Curbside - Superstore Season 5 Episode 15
Ben Feldman as Jonah Simms and Nico Santos as Mateo Liwanag on Superstore Season 5 Episode 15, "Cereal Bar."

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Patrick Wymore/NBC
Superstore Season 5 Episode 15: "Cereal Bar"
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Superstore Season 5 Episode 15 Quotes

Amy: Oh, crap! I totally forgot I set this up. I mean, I know we said we weren't going to do anything for Valentine's Day but-
Jonah: Oh, okay. So, you're allowed to break an agreement, but if I do it—wait is that the guy from our first date?
Amy: Yes. You said you loved him.
Jonah: That was very thoughtful.
Amy: I know.
Jonah: Is that gnocchi?
Amy: Yes, your favorite!
Jonah: I love gnocchi.
Amy: I know!

Justine: Oh my God! You did it! You got us cars!
Sandra: I did?
Justine: Zephra just sent a mass email saying that Cloud 9 employees now get 50% off all Lyfts nationwide.