Jerrie Waits - Big Sky Season 2 Episode 1
Jerrie waits for instructions on what to do next while out with Cassie on a job during Big Sky Season 2 Episode 1.

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ABC/Michael Moriatis
Big Sky
Big Sky Season 2 Episode 1: "Wakey Wakey"
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Big Sky Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Dewey: You should be careful, Ms. Dewell.
Mark: Okay, let's go, Cassie.
Cassie: Are you threatening me?
Dewey: I'm just saying that it would be wise for you to be careful. Don't you think? Ronald is gone. Scarlet is gone. Best to leave it. They are watching you, me, everything.
Mark: Who?
Dewey: Walk away. And look after your family, Ms. Dewell. Hug them tight. Cherish.

Jenny: I miss the badge. I thought I was done with the job.
Tubb: Go on.
Jenny: And all I could think of, when I was staring at the hospital ceiling, was what it's meant to have that badge. The power it gives you. I have a second chance. A do-over. And I want to take it.