Superstore Season 5 Episode 15 Preview: Is Zephra Friend or Foe?

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It's time for another Valentine's Day at Cloud 9!

But while love is in the air for some characters, the fight against the power continues for others. 

With the show returning this week after a short hiatus, we were able to preview Superstore Season 5 Episode 15 and tease what's to come on the upcoming installment. 

Power - Superstore Season 5 Episode 15

Not that there was ever any doubt, given that the series has steadily remained NBC's highest-rated comedy, but Superstore has been officially renewed for a sixth season by the network.

Now that we know Amy and the rest of the Cloud 9 employees will be back to cause all kinds of chaos, there's no need to hold our breath during the remainder of Superstore Season 5

It's time to sit back and enjoy. 

As revealed in the synopsis for the new episode, Zephra has added a cereal bar to the break room for employee use. 

Unlike the previous owners, Zephra is a tech company, which gives the CEO less experience when it comes to managing a retail business. 

Curbside - Superstore Season 5 Episode 15

Unsurprisingly, the majority of the employees are ecstatic about the buy-out after the cereal bar is installed, but it only serves to make Jonah more suspicious of the company. 

Is Zephra simply distracting the employees with superficial objects, so they won't focus on the real issues? Or are things finally going to turn around for the workers under the new ownership?

In a bit of a callback to Superstore Season 4, Jonah and Amy disagree over Zephra's intentions, as well as the proper way to move forward.

Amy is hesitant to bring up their old issues with the new company, while, as usual, Jonah wants to take the opportunity to fight the power.

It leads to some tension between the couple, as they attempt to discover what kind of company Zephra truly is. 

Amy and Jonah - Superstore Season 5 Episode 15

Meanwhile, Dina goes to Cheyenne for help when she realizes that she's attracted to a scammer she's trying to bust. 

Dina often talks about her hookups, but she hasn't been in a real relationship since she and Garrett ended things back in Superstore Season 3.

There hasn't been much emphasis on their relationship lately, and as a fan of the pairing, it does raise suspicions about whether Superstore will give this couple another shot. 

Garrett accidentally releasing Dina's birds was already enough to destroy their relationship.

But the lying and the "sympathy sex" from the last Valentine's Day installment, may have pushed them past the point of no return. 

Dina did give Garrett several opportunities to make it up to her, yet it still doesn't seem as if the two are getting anywhere romantically. 

Garrett - Superstore Season 5 Episode 15

It's a shame given how great Garrett and Dina were together.

The most unexpected pairings often turn out to be the most entertaining, and Garett and Dina were a prime example of that. 

Ever since they first kissed in Superstore Season 2 Episode 9, "Black Friday," the majority of viewers have been onboard with the relationship. 

Will Dina find love elsewhere this Valentine's Day? Or do she and Garrett still have a chance?

After realizing Zephra's policy on mental distress, Garrett attempts to trick Glenn into giving him paid time off. 

Making Glenn the floor supervisor was a good call on Superstore's part, as it put Glenn back into a position that brings out a more humorous side to his character. 

Jonah Simms - Superstore Season 5 Episode 15

Although we often feel bad for Glenn, watching the employees sneak around and take advantage of his lack of common sense, has served as one of the most comedic aspects of the show. 

Once Glenn quit and decided to become a floor worker, the series lost a lot of what makes it so funny, in the first place. 

The scenes between Glenn and Garrett in the episode are very reminiscent of the old days, and they're bound to elicit a few laughs. 

Overall, "Cereal Bar" is a good episode that most viewers will appreciate. It's a fun addition to the show, and it's not an episode that you'll want to miss. 

The first half of Superstore Season 5 may have had a bit of a drop in quality, but the second half seems to be getting back up to par with the rest of the series.

Break Room - Superstore Season 5 Episode 15


  • There are a couple cute moments that fans will hopefully enjoy. It is Valentine's Day, after all. 
  • Mateo is embracing his new role as Amy's assistant. He and Amy make quite the duo, and given that Mateo has always enjoyed kissing up to the boss, he's now in the perfect position to do so. 
  • If you don't think it's possible for someone to love something too much, wait until you see how much the employees love their new cereal bar. 
  • Sandra plays an important role in this episode, and her character development is more evident than ever before. 

It's your turn, Superstore fans! What do you hope to see happen on, "Cereal Bar?"

Are you excited that we're getting Superstore Season 6? Did the renewal surprise you? 

Drop a comment down below, and let us know your thoughts and predictions!

And don't forget that if you're behind, you can watch Superstore online right here at TV Fanatic!

Superstore Season 5 airs Thursdays at 8/7c on NBC.

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Superstore Season 5 Episode 15 Quotes

Amy: Oh, crap! I totally forgot I set this up. I mean, I know we said we weren't going to do anything for Valentine's Day but-
Jonah: Oh, okay. So, you're allowed to break an agreement, but if I do it—wait is that the guy from our first date?
Amy: Yes. You said you loved him.
Jonah: That was very thoughtful.
Amy: I know.
Jonah: Is that gnocchi?
Amy: Yes, your favorite!
Jonah: I love gnocchi.
Amy: I know!

Justine: Oh my God! You did it! You got us cars!
Sandra: I did?
Justine: Zephra just sent a mass email saying that Cloud 9 employees now get 50% off all Lyfts nationwide.