Jughead Comics - Riverdale Season 6 Episode 5
Jughead Jones is dressed up as his iconic 50's Archie Comics outfit, complete with the "S" shift and crown.

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The CW
Cole Sprouse
Riverdale Season 6 Episode 5: "Chapter One Hundred: The Jughead Paradox"
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Riverdale Season 6 Episode 5 Quotes

Veronica: Alright, let’s do it. Let’s makeout and save the universe. One thing: can we make it during the wedding? I’m not really in the mood.
Jughead: Yeah, I hear that. Same.
[Veronica drinks a glass]
Veronica: Here’s to “Vughead” becoming canon.

Archie: I’m not a villain, Jug. No one stays dead here. Cheryl and Ronnie will be back. All the people we’ve lost. Everyone comes back to life in this universe.
Jughead: Everyone comes back. Is this about your dad?
Archie: Don’t you get it? He’s coming home. He has to. He would never miss my wedding, especially not to Betty. He loved Betty.