Landfill Rescue - 9-1-1 Season 6 Episode 16
Bobby and the rest of the 118 race to a landfill where two roommates find themselves in trouble during 9-1-1 Season 6 Episode 16.

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9-1-1 Season 6 Episode 16: "Lost & Found"
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9-1-1 Season 6 Episode 16 Quotes

Chimney: Well, it's not that I don't know. It's just don't want to screw this up.
Bobby: You're not gonna screw this up.
Maddie: Screw what up?

Chimney: What if this is something she doesn't even want?
Hen: You two still haven't talked about this since the accounting thing? I thought you said you were gonna discuss it.
Chimney: It's too awkward. If I bring it up now, she's just gonna think it's cause that accountant brought it up. It's like that guy beat me to the punch.
Hen: Or maybe he gave you a perfect opportunity to have an open and honest discussion about marriage.