to admit it, but she's right.

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Station 19 Quotes

This is going to get worse.


Maya: At least I won't be transferring to 23 anymore.
Dean: You won't?
Maya: Instead I'll be going to jail for harboring a fugitive.