Tabitha Wilson is Harry's mothe. This hip, feisty woman is a former TV star familiar that knows the Betty Ford Clinic well. She hasn't exactly stopping drinking, either. It's her behavior that leads to Harry bringing his family to Beverly Hills in order to keep an eye on her. 

Tabitha Wilson Quotes

Never worry about being fair. Just grab on to those jewels and twist then like a garbage bag.

Tabitha [on fighting philosophy]

Tabitha: You wanna help? Yell at the gardener for parking his crap wagon in the driveway.
Debbie: Actually, that's our crap wagon, Tabitha.
Tabitha: Well, park it around the corner so the neighbors won't notice.

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Gay used to be a mood you know.

Uncle Charles

Ryan: This isn't cool, Harry.
Harry: Not interested in being cool. Or your opinion, Mr. Matthews.